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Rave review: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Shade 03 Hot Pepper, Shade 06 Pink Pong, and Shade 07 Nude-ist

June 25, 2014

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It's time for a rave review!

I picked up three new Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets when they were on sale for $10 each at Priceline the other week (they are currently on sale for $16.80 at Priceline). These contain 6.7ml of product and they retail for $24

I was worried that I made a mistake jumping in and buying three shades, but I am so impressed with them that I wish I bought all 8 shades in the range!

Before we continue, I thought I would mention that even though there are 8 shades in the range, the shades are pretty limited. There are 3 reds, 3 pinks and 2 nudish shades... I would have loved to see a bright orange, a berry and a purple toned shade.


Lets start with the packaging. I really like the thick plastic tubes that show the colour of the product on the inside. The plastic lid is also in the same colour as the product, so you definitely know the shade instantly without needing to look at the label. The simple black font and black details looks quite classic, and the packaging is quite heavy and does not feel cheap.

The only thing that was pretty irritating was that the plastic outer wrapper didn't have a perforated edge (which was a struggle to open), AND on the pink and red shades, the plastic was stuck on the packaging... almost as if it was overheated when applied and became fused to the packaging.


Inside is a doe foot applicator, and it is the perfect applicator to apply this type of product.


I bought the nudest shade which was 07 Nude-ish, the most magenta pink shade 06 Pink Pong, and the orange toned red 03 Hot Pepper.

t: 07 Nude-ish. m: 06 Pink Pong. b: 03 Hot Pepper

Nude-ish is a medium rosy toned nude. If you were a true nude lover, this would not cut it because it is quite pink and quite dark for a nude. It is a very pretty shade that would suit most skin tones.


Pink Pong is a bright blue toned magenta pink


Hot Pepper is a bright orange toned red. This isn't as opaque as the other two shades, it looks less creamier and looks more like a stain. The photo above looks more red than this actually appears on the lips.

I love the formula of these! They apply like a comfortable cream product (almost like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams), and they are quite shiny when you first apply them (like how they look in the lip swatches above), they then set to a comfortable matte finish, and then they wear to a stain. They start looking matte after a good 15-20 min of wear, so you have plenty of time to work with this product before it sets. Once it does set, it starts staining the lips.

Below is a photo of how the product eventually looks on the lips - I took this photo on a different day to the swatches above, and I think the shade below is more accurate of how Hot Pepper looks on the lips


These is a lot to love about these Rouge Edition Velvets. Firstly, the pigmentation is great! Sure, they might not be 100% opaque, but they do pack a punch (the swatches above are one layer of the product), and if you want it to be more opaque then you can add another layer as soon as it starts to set... you can even layer different colours -  I love the hot pepper shade layered with pink pong.

Secondly, these are very comfortable to wear. These are some of the few matte products on the market that don't have that dry matte feel. These do not dry out the lips at all, and the best part is that they don't wear off unevenly (unlike products like Lime Crime Velvetines). They definitely don't wear off on the inner part of the lip first, which gives that gross flesh toned inner rim, which is biggest pet peeve with matte lip products. These also don't cling to dry patches and you don't need to prep your lips to apply these.

Lastly, these have great longevity. I find that I can apply these in the morning, they last until I eat lunch, and then I reapply and they last until dinner.

There are a few negatives however...

Of course a couple of negatives are the plastic wrapper sticking to the packaging, and the shade range being quite limited, and the price of $24 being a bit hefty, but the biggest negative is the scent. These products smell really bad! They have a very similar metallic scent to blood, but I think this is due to the raw ingredients of the product. This scent is very very unpleasant, but it only lasts on the lips for a few minutes and then it fades to a more typical perfume scent. Because the product is so good, I can overlook the scent.

So overall, I don't think I have been this impressed with a new lip product for a while. If the shade range was better and the scent was changed, these would be complete knock out products! As it is, I want to pick up the other 5 shades in the range, because these have been my most used lip products over the past two weeks. If you love the look of a matte lip, I highly highly recommend checking these out!

If you want to see how these apply, I did a mini review video where I apply each shade.


  1. Our reviews are literally the exact same hahah!


  2. Definitely agree with your thoughts! They're super comfortable yet really long lasting! I do agree that they smell bad, but I wouldn't say blood-y, maybe I just really don't want to smell the blood haha!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I agree I absolutely love these products and took advantage of the sale at priceline when they were $10 and picked up three shades as well. I actually found they didn't last as long as some of my MAC matte lipsticks which I was hoping they would but still great matte lippies considering how they feel on the lips :)


  4. menstrual blood....LOL. feeling kinda turned off hearing that XD

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

  5. I have heard nothing but good things about these- glad you're loving them too! I'm on a lipstick ban for the rest of the year (eek!) and these have been my number one temptation so far. The shades are so pretty and pigmented :)



  6. Oh myy I love the look of Nud-ist! Great review! <3

  7. Oooh! I think I need to try these - your photos/swatches are fantastic! Definitely sold me on it

  8. Oooh I think I love all the 3 shades you've got! But that pink OMG it looks so luscious!

  9. Your lip swatches are gorgeous!! These look lovely too, I really want to pick up Pink Pong- it looks so bright and fresh.

  10. Absolutely love these lipsticks, the colours are so gorgeous. I’ve just done a review of them on my blog, which you can read here.

    Monica x

    Raid Her Wardrobe - A Beauty & Fashion Blog

  11. definitely my holy grail <3
    i have to hold my self strongly to not buy all of them -D



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