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ORLY Baked Colour Collection - Ablaze and Saturated

June 12, 2014


I received these two new Orly nail polishes for review. They are from the up coming Baked Colour Collection. Check out the media release for all the goodies about this new range below.

Picture 4[2][1]


I have the shades Ablaze and Saturated. Ablaze is a neon orange (super super bright in real life) with very fine gold glitter (see photo below). Saturated looks like a dark vibrant purple in the bottle, but applies a little differently on the nails.


Ablaze looks exactly the same on the nails as it looks in the bottle. You can also see the glitter on the nails. This glitter appears more gold in the bottle but looks more of a yellow glitter on the nails, the glitter adds a bit more shine, dimension and brightness to the look. Some may say that this addition of the glitter is a tacky 80s throw back, but I think it works! If you are confident to rock a neon nail, I doubt the glitter will phase you, and it makes this shade more unique.


Saturated sadly isn't what I expected it to be. In the bottle it looks like a dark purple, but amazingly bright. On the nails it just looks like a dark purple (which isn't the worst thing in the world). This also has a more matte, or "rubber" finish. When I first wore this, I wore it without a top coat and I found that the matte finish ended up looking very dull and grubby as it wore. This shade needs a top coat to make it look striking.

Both of these shades wore very well and were opaque with two coats. I must admit that I expected to love Saturated, but I prefer Ablaze because it is actually true to what the polish looks like in the bottle, and it is a great way to brighten up your nails for winter!


  1. Ooh, love both of these! The subtle shimmer in the orange shade is especially pretty :)




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