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MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

June 10, 2014

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I have always wanted to be one of those bloggers that is able to review new collections of makeup that come out. I am not quite at the stage where I can afford to buy large amounts of products from every new MAC collection, but this Alluring Aquatic Collection was an exception.

I thought I would also point out that I did spend a shit load of money buying these products... but I worked yesterday's public holiday so that covers the cost of my MAC binge... I also have a gift at justifying excessive spending :P

Not only is the limited edition packaging of these products gorgeous, but the reviews of the products have been really positive. I don't think I have ever been this excited for a collection to launch, so when this collection hit the stores in Australia last week, I had to go check it out!

Even though I bought these products on the first couple of days that it launched, there were many products that had sold out. You can see the full range of products at the MAC website here and here.


I ended up picking up a bronzer, three eyeshadows, a blush (and I have since ordered the other blush online) and a lipstick.

The boxes of this collection are all in a metallic aqua shade with embossed water droplets.


When you take the products out of the boxes the drooling starts! The packaging of the actual products are so amazing! They have a aqua metallic finish with a small clear raised water droplet design.


Onto the actual products...

I bought the Extra Dimension Bronzer in the shade Aphrodite's Shell. This cost a whopping $55, but it is the perfect bronzer for my winter skin tone. This is the lighter of the two shades in this collection and it is a mostly matte bronzer with a slight hint of shimmer. It is lighter and more rose toned than a lot of other bronzers on the market, and it gives my skin a really natural bronzed effect. I would highly recommend this to fair skinned people.

I also bought three of the six Extra Dimension Eyeshadows that are available. I bought the shades Lorelei which is described as a "golden beige" but it has pink undertones, Sea Worship which is a "tarnished olive", and Soul Serenade which is a "deep plum brown". The pigmentation and quality of these eyeshadows are amazing but I did find that the other shades in the collection weren't very wearable in my opinion (they were all very green/blue toned). It is also interesting to note that these contain 1.3g of product instead of the normal 1.5g, and they cost $37 each. These are some of the standout products in the range because the quality is magicl... I just wish they contained more warm toned shades, like a bronze for example. See swatches later in this post.

Of course I couldn't resist a lipstick, as MAC lipsticks are some of my favourites of all time. Out of the five shades available there were only two that caught my eye - Mystical and Goddess Of The Sea. I ended up settling on Mystical because it's a pretty terracotta rose shade that would be perfect for a day time pop of colour for the cooler months, and would be perfect at work. This is a cremesheen formula and retails for $38.

Lastly I bought the only blush that was in stock - Seduced At Sea. This is also an Extra Dimension formula and in the pan it looks like a coral blush with fine gold shimmer, but it applies on the skin more orange toned. I did prefer the look of the other shade in the collection (Sea Me, Hear Me) which has a similar formula but is more berry toned, but it was sold out in store. After using this blush for the last few days, I do think it is gorgeous once applied... it doesn't look so harsh and orange and instead looks like a peachy coral flush with a sheen that doesn't emphasise pores. This blush has a firm texture that doesn't kick up much powder, but it is pigmented, easy to blend and applies really nicely. I love this blush, and even though this is a shade that I won't use much until the warmer months, I am really happy to have it in my collection (I have also ordered Sea Me, Hear Me online :P). This blush cost $45.

l-r: Eyeshadows: LoreleiSea WorshipSoul Serenade. Bronzer in Aphrodite's Shell. Blush in Seduced At Sea. Lipstick in Mystical

Overall I am really happy with everything that I have tried out of the collection. The packaging is beautiful and all of the products I bought perform really well. Stand out products are the eyeshadows and the blush, but I think I will get most use out of the bronzer, the blush and lipstick.

I do have some overall criticisms of the collection... I know this is a summer collection, but I think some of the shades seem confused. Even though I love the eyeshadow quality, I find the shades are very limited. 5/6 eyeshadows are cool toned, 4/6 of them are green/blue, and half of the shades are very very dark. I would have loved to see some summery bronze shades thrown in.

Additionally, I only bought one of the bronzers, but there are FOUR in this collection - two Extra Dimension formula and two bronzing powders. I would have loved to see two bronzers and two highlighters from this collection. People would sell their first born child for a MIneralized Skin Finish in this packaging!

Thirdly, the blushes are both very warm toned and both appear quite coral/orange on the skin. It would have been nice to see a greater variety in the shades. The blushes, the lipstick shades (which contain a warm rose, a berry purple, and a few nudes), and the dark eyeshadows give this collection a very Autumnal feel rather than a Summery feel.

So despite my criticisms about the colour choices and the excessive number of bronzers, I do love this collection and I would recommend checking it out in store... I just think with some wiser colour choices and a couple of MSFs, this collection would have been a knock out!


  1. I hate you you lucky duck :P
    Nice in depth reviews though and perfect swatches! :)

  2. "People would sell their first born child for a MIneralized Skin Finish in this packaging!" So true! I agree that it's an overall really great collection, the packaging alone makes it amazing but with a few minor tweaks, it would have been 100% fabulous!

    Dani | KaBOOM! Cosmetics

  3. The packaging looks gorgeous and that lipstick shade looks so pretty. I am so jealous. ;)

    I can't afford MAC often, but apparently Sephora is going to sell make-up at US prices once it opens in Sydney in November so I am currently saving up for a ~massive~ haul.

    1. DItto! Should've read through the comments before piping up.

  4. The packaging is simply gorgeous! :O I'm tempted to grab some purely based on the packaging alone haha Oh, and that bronzer looks perfect for light skin tones. And it doesn't look too shimmery either! x

  5. Great haul! I love how you justify it by working the public holiday - I would totally do the same!

    Kate |

  6. Love this collection and look at the's really pretty....xoxoxo....^_^

  7. Love that justification! I had a good think about this collection but something about it just didn't call to me - Lorelei was the most tempting thing but ultimately I agree with you about the colour selections

  8. Oh wow, I was so ultra tempted by this collection! The packaging is so unique and pretty and the shades really are stunning. Glad you're loving everything- all such nice picks! xo


  9. The collection looks so amazing, the packaging is seriously stunning. The products seem great too but a bit out of my price range. Very jealous of all your picks!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  10. The packaging is insane and the Extra Dimension Eyeshadow colours are MAC's best yet.

    Random, I'm currently saving my pennies for when Sephora opens; word on the street is they'll be selling their stock at US prices.


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