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Colour Theory - budget brand focus

June 8, 2014

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I have been meaning to do a blog post on the brand Colour Theory for a while now, and what a better time than a Sunday night in while watching season 2 of Orange Is The New Black. This is a post mainly targeted to people who live in Australia and are looking for some cheaper alternatives to popular makeup shades/products.

I was sent some Colour Theory products a few months ago and I am finally getting around to reviewing them! This is a brand that is only available at Amcal and Guardian pharmacies, but it is a super affordable brand. Lately I have been featuring some higher end products, so to balance things out a bit, I am happy to share my picks from this very affordable brand.


If you wanted to check out more details about this brand of the products that are in the range, you can check out the Colour Theory website or the Amcal website.

I thought I would mention that I am a bit eh about the packaging. The packaging for the lipsticks, lip glosses and bronzer is made of a thick see through plastic, and the logo is just a basic white font. The thickness of the plastic feels quite good quality (definitely not flimsy), but I just think the overall design is a little tacky. For the price of these I do think this is pretty good quality packaging, but they aren't super pretty products.


Lets start with the bronzer! This retails for $8 and comes in three shades. This is in the shade Summer Sun and it is a bronzer that contains a very small amount of shimmer, but doesn't look sparkly on the skin. I have been using this quite a lot (I have nearly worn off the pattern in the pan) and find it easy to use both as a contour shade and an all over bronzer product. My one problem is that it is a pretty orange toned bronzer, but Summer Sun is actually the darkest of the three bronzer shades available, so I am sure that this would suit /olivetanned skin more than my super pale skin. This is quite a firm bronzer (the brush doesn't pick up a lot of powder) but it is pigmented enough so you don't need much product. If you haven't used a bronzer before and you are unsure about whether you will get much use of one, this might be a very affordable way to start. See swatch below.


Onto the lipsticks...

I received three shades (Flirt Alert, Vegas Baby, Violetta), but there are 16 shades currently available in the range and they retail for $6 each.


Flirt Alert: This is a gorgeous orange toned red that has a matte finish. This reminds me a lot of MACs Lady Danger, but it isn't as creamy and long lasting... but it is 1/5 of the price! Even though this is a matte finish, it is very comfortable to wear and doesn't cling to dry patches.


Vegas Baby: This has a more hydrating creamy finish, but it doesn't last on my lips too long. It is a very pretty light yellow toned pink shade, and if you are happy to reapply every couple of hours then this might be a good option for you. This also looks lovely with lip gloss over the top.


Violetta: This is a super impressive shade! I am in love with purple lips, and sadly it is very very very hard to find a true purple shade for an affordable price. If you want to try the purple trend then I highly recommend checking out this shade. This is a similar formula to Vegas Baby, but it wears longer.


Now for probably my favourite and most used product of the bunch, the Eyeliner Liquid in Black. This is a basic felt tip liner and I actually love this heaps and heaps more than the ever so popular Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner. I find the Maybelline liner doesn't last on my eyes all day, and if I get runny eyes, the liner also runs. This eyeliner lasts a lot better, and even thought it isn't as inky or pigmented as some of the higher end alternatives, this only costs $6! You can't beat that! (See swatch earlier in the post).

I also tried the lip gloss in the shade Strawberry Sorbet. These cost $8 each and come in eight different shades. I am not a lip gloss fan, but I was pretty impressed that this one wasn't at all sticky on the lips. This is a nice soft pink shade that has pinky gold shimmer. The shimmer makes the lips look more glossy than sparkly. This shade reminds me of a lip gloss version of NARS Orgasm blush. This also looks lovely over Vegas Baby.


Lastly I tried a couple of nail polishes in the shades Flamingo (coral shade) and Miami Housewife (purple fuchsia shade). Once again, these aren't the best quality nail polishes on the market, but they are on par with brands like Sportsgirl. These are made in Australia, come in 22 shades, and only cost $4! If you want to expand your nail polish collection with some popular shades (some very now shades include Minted and Mocha Mauve), then this is a great affordable way to do it! I do think that these nail polishes are much better quality than brands like Ulta 3, which I find chip on me after a couple of hours.


Even though I have been delving into higher end makeup lately, I must admit that I am pretty impressed with this brand over all. My picks are some of the lipsticks, the eyeliner and the bronzer.

Have you tried this brand before? What did you think?


  1. This brand looks really quite decent! The shades of those lipsticks are definitely impressive - so bright and bold! The eyeliner sounds great too. I don't have an Amcal or Guardian pharmacy near me though so I doubt I'll be trying out this brand any time soon, even though I now really want to!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. the eye liner looks really good can you wear it in the waterline and tightline areas?

    1. I wouldn't. Generally felt tip liners aren't designed for the waterline. Try a soft waterproof khol pencil

  3. wow...nice picks the swatches......xoxoxo....^_^

  4. Looks like a beautiful range. So pretty and pigmented! xo


  5. Wow just look at those lipsticks! I want to try that eyeliner now :) The lipgloss looks pretty nice too.

  6. The lipsticks look gorgeous. The coral looks so vibrant too. :) The packaging of the bronzer look very common and flimsy though.


  7. Love that purple lippie! Great colour!

  8. I've actually received quite a few emails about this brand, but never paid much attention. Never knew it was a budget brand, the lippies looks rather interesting! I'm not sure if we have any stockists nearby though... Thanks so much for the post!! Great swatches tooo! X

  9. I just know about this brand through your blog, Kat
    It's really pigmented although the lipstick seems a little bit dry.

    Love your blog,
    Anyway, would you mind to follow me back through Bloglovin and Blogger? :)

    Thank you very much


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