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The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude palette review and swatches

May 19, 2014


My newest addition to my palette collection is the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette by The Balm.

This isn't a cheap palette, you can buy it in Australia for $49.95 from David Jones. I wasn't going to buy this palette, it definitely hasn't been a palette that's been on my wish list, but I was returning a product to David Jones and I decided to get this with the store credit.

I thought I would mention that The Balm has another matte palette called the Meet Matt(e) palette, which was an all matte palette that contained 9 matte shades, including nudes, blues, greens etc. The original Meet Matte(e) palette was a pretty small palette and contained 9.5g of product in total, whereas this Meet Matte(e) Nude palette is a significantly larger palette and still contains 9 shades, but contains a total of 25.5g of product.


The palette is a sturdy cardboard palette that has a strapping fellow on the front (presumably this is Matt). This also comes in a slip with the same design on it. I like that it says "size matt(e)rs" on the front, possibly having a dig at the fact that the previous Meet Matt(e) pallet contains a tiny amount of product.

The eyeshadow pans in this palette are very large, and you get close to 3g worth of eye shadow in each pan (compared to a regular MAC type eyeshadow pan that contains around 1.5g)


This comes with decent sized mirror, and the palette closes with a magnetic closure. The shade names are written under the eye shadows, and all of the shades have Matt names... so Matt Johnson, Matt Wood etc. I don't really like that the palette opens up vertically instead of horizontally (if that makes sense), because I personally think it makes this palette feel bulkier. It is a pretty thin palette and would be ok for traveling.


Most of the shades (like Matte Johnson, Matte Garcia and Matte Rosen) have shimmer in the shadows... so they aren't completely matte shadows. This shimmer doesn't really translate onto the eye so much so they do give a matte finish.

Matt Johnson: Muted dark blue
Matt Garcia: Burgundy red toned brown
Matt Malloy: Off white (I was surprised at how pigmented this is)
Matt Rosen: A yellow toned mid brown
Matt Wood: A warm chocolate brown
Matt Singh: A coral pink
Matt Abdul: Cool toned purple grey
Matt Lombardi: Sandy yellow
Matt Hung: Mid toned purple taupe

PicMonkey Collage 

The swatch photos above are directly onto skin without a primer or a base. Clearly they would be more intense if you were to apply them over some sort of a base. These are quite smooth and pigmented, but they are quite powdery. I have only ever used these on my eye over a base, so I am unsure how they last if you just apply directly onto the lid (I'm predicting they won't last long since they are matte shadows). I have tried these over various types of primers and cream shadows, and I find that these do last a whole day without creasing, but the vibrancy does fade slightly throughout the day.

You can probably tell from the photos and swatches that these aren't typical "nude" matte shades. There is a blue, maroon, pink, purples and yellow toned shades, but they are all muted shades that can be incorporated into a nude look. If you are a matte eyeshadow lover then this is probably a great palette for you because there are some unique shades, but this is not a must for people who only dabble in mattes (like me).

I feel like you can get complete looks from this palette, but do miss some basic shades like matte creams, light taupes, and a black/dark cool toned brown... so personally, I don't feel like I will often reach for this palette for a complete look. I feel that this is more of a palette to accompany other palettes, so it can add some colour if you are used to using other matte palettes like the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, or it could be a great addition to a predominantly shimmery palette.

I don't think this is a must have palette, or a palette that I will reach for on a daily basis, but if you are a matte lover then this is something that would be worth investing in. The quality of the shadows are really nice, you get a lot of product, and the shade range is quite.

I also did a video review of the palette here:


  1. UGH I want this palette so bad but I want to cut down on my spending! WHY Kat, why you do this to me! D: I feel like I have the basic matte colours in other brands, and this would just be not used enough :(

    On another note, great post :)

    Kate | The Minted Beauty

  2. I recently purchased this palette as well and I'm dying to test it out. Same as you, I consider it extremely expensive but I had some DJ vouchers so thought I'd use them on the The Balm products, I also picked up the Frat Boy blush & Mary Lou-Minizer - amazing products! I use these everyday but I haven't touched the Meet Matt(e) palette yet. I originally wanted it after seeing Lauren Curtis' smokey eye tutorial. I have a charity ball this Saturday night, so I can't wait to bust it out and use it! Seeing some of your swatches, I think there are a few really good colours I could use just for everyday work make-up. Thanks for your review, you've got me all exciting about using it now.

  3. I've seen pretty good things about this particular palette and I have other matte shadows from theBalm and I really adore the formula. Personally I like that there are slightly different nude shades then you would typically find in a palette, because I feel like chances are you already own them in others.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. I never use Benefit palette before >.<
    This Matt(e) palette is quite tempting
    thanks for sharing Kat! <3

  5. Great review! Matte shadows always come in handy :) xx

  6. I've definitely been tempted by this palette, especially as my stash generally lacks mattes. Thanks for the swatches! xo


  7. Nice and honest review dear....I always like shimmery shades so this palette is a big no no but for the matte lovers, it's a must try......xoxoxo....^_^

  8. Hi! I was in the store the other day to swatch the palette on my hand. It appeared matte but was kinda glittery as well. The store was very dirty and messy, and the palette was gross and dirty as well. I wonder if someone with glitter on tried the palette - anyways .. I was wondering, is the shades completely matte or do they have slightly shimmer to them?


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