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Suigo Arts Styling Range

May 30, 2014


I have been trying out some Suigo Arts Styling products lately and I am ready to let you guys know what I think!

I was asked to test out some Suigo shampoos and conditioners, but as I have previously bought and tried all of the shampoos, conditioners and treatments from both the Ultimate and Nutritive ranges, I was sent some styling products instead :P

Each of these products retail for $21.50 and you can check them out at the Suigo website. They all have a nice fruity scent, almost like apricot or peach (I am not sure which one, after all, who knows the difference between apricot and peach scents?). The packaging is nice and bright, I particularly like the fluro orange plastic of the bottles.

(ARGH I just wrote a whole post on these products and then for some reason it didn't save... I will go through each of these products really quickly)

Ultimate Shine: This is a thin oily liquid that you apply to dried hair and it makes your hair shinier and less frizzy. This is supposed to also protect coloured hair. I was surprised at how much I have actually been using this! I use this when I am having a frizzy hair day and just want some added smoothness.

Hydrating Cream: This is probably the product I use the least, mainly because I don't like using thick creams in my short limp hair. This can be applied to damp hair, or you can apply it after you have dried your hair. It hydrates, straightens, and protects from heat. This would be great for people who have thick hair and want smoother straighter hair.

Thermal Protector: This is the product that I love the most out of these four! I never use heat protectors (despite blow drying my hair every day), because I hate it how most other heat protectors dispense a lot of product and end up wetting my towel dried hair (not what I want just before I dry my hair). This dispenses a really really fine mist of product and it doesn't even feel like you have added anything into your hair. This is great if you want a no fuss heat protector.

Firm Hold Shaping Spray: This is also a love. I am a big hair spray fan (possibly because I was born in the 80s) but I use it to smooth down flyways and also to hold my pixie cut when I style it. I hate most hair spray scents, but this smells nice and fruity so it's actually nice to use.

So that's what I think of some of the Arts Styling range from Suigo!
Which would you use?


  1. They sound lovely. I love fruity smelling things! I would probably choose the hydrating cream, because my hair is slightly dried out in the summer months. Or the thermal protector, I always dislike that "wet" feel most thermal protectors give my hair, didn't know any existed who didn't give that feeling!!

    xoxo, Haylee

  2. These sound really good!! The hydrating cream sounds perfect for my long, damaged hair!


  3. They look amazing and I am in love with the packaging...xoxoxo....^_^


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