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Shanghai Suzy Miss Maxima and Miss Melissa review, swatches and comparison!

May 16, 2014

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Since I have SO much makeup these days, I find it hard getting super excited about a new product. I actually love writing about products that I am super excited about, because they are actually a lot more fun to write, and I also get so excited sharing great products with you! My latest lip obsession is by Shanghai Suzy.


Now I was sent these to review, but I have had this brand on my radar for a few months now, and the only reason I didn't order any was because I haven't come across them in store, and also because I have soooo many lipsticks that I didn't feel the need to urgently order any. To be completely honest, I wish I got into these lipsticks earlier! ...Especially since the Spring/Summer shades have just been removed from the site and I am kicking myself for not getting onto the bright orange shade while it was available.


Shanghai Suzy is a brand that was launched mid last year and it's a Melbourne based company (Melbourne pride!). Not only do I love supporting locals (and I love the name, because Shanghai is one of my favourite cities), but these lipsticks are only $12.95 each! That's crazy cheap in the Australian cosmetics industry.

They do bring out different colours in the Spring/Summer season and the Autumn/Winter season, so the current shades on the online store are the A/W shades. You can check out the online store here (and shopping is a flat $6.95 for orders under $65, or free for orders over $65). You can also check out the list of stockists to see if they are available in store near you.


The two shades I were sent are Miss Melissa (hot pink) and Miss Maxima (burnt orange).


I am in love with these shades, and I am not exaggerating when I say that ever since getting these (about a week and a half ago), these are the only lipstick I have worn when I have left the house!

Not only are these super vibrant, pigmented, and comfortable to wear, but they last and last and last! I wear these to work and each shade lasts perfectly until I eat (when it ends up looking more like a stain) and then I reapply after lunch and it lasts until dinner. Amazing! These even last through my various coffees and drinks that I am constantly sipping on at work.

Check out how bold and gorgeous they are on the lips...

Miss Melissa
Miss Maxima
Miss Melissa is a dark vibrant magenta pink, and Miss Maxima is a bright brunt orange. I noticed that these are dupes for some of my favourite lipsticks...


Miss Melissa is very very similar to Lime Crime's Centrifuchsia, but Miss Melissa is a little more warm toned. Miss Maxima is very similar to Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Orange 7 (which I featured in my top 5 orange lip colours) but Miss Maxima is brighter and had a longer wear time, but the Bobbi Brown shade is creamier. On the lips, these lipsticks look VERY similar.

In Australia Lime Crime lipsticks retail for around $23 and the Bobbi Brown lipstick retails for $45.

Top: Shanghai Suzy Miss Melissa, Bottom: Lime Crime Centrifuchsia
Top: Shanghai Suzy Miss Maxima Bottom: Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Orange 7
Like I said at the start, these have been my go to lipsticks because I adore the shades and because they last so well without needing retouching (perfect for work or going out). The burnt orange shade is my lipstick shade of the moment, and I am so glad that there is a cheaper version on the market, because I have noticed that this type of shade is only really available in higher end makeup at the moment.

The only thing I don't like about these lipsticks is that the packaging is quite bulky, but I can look past that because the quality is great and the price is amazing! This is a brand to watch!

Great job Shanghai Suzy!


  1. awww you have the miss Melissa!!! i have been looking everywhere for it! great review as always xxxx

  2. Amazing swatches, these lipsticks sound so nice! I'm with you on the not purchasing yet, I have too many lipsticks for the moment and I'd like to swatch them before I buy! Regardless, I will keep these on my radar. I know Sarah really likes them too :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. These lipsticks look gorgeous! I've never heard of the brand before...they're definitely on my radar now. $12.95 is a great price :)

  4. These are amazing aren't they! I love Miss Jade, and the new lippie that was co-created with Gossling...the colour coding is so handy as well.

  5. So cheap and they sound fantastic! The colours look gorgeous... I have actually never heard of this brand before but I will definitely have to give them a go (plus, Aussie pride obviously. :P)

  6. Ooohhhh... I like Miss Maxima! I still like the Bobbi Brown one slightly more but the price difference is swaying me, especially as orange is just an 'occasional' colour for me. Decisions, decisions...

  7. Your lip swatches are amazing!! I am a fan of these lipsticks too!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  8. Such gorgeous shades! Fuchsias and orange reds are my two lipstick weaknesses, so these are so up my alley! Always fun to discover new local brands that are this nice :)


  9. Both shades are very pretty.....lovely swatches dear......xoxoxo....^_^

  10. Fantastic, I shall have to investigate this range! Bourjois Paris just brought out a range of matte velvet lip lacquers, I hate a matte lip but thought you might like to review them

  11. These look so pretty. The price is pretty incredible for the quality


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