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Scout Cosmetics Nail Polish

May 20, 2014

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I was randomly sent a few Scout Cosmetics Nail Lacquers a couple of weeks ago. I have been wearing these over the last few weeks and I am ready to review them!


Scout Cosmetics is an Australian natural, mineral and organic cosmetics company that has makeup, skincare, haircare, brushes, and of course nail polishes. As this is a higher end range of cosmetics, and these nail polishes are on the more expensive side at $19.95 a pop. 

The nail polishes are 5 Free, they are made in Australia and they are also designed to be a base coat, a top coat, and a ridges filler.


I am loving all of the names of these polishes! All of the shades are named after songs, and I have already picked out some other shades that I want just because I want nail polishes that are named after songs I love. There are 20 shades available, and you can see them all here.

Say My Name is a light sheer nude
Just Like Heaven in a light nude pink
Dancing With Myself is a bubblegum pink

l-r Dancing With Myself, Just Like Heaven, Say My Name

The two light shades look quite similar in the photo, but in real life Say My Name is much sheerer and nude toned, and Just Like Heaven is more opaque and pink toned.

I love this formula! I was really instantly impressed when I wore this. What I was most impressed with was how evenly these polishes apply. There were no streaks AT ALL with the light shades, which means that you can easily wear a thin layer without having to worry about building up the polish to get an even colour. The finish of the polishes were also very shiny and smooth and looked almost like a gel manicure. This was also chip resistant for days, and I think I got roughly 5 or more days wear without needing a long wear top coat.

The pink is a really pretty shade, but I think the nudes were more impressive because you rarely find a light sheer formula that applies so evenly and nicely. Say My Name is definitely a my nails but better shade! I also have stained nails, and Say My Name covered it nicely while still being semi sheer. I am very impressed!


  1. I love these soft colors...They look amazing....xoxoxo....^_^

  2. Such soft, pretty colours! Loving the shade names too :)


  3. Pretty colours!!! I've heard great things about this brand.

  4. Replies
    1. I only know the website:

  5. I love these nail polishes!
    Great colors!
    thank you for sharing my dear!

  6. Lovely colours, the nudes are just the colours I've been looking for. Will be great for work.

    so I though I was subscribed and then unsubscribed but I wasn't. So that means it was someone else that I have no idea who it is. Hope it wasn't someone I knew. I like the set out of you blog, it's very easy to locate and view :)♥


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