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A lip balm for the lip balm haters - Puretopia Pert and Plump Line Filling and Smoothing Lip Cream

May 6, 2014


Rarely do you come across products that are like nothing else you've ever tried. This Puretopia Pert and Plump Line Filling and Smoothing Lip Cream is one of those strange rare products.

This retails for $14.99 for 10ml, and you can get it from Priceline in Australia.

For everyone who isn't aware of what Puretopia is, it is an Australian made and owned brand that makes natural skincare and haircare that doesn't test on animals. You can check out the large range of products available at the Puretopia website.


This is a lip cream that is designed to moisturise, smooth, plump up the lips, and it has anti-wrinkle properties. I am going to put it out there and say that this stuff is weird! I see this as being a product that will divide people, some people will love it and others will hate it!

Applying this lip cream feels like you are applying a thin body lotion to your lips... and it tastes like what you would imagine a body lotion to taste like (I know it's not designed to be eaten, but it's bound to get into your mouth at some point).

Like most plumping lip products, this does tingle when you apply it, but it's nothing too uncomfortable. Instead of being like a balm that stays wet on your lips, this does dry which makes your lips end up feeling quite matte. This initially is a really weird thing to experience, and I am the type of person who thinks that a dry finish on my lips means my lips are dry, so it took me a little while to trust this product. This finish is the thing that will divide people, and if you love the wetness of a lip gloss/balm then you won't like this, but if you hate the wetness of a lip balm/gloss then you will rejoice that something like this is finally on the market!


The tube is a squeezy lip gloss style tube. I prefer to apply this to my finger and work it into my lips, as it takes a while for the white cream to sink into your lips on its own.


The reason I am featuring this on my blog is not because I am saying "run out and get this product, you NEED it", but because it's an interesting option for people who may not like typical lip balms.

Being a lip balm lover, the way I have started using this is not by following the directions (which state to apply generous amount to the lips in the morning and at night - but you can do that if you wish :P), but by applying it as a lipstick "primer"...


You can see in the above before and after photos that the lips have a very natural finish after you have applied this lip cream, but the dryness has reduced and also the deeper lines in my lips have plumped up a bit.

I have been applying this instead of a balm before I apply my lipstick and I have been really liking it! It reduces the dry patches and turns my lips into a nicer canvas for the lipstick. In addition to this, generally if you apply a lip balm underneath your lipstick, your lipstick will wear off faster. However, as this doesn't have that wet/balmy finish, then it works perfectly underneath lipstick.

This won't be replacing my lip balm collection, but it is perfect as a lip primer (especially if you like wearing matte lipsticks). This would also be a great alternative to a lip balm for people who don't like the feel of a regular lip balm.

What do you think of this lip cream concept?


  1. Wow! Indeed this is the first time I ever heard of such a product. I'm quite interested by it since my lips have a lot of deep lines/wrinkles. You can really tell the difference from the before and after. Impressive!

  2. HELLOOOO I want to try this now! It actually looks pretty cool as a primer, I definitely want to see how it goes! xx

  3. I want to try this but it's not available in my store for some reason!!! I have a disappearing top lip so I need this! :)


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