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Palmers Skin Therapy Oil

May 10, 2014


This a quick rave product for those people who like body oils. I featured this Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil in my April Favourites, and you can get this from Priceline for around $18 for 150ml of oil.

This is a body oil that claims to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry, damaged skin, uneven skin tone, and aging skin. I have only been using this for just sky of a month now so I can't say whether it has reduced scars or stretch marks (and to be honest I haven't been paying attention), but I have been using this for the hydration.


What I love about this product is that it sinks into you skin so well and doesn't leave you feeling greasy... even if you apply a lot. I find this oil to be so light that I can literally apply it from my neck down and it doesn't make me feel icky. I have an issue with having dry skin on my back, but if I apply anything thats too thick I start breaking out, so I find that this is hydrating enough to keep my dry patches away, but light enough not to make me break out. Winning.


Even though this is an affordable, light, hydrating oil, there are two things I don't like about this... Firstly, I don't like that they added a rosehip fragrance even though it doesn't contain rosehip (and lets face it, rosehip isn't the best scent). Secondly, even though I like that it has a pump, the pump is pretty strong and it squirts out product pretty fast. This is not the worst thing, but if you want to pump a few pumps of oil into your hand (like when you are putting it all over your legs for example), this can get a little messy.


All in all, if you are after a basic light oil to keep your skin hydrated, this Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil is a great option. I would prefer this to smell like cocoa butter (like other Palmer's skincare), or something other than fake rosehip, but I do really like it!


  1. This sounds really great! I'm yet to try a body oil so I might have to pick this one up!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. It's a pity it doesn't smell like the rest of the range - I'd have been all over this if it did!

  3. Sounds great...I need to get this now....xoxoxo....^_^

  4. I'm still trying to finish the Bio-Oil which is not too bad. And then I'll be using jojoba oil and see how that works. I haven't use Palmer's in such a long tim!
    xxx Kat @ Katness


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