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Lust Have It April 2014

May 8, 2014


My final Lust Have It box of my annual subscription arrived on Monday... This is the April box so its a little late, but better late than never.

Lust Have It boxes retail for $19.95 per month (you can use the code KITSCH for $5 off your first box), and you can sign up at the Lust Have It website.

I was happy that I did get to experience the new Lust Have It box design, or bag design rather. The box now comes in a plastic makeup bag/pencil case that has Lustre Beauty printed on it in pink.


Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion - 29ml sample: This is not super exciting, it's just a basic body lotion. The full size contains 225ml and retails for $9.99. I do quite like Aveeno, but I am not too excited to receive this.

Bioderma Atoderm Cream - 15ml sample: Another body lotion! This one is slightly more interesting because I haven't tried much Bioderma skincare. This is supposed to be a body and face moisturiser.

Claytime Australia Pure Mineral Bronzer - 3g full size: This is a loose bronzer and it does give a nice rosy toned bronze colour to the skin. It does contain quite a bit of sparkle so it won't be the best for contouring.  I did swatch this in a photo later in this post, but it looks more orange in the photo than it really is. If you like loose bronzers, then this makes up the value of the box.

Glamourflage Molly Minx Glitter Gel - 20ml full size: This is a tin of body butter type gel that contains gold shimmer. This is not something that I would naturally use, but it would be nice if you like the sheen of body glitter. This could look nice on tanned legs. This is swatched below.


Wotnot Natural Organic Facial Wipes - travel pack of 5 wipes: Even though these contain organic sweet almond oil and organic rosehip oil, they do contain alcohol which is a bit meh. I will use these, but I probably won't repurchase them.

So thats it! My last Lust Have It box for a while! I do like the new makeup bag packaging, but the contents were a bit meh.

I did do an opening video, but it's a bit boring... check it out below if you feel like it.


  1. Interesting "box" this month. I've heard really mixed reviews though!

  2. Nice stuff and lovely swatches dear.....xoxoxo....^_^

  3. I must admit that I wouldn't be too impressed if I was subscribed and I received that.

    Kristen xox l Everybeauty Talks

  4. still waiting on mine.. hope I don't get the glitter gel, not something I could get much use of

  5. I was most unimpressed getting the Glitter Gel ie I'm in my middle years, not a teenager! So I emailed in & complained, they're sending me out the Primer now instead. Ridiculous that they think someone my age would want, or have any use for glitter gel. Plus the $$ value is way less than the primer / lip stains that everyone else has been getting. If my May arrives in June, and they do another dud box, I'll be unsubscribing permanently

  6. sick of receiving aveeno and sick of receiving wotnot...

    1. WotNot is fine for what they are, but they are bordering on becoming the next 'model co' with the way they are shoving their wipes down our throats in every beauty box known to (wo)man. Unless they come out with something new and exciting other than wipes, I think it's time they backed off and gave us a break.

  7. The May box is so much better, $80 worth of products and a $20 voucher ---- lucky for LHI, because after the March/April boxes I was pretty close to cancelling my subscription. Check out my blog post if you have time:


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