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Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry Razor

May 12, 2014


Bam! Straight up I will tell you that I was sent this for review... a razor is not something that I usually think of reviewing (mainly because I bought my last razor 5 years ago), but I thought that while I am cracking open a brand new razor, I may as well let you know what I think!

You can get this razors at supermarkets and at pharmacies and the price ranges from $13-14. But this isn't a disposable razor, so instead of throwing the whole thing out when it's blunt, you just buy replacement heads.


In the pack you get the handle, a razor head and a shower hook. I find shower hooks are mandatory because if razors don't dry properly the blades can rust.


The soft grip handle is pink and sparkly... pretty much the girliest of girly razors.

For the launch of this new razor Venus and Olay commissioned research into which celebrities had the best legs... I am not quite sure how that helps the development of this razor, but if you were curious Jennifer Hawkins won best Aussie legs, Cameron Diaz won international legs, and Katy Perry best singers legs.


This razor has these big moisture bars along the top and bottom of the razor head. This is supposed to add moisture, and it is also the part of the razor that contains the sugarberry scent. The sent smells a lot of berry smelling cleaning products (dishwashing detergent, laundry powder etc) so it's not an amazing scent, but it's not bad. These moisture bars do start to wear down after a week or two of use, but it takes a long time for them to wear away completely... I have been using this razor for around a month and it still hasn't completely worn down. 

I did find that this razor performed really well, I felt that this was really smooth to use, and I didn't feel any scratching or dragging on the skin. It also does provide a really close shave, and it is a great upgrade from my older razor. I do find that as the moisture bars start to wear down, the smoothness of the razor does start to reduce a little, but I have no complaints. 

If you're after a new razor and you like pink, sparkles, sweet berry scents, and a smooth, easy to use razor, I would recommend this one. 


  1. Oh this one is cute. I prefer the ones without the moisture bars though, but that's just me ;)

  2. It looks amazing...I like it's packaging......xoxoxo....^_^

  3. Hahah.. I wonder how one gets on a commissioned research team to find the best celebrity legs?!! And how much one would get paid?!! Hahah
    Haven't tried this one, recently upgraded my old Venus for a Schick, but I think all the new ones are pretty much equal in quality, and they last so much longer!

  4. I recently started using this razor and love it, especially the cute colours and so much extra moisture on it, much more than any other razor I have tried. :)


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