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Wantable box - March 2014

April 5, 2014


I haven't had a Wantable box for months now, but I was randomly looking at openings for Jan and Feb on YouTube and I thought that they had lifted their game, so I decided to resubscribe.

These cost $36 a month if you are subscribed, and there is also $9 shipping to Australia... so this costs in total $45. The difference between this box and other subscription boxes is that you go through a thorough preference selection process and you don't get any products that you list as a "dislike". Because you put in your preferences, no two boxes are the same. In addition to that, this contains 4-5 full size makeup products, and not samples of hand cream or shampoo. You can sign up here and you can check out my first Wantable post for more details about how Wantable works.

I also did an opening here:


The box comes with an information sheet explaining the details and retail prices of the products. The products are packed in a white draw string bag this month, and there is plenty of foam in the box to ensure that no items arrive damaged.


I received a total of 4 full size products and one sample (I won't be reviewing the BB Cream sample). I would have prefered there to be 5 products, but I am very happy with each of the products that I received, and I will definitely get a lot of wear out of them.

Onto the products...


La Bella Donna Liquid Eye Liner in Brown - retails $25: This is a felt tip liner in a very dark brown shade. This has a very fine tip so you can easily get a thin precise line. I am very happy with this addition to the box, because I love using felt tip liners and I don't own any brown ones. This also is very pigmented and it really does not budge once it has set. See swatch at the end of this post.


Liberty Republic Spellbound Nail Lacquer in Elixir - retails $14: This is a mid toned mauve nude with a tiny sheen of silver shimmer (that is pretty much undetectable on the nails). This is a very sensible nail polish colour, and even though I generally wouldn't pick this out of a line up, it is a great work appropriate shade. This is also very pigmented and applied very evenly.


Dex New York Lipstick in Court Street Peach - retails $22: This is a sheer, but buildable, peachy nude lipstick. This is very comfortable to wear as it is feels quite hydrating, but it doesn't last on the lips very long. See the swatch at the end of this post.


(Plā) Beauty With A Wink Eyeshadow in Bronze Sunset - retails $18: This is a beautiful eyeshadow, and it is definitely a shade that I would wear all over the lid on a daily basis. This is a warm bronze shade that has more of a gold sheen. This is nicely pigmented and is very smooth to apply. See swatch below.


So that's it! I won't be ordering these each month, but they are quite fun to get occasionally. I love all of the products that I received, and even though the box costs $45, I am getting $79 worth of value.

What do you think of Wantable boxes?

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  1. Love all the items and swatches too....they look very pigmented.....xoxoxo...^_^


  2. Wow they look like really good quality products judging by those swatches, I have to say Wantable is probably my favourite of the beauty subscription boxes that are out there.


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