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New Covergirl products

April 12, 2014


*sings* Covergirl! Put the bass in your walk. Head to toe, let your whole body talk!

In the theme of my "drugstore week" on my blog, I have decided to do a bulk review of some Covergirl makeup I was sent recently... yes I was sent it, but I am happy to give my honest review (as per usual). Most of these are new products to the Covergirl line, so I was keen to put them to the test!

I never really paid much attention to Covergirl, I always thought it was the cheaper version of brands like Revlon or L'Oreal, but after trying the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation (aka my favourite foundation) my opinion of the brand has totally changed! When I was asked if I wanted to play with some other Covergirl makeup, I thought "sure, why the hell not!", and this is what I was sent.

l-r: Flamed Out Shadow Pencils in Ice Flame and Melted Caramel Flame, Ink It! liners in Aquamarine Ink and Cocoa Ink, Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Berry Twist, Lipslick Smoochie Lip Balm in Luv U, Flamed Out Mascara
l-r: Flamed Out Shadow Pencils in Ice Flame and Melted Caramel Flame, Ink It! liners in Aquamarine Ink and Cocoa Ink, Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Berry Twist, Lipslick Smoochie Lip Balm in Luv U

I was sent two Flamed Out Shadow Pencils... I believe in the shades Ice Flame and (I think) Melted Caramel Flame. Ice Flame is a frosty silvery blue and Melted Caramel Flame is a warm shimmery taupe brown. One thing that's slightly annoying about this packaging is that once you take off the plastic outer wrapping, it doesn't have the shade name on the packaging. These retail for $9.95 from Priceline and they come in 6 shades, you can also check out more information about them at the Covergirl website.

I am going to be completely up front about this and say these are by far the best products of this lineup! Ever since opening these, I have worn the brown shade all over my lid (with no base, and no shadow) every day, and it lasts hours without creasing. It does show slight signs of creasing after maybe 5-6 or so hours, but it's barely noticeable... and if you want it to last longer, then just use a primer or set it with a shadow. These are reasonably pigmented and they give you enough time to blend it out before it sets. The only downside is that you need to sharpen these, but they do fit in a standard two hole sharpener. Check out the swatches above and the eye photos below where I am wearing the brown on the lid and the blue shade on the lower lash line. I will definitely be picking up a few more shades of these!

Onto the new Ink It! By Perfect Point Plus liners... I received the shades Cocoa Ink and Aquamarine Ink, but these also come in gold and of course black. The packaging of these liners are very similar to mechanical pencils ("pacer" pencils), and I haven't experienced that in makeup packaging before. You twist the top and the liner clicks up (just like the pencils that you click and the lead pops up). The Cocoa Ink is a pigmented dark matte brown, and Aquamarine Ink is a sheerer bright shimmery turquoise shade. These retail for $13.95 from Priceline and you can check out more information on the Covergirl website.

There are pros and cons about these liners, firstly the brown shade is much smoother and easier to apply than the aqua shade, which needs to be built up to make a bold colour. Secondly I love that these have a very fine point because you can easily get a nice fine line, however when you are trying to build up the aqua shade the fine point can feel a little scratchy. Lastly, these don't work on wet surfaces, so you can't use these on your waterline (I really tried hard in the photos below), and when you apply them over a cream shadow (such as the Flamed Out Shadow Pencils) they won't transfer onto the lid until its completely dry. However, one you do apply these liners, once they set they becomes waterproof and budge-proof so they last all day. These are quite firm liner too, so if you like a creamy liner then this probably won't be for you, but for a thin precise line they are quite nice. I do recommend the brown liner (and I am sure the black would be similar formula), but I find the aqua shade a little high maintenance to apply.

Last eye product I received was the Flamed Out Mascara, which is also a new product in the Covergirl line. This is a pretty standard mascara, except that it has a strange shaped brush that almost looks like an hourglass shape. I am not the biggest fan on the brush shape because I prefer brushes that are thinner on the tip, so you can get into the lashes in the inner corner without getting mascara marks on your eyelid. I wasn't too impressed with this mascara on first try, but the more I use it, the more I like it (it's definitely one of those mascaras that need to dry out a little to work the best). This doesn't build much volume, but it does separate lashes really well, and it also lengthens. I find that this gives me an almost doll like lash effect, which looks great for daily use, but it's not quite enough volume for a heavy eye makeup look. This retails for $14.95 from Priceline but you can check out more information from the Covergirl website.

PicMonkey Collage
Top: no mascara, Bottom: Flamed Out mascara

Onto the lip products... I was sent a Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm, which is a jumbo crayon type tinted balm. I am a bit of a sucker for crayon twist up lip products, and I do really like this. I also think the dark grey packaging with silver accents looks much more high quality than something like the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains.

The shade is Berry Twist, which is a nice berry pink... but just like the shadow pencils, once you take the plastic off you lose the shade name, which is a bummer. The formula is a nice smooth, non sticky shiny balm that creates an even colour on the lips (see photo below). This is a balm, so it doesn't last on the lips longer than a couple of hours, but it is a really nice alternative to a sheer or muted lipstick. I wore this out last night with a dark eye look, and I really liked how it look and how it wore. I can imagine reaching for this berry shade often in the up coming cold months for a pop of berry. These come in a whopping 16 shades, and I know I will be picking up a couple more in the future. They retail for $12.95 from Priceline, and you can find out more information at the Covergirl website.

The second product is the new Lipslick Smoochie Lip Balm in the shade Luv U, which is more of a typical tinted lip balm that has a nice fruity berry scent. This reminds me a little of a Lip Smacker or the Maybelline Baby Lips. This is much sheerer than the Jumbo Gloss Balm, but this also provides a wash of berry pink on the lips (see swatch on the lips below). This is nice and smooth and doesn't feel at all sticky.

You can tell I was sent these products, because I wouldn't have bought both of these lip products in berry shades. This is more for an occasion where you want a balm that you cant throw on without a mirror (I would use this a lot at work), and what I do like about this balm is that the tip is really wide, so you only need one swipe to cover your whole lip. The Jumbo Gloss Balm is more of a sheer lipstick, and this is more of a "my lips but better" balm. This comes in 3 shades and they retail for only $4.95 from Priceline you can also find more information about these at the Covergirl website.

PicMonkey Collage
Top: Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Berry Twist, Bottom: Lipslick Smoochie Lip Balm in Luv U

That's my quick review of some of the new makeup products from Covergirl. Whats your favourite Covergirl product?


  1. Love the eye look you created! And I own Watermelon Twist in the jumbo gloss balm and really like it :)

  2. Hmm these sound nice! I like the sound of the first lip product, too!

  3. am so thinking of getting some flamed out eye shadow sticks now! follow me back?

  4. Love the swatches and lippy shade is sooooo gorgeous......xoxoxo....^_^


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