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Mary Kay Fairytales and Fantasy Fall Colour Collection

April 22, 2014

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I was lucky enough to be invited to a Mary Kay Melbourne bloggers event a few weeks ago, and they gave us the new Fairytales and Fantasy Fall Colour Collection to take home and try out. I have been having a play with these products over the last few weeks and I am finally ready to share my thoughts!

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I thought it is also worth while mentioning that Mary Kay is known as being one of those brands where you need a rep to buy them (I am not a fan of that concept), but they have recently started selling the products on the Mary Kay website.


I don't mind the box design, it's a purple filigree pattern with gold details. This gives me a bit of a medieval/gothic vibe, which works well with the fairytale and fantasy theme of this collection... but I personally prefer a cleaner packaging design. The purple details is continued on the packaging of the individual products (see photo below), and the lip products also have the filigree pattern on the tube.


In Australia this collection contains two nail lacquers, four smoke and shimmer eye wands, two glossy lip stains, and two kohl eyeliners. You can check out more of the details of this collection on the Mary Kay website.


We'll start with the Nail Lacquers. The two nail polishes are in the shades Mulberry Forest and Enchanted Mauve. Mulberry Forest is a dark blackened cherry shade with a burgundy shimmer and Enchanted Mauve is a really pretty pinky nude, which is super flattering on my skin tone (I think this may be my perfect nude).

I honestly think that these are some of the consistently good items from this collection, the Mulberry Forest shade is what I call a "one coat wonder", and if you apply the Enchanted Mauve shade evenly, you can easily get away with wearing one coat as well. The photo above shows two coats of each shade. These also last pretty well, and with a top coat you can easily get close to a weeks wear. These retail for $15 each.

I was looking these up and I saw that in the US last Autumn, Mary Kay released a dark navy blue shade and a great taupe shade.. I would loved to have seen that released in Australia!


Next are the Smoke and Shimmer Eye Wands and I was very excited to try these, because I have been loving the ease of stick cream eye shadows these days. These come in four shades Blue Knight, Golden Illusion, Amethyst Smoke, and Enchanted Mauve, and they retail for $22 each.

Once again, the eye wands fit perfectly in this fairytale theme, however I see these shades being more of a spring range of shades instead of autumn shades. I would have loved to see these in copper, olive green and burgundy shades.


You can see from the swatches that these aren't all that pigmented, which is a bit of a shame. These do apply nice and evenly, but they definitely are on the sheerer side. These also feel very wet when you apply them, and I'm curious whether these would have more colour pay off if they were a little drier. These don't really build up to a stronger colour, but you can of course sheer them out more by blending them out. If you prefer a wash of colour, you will probably like these shadow sticks, otherwise I would recommend using these as a base for a powder eye shadow.

I also want to add that I find that these tend to sting my eyes... I don't know if its just me, but if I apply them too close to my inner corner or my lash line it makes my eyes water. So I don't recommend these products sadly!

Blue Knight is a royal blue shade with fine blue shimmer.
Golden Illusion has very little base colour and is primarily a chunkier gold glitter/shimmer
Amethyst Smoke has a similar formula to Blue Knight, and is a cool purple mauve shade with fine purple shimmer. This shade has the finest shimmer of the four shades which makes it more wearable.
Enchanted Mauve is probably one of the most pigmented of the three, it is a pinky/peachy nude shade (not at all mauve) that has noticeable silver glitter.


Onto the Kohl Eyeliners! There is the shade Mulberry Forest which is a red-berry shade and Blue Knight which is a midnight blue with a blue shimmer (see swatches below). These retail for $18 each.

These are twist up liners (yay no sharpening) and they also come with a smudger and a sharpener on the bottom.


I am in love with this Blue Knight liner! It is a smooth pigmented liner that you can also use on the waterline. It also works as a great alternative to a black liner. I am not so in love with the Mulberry Forest shade, I was expecting this to be more purple, but it applies more red toned (which isn't very flattering on the eyes... I wonder if this is lip safe?). It is also not as pigmented and smooth as the Blue Knight shade. Blue Knight is by far my most used product from this whole collection.


The last thing in the collection are these Glossy Lip Stains. These are pigmented glosses that leave a slight stain on the lips. There is Enchanted Mauve which is a pinky nude with a hint of shimmer, and Mulberry Forest which is a dark red wine with burgundy/gold shimmer.


These glosses have good pigmentation and are perfect autumn shades. The formula is a little sticky, but they do last well and they fade into a stain. These also match the nail polishes really well. The wand had a small plastic brush at the end which is a little firm to start off with, but allows precise application.


Out of this collection, I would recommend trying the Blue Knight eyeliner, the nail polishes and the glossy lip stains. I am tempted to buy a back up of the Blue Knight eyeliner because it is such a beautiful liner!

That's my review of the new Mary Kay Fairytales and Fantasy Fall Colour Collection. I am thinking of doing a face of the day/get ready with me using some of these products... what do you think?


  1. Wow nice collection....shades of lip glosses are very pretty......lovely swatches.....xoxoxo...^_^

  2. The lip colours look great on you.. shame about the eye sticks. Agree that the colours are wrong for Autumn and ha they're way too pale. Love the nude polish too :)

    1. Yeah its a strange colour choice!

  3. I really like the look of all the Enchanted Mauve shade products! I haven't tried anything from Mary Kay but I remember my mum had a few of their products.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Yeah I think they are making a come back :P

  4. Those glosses are beautiful on you! I love both the shades.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  5. The nail and lipstick shades look sleek! I tried Mary Kay products in USA and was sold after every product I tried from their skincare to cosmetics. I became a MK Beauty Consultant. I think they put a lot of thought into their products such as smudger/sharpener liners and clear top lipsticks. I write alot of reviews about the brand if interested visit my blog! - Vinita


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