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Houndstooth nail stamping

April 15, 2014


Be prepare for some nail posts coming up in the next few weeks! I was huge into nail art/feature nails/nail stamping etc about a year ago, but since I started (and now finished) my Post Grad Diploma that I did last year, I was lucky to get around to doing my nails at all!

Now that I am footloose and fancy free (aka working casually 4 days a week :P) I have been getting back into playing with nail polish. I realised that I haven't use my Konad nail stamping kit thing for nearly a year, so I decided to do a classic that I used to love wearing... Houndstooth nails (or as my bf likes to call it, dogs bone).


I used the Konad nail stamping system... I might do a demo video if anyone is interested in seeing this in action (yes/no? let me know in the comments), with the Konad m63 plate, and Konad nail polishes in Black and White.

You don't need to use the official Konad plates (you can get some great cheaper brands on eBay) or Konad nail polishes. The Konad nail polishes are generally more pigmented than a regular polish, so it works better for stamping (normal nail polishes will still work but the stamping will be sheerer). I usually use a normal polish as a base and the Konad polishes for stamping (especially if you want to stamp a light colour over a darker base), but my other white polish had turned a bit gross so I had to throw it out and use the Konad one as a base :P

...on a side note, I hate it how the plate comes with 4 designs, but there is always one good one and three that you will never use!

Here is a run down of the steps:
  1. Paint your nails and let them dry (I used a while base). 
  2. Then you paint over the nail plate design with another nail polish colour (I used black). 
  3. Scrape the excess off the plate with the scraper (which just leaves nail polish in the design). 
  4. Press the stamper onto the design (which picks up the design).
  5. Then stamp the design it onto your nails. 
  6. Clean off the plate and the stamper with nail polish remover and repeat for each nail. When you get more efficient at using the system, it might only take 10min to stamp all of your nails.
I always top my design with a long wearing top coat so I know the nail polish will last... there is no point spending time and effort on a design that will chip off in a couple of days.


Fun times! If anyone wants to see a video demonstration of this, just let me know!


  1. Would love a vid - this effect is awesome. I know what you mean about a fav. print, but the one your stamper is covering would make a cool damask effect, like a blush pink over a nude-y grey.

  2. very well done. i am sure it was hard work :)

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  3. I'm thinking I might need to get me one of these kits. Where do you get them? I don't really want an ebay cheapie. I'm visiting Melbourne in a couple of weeks. Is there anywhere around who sells them?

  4. This looks great! I'm terrible at nail stamping but should really keep trying... I want my nails to look awesome like this!

  5. Wow, this turned out really nicely! What a cool effect :)




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