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Urban Decay Naked Palette and Naked 3: review, comparison and swatches

March 11, 2014

I have finally joined the official beauty blogger ranks because I now own an Urban Decay Naked Palette! I have been meaning to buy an Urban Decay Naked Palette for a while now and either haven't decided on which palette to buy, or they have been sold out online. I decided to buy the original Naked palette after speaking to a few people who have all of the palettes, and they all said that the original Naked palette is the best. While I was placing an order I decided to buy two palettes, and I went for the Naked 3 palette as I prefer warmer eyeshadow shades, and the Naked 2 is notorious for being the cooler palette of the three.

These are not cheap, they retail for £37 from the Lookfantastic website or $81.30 from Beauty Bay.  Both websites do have free international shipping and take approximately 10 days to arrive in Melbourne, Australia. Even though Beauty Bay is more expensive, I ordered my palettes from there because the palettes are often sold out on the Lookfantastic website. 

Each palette has 12 shadows and each shadow contains 1.3 grams of product.

The Naked Palette comes in a plastic box and the actual palette is a thick cardboard covered in a brown velvet texture (not my personal favourite design and also not very practical when it comes to keeping it clean). The cardboard palette has a magnetic closure and a small (emphasis on small) mirror in the lid. The palette also comes with a mini primer potion and an eyeshadow brush.

The Naked 3 palette comes the above box. The packaging is much better than the original Naked palette as it comes in a tin palette which has a rosy nude rippled design on it. This packaging is much more sturdy than the cardboard, and it also has a clip closure. The mirror in the lid is significantly bigger and takes up the whole inside of the lid (so you can actually do your makeup in the mirror!). This packaging is supposed to be very similar to the Naked 2 Palette packaging. This comes with a double sided brush and four samples of the primer potions, the box claims that each sample contains a weeks worth of primer.

After trying each primer potion, I only really like the "Eden" matte base. This base provides a nicely pigmented cream shade that helps blank out your eyelid, and it sets to a matte finish so it doesn't feel like there is much slip. The other primer potions are too greasy for my liking, and even though the "Sin" shade is really nice, it is too shimmery for a base in my personal opinion

Onto the eyeshadows...

I love the variety of shades in the Naked Palette. This palette contains 10 shimmer and 2 mattes. The mattes are nice warm cork/tan shades which work really well as blending/crease shades if you like warm toned eyeshadows. All of the shades are great quality with pigmentation and blendability, the only shade that is a little iffy is Sidecar and thats only because it has large chunks of glitter in it... which isn't bad, but there is a slight risk of glitter fall out.

This is definitely a great basics palettes, it has nice pink shades, gold/bronze shades, warm taupe shades, brown shades, dark metal shades. You can do a multitude of looks with this one palette, and as long as you also have a matte black, an matte cream, and an eyebrow shade (or the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette), then you can get away with only needing this palette in your collection. Definitely a great starter palette for a makeup collection.

l-r: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked
l-r: Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal
You can see from the above swatches that all of the shades are lovely and smooth. The slightly less pigmented shades are the two matte shades, but all of them are a pleasure to apply. I prefer the quality of the second 6 shades in this palette (the darker side), but I am really impressed with the palette overall.

Virgin is a nice shimmery cream shade, but it is nice and smooth and doesn't have any chucks of glitter. You can easily build this up or sheer it out for a slight highlight. This shade is also featured in the Naked Basics Palette, but that is the only overlap between the Naked, Naked 3 and Naked Basics palettes.

Sin is a very shimmery light pink shade, out of all these shades this is probably the one I will reach for the least because it is a very frosty pink. I am sure that people who love light shades will love this. The quality is nice, it's just not my type of shade.

Naked is a matte camel brown shade. This is very warm toned shade, and this would make a great blending shade if you are quite tanned, otherwise this would make a subtle crease colour. This is very similar to the other matte shade in this palette, just a little lighter. I would have preferred this to be a slightly more cool toned shade.

Sidecar is a pretty shimmery that has some chunky glitter to it, but it is a true nude shade. This would make a lovely all over lid shade for a low key shimmery nude look.

Buck is a darker version of Naked, and would make for a deeper matte crease/outer V shade.

Half Baked is a very metallic orange toned gold shade. This shade blends beautifully and creates a bold metallic wash of gold over the lid.

Smog is a darker bronzier version of Half Baked. It also blends beautifully and applies smoothly. This is one of my favourite shades in the palette.

Darkhorse is a shade that needs more attention. It is a dark bronzy olive shade and I used this for a smokey eye the other night and it was gorgeous!

Toasted is a nice wearable mid toned metallic pink shade, and if you love shades like Sin and Virgin, this could help add depth to that look.

Hustle is a metallic taupe purple that has a slight brown hint that makes it more wearable.

Creep is a dark grey that is almost black. The base is more of a satin finish which contains fine silver glitter.

Gunmetal is a very metallic blue based dark silver. I thought this would be the shade that I used least, but I actually love using this over a liquid liner to make it look like I have a metallic silvery blue liner. Gunmetal and Creep, are really the only cool toned shades in the palette.

The Naked 3 palette has 3 matte shades, 3 very sparkly shades, and 6 metallic shimmery shades. This palette isn't as impressive as the original Naked palette, but I do think they did a good job at picking a variety of pink toned shades. What I didn't like about this palette is that the shade Dust has some crazy glitter fall out, Trick is way too soft and glittery, and Liar, Factory and Mugshot are all very similar shades. Besides that, the mattes and the shimmers have the lovely pigmentation and quality that Urban Decay is known for, and if you love pink shades of eyeshadow then this would be the palette for you!

l-r: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick
l-r: Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart

Just like the original Naked Palette, I do think that the darker 6 shades are better quality than the lighter 6 shades. The three chunky glitter shades are Dust, Buzz and Trick and I do think they let down the overall quality of this palette. You can also see that Factory, Liar and Mugshot are all very similar shades, and you probably don't need all three in the same palette.

Strange is a matte pink toned cream shade, and I think all palettes need a shade like this! This can either be a matte highlight shade, or a blending out shade. The pigmentation is great for a matte and it applies smoothly.

Dust is the worst shade of the whole palette. It is also the only shimmery highlight shade in the palette, so people who love shimmery highlight shades will be disappointed with this. This is a shimmery light pink that has a lot of chunky silvery glitter that falls out all over your face... not pretty! I would recommend being very careful with this shade or trying to apply it with a wet brush.

Burnout is a nice smooth shimmery coral toned pink.

Limit is a lovely light matte mauve shade, and I think this is a smart shade to add into this palette. This shade works well as an all over matte shade, or a crease colour that compliments most shades in this palette.

Buzz is a very sparkly mauve toned pink. This is a very pink shade, and what I mean by that is that if you use this shade for the base of your look, instead of looking like you're wearing a nude shade, it actually looks like you are wearing pink eyeshadow. I think it does still work well as a pink eyeshadow (and I have used it many times), because the hint of mauve makes it look less like you have puffy pink eyes. and more like you are wearing pink eyeshadow on purpose. This also is the only sparkly shade that isn't too soft and doesn't create much fall out.

Trick is the shade I was looking forward to the most, as I prefer more coppery eyeshadows. This is far too soft and whenever I use it I am worried that it will break and that I will need to repress it. On the eye it does apply a little chunky, but it does look nice and sparkly. This is more of a going out type eye shadow and it's not something I would reach for as an everyday shade. I wish this was less sparkly and more metallic like Half Baked in the original Naked Palette. I also wish there were more peachy pink shades like this in the Naked 3 palette, it would break up the pink pink pink vibe of it and make it more diverse.

Nooner is a darker pinky mauve brown matte shade. This is similar to Limit, but a little darker. This can be used as a crease/outer V shade.

Liar is a very similar shade to Nooner, but metallic. This is a nice burnt mauve type shade that has a little bit of mauve, a little bit of brown and a little bit of red. A very pretty mid toned shade.

Factory is a warm shimmery brown.

Mugshot is similar to Factory but is slightly more cool toned taupe and has a more metallic finish.

Darkside has a dark chocolate brown base with a cool toned sheen to it.

Blackheart is a matte black with red shimmer in it. The shimmer doesn't show up too much on the lid (unless you apply it over a black cream base) but it adds some warmth to the black and adds a little something different.

So overall I do like both of these palettes, and I have been reaching for them often. If I had to recommend one of them, it would be the original Naked Palette hands down. Are these worth the $80-odd pricetag? I think yes, but it just depends on how much use you would get out of them.

What are your opinions of these palettes? Do you think I should invest in the Naked 2?


  1. I bought Naked2 first, and loved it so much that I bought Naked3. Then I decided that I wanted Naked1 to complete the set. I seem to be reaching for Naked1 the most. I reckon they are excellent quality, and definitely worth the price tag.

  2. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your beautiful bundles of joy! So glad to see that blogger and palettes are doing well! xx P.S so jealous right now! :p

  3. I'm definitely a Naked 2 kinda gal. I don't have 3 (yet!), but the shades look a little cooler.

  4. I'm jealous and I hate you. I want it. But I don't have 2 and I probably should get it soon. I still hate you. :P

    1. Haha that's ok because I hate you too xoxo

  5. nice review. love them

  6. The shades look highly pigmented .....both palettes are lovely....xoxoxo.....:)

  7. I have the Naked 3 palette got it as a gift and I absolutely love it I love pink tones so this was an awesome gift. The naked 2 has some pretty nice colors as well thanks for the review and comparison.

    Leslie xoxo

  8. Such a thorough, fantastic comparison, Kat! My Naked Palette has been getting tons of wear lately and I can't wait to finally get my hands on Naked 3. Great post! xo



  9. Wow you have such good swatches of these! I just recently did a review of Naked 3 as well. I agree that the first palette is better. I have a hard time making pink toned eye shadows work on me. My favorites of the palettes are the transition shades (all the mattes) and Liar. Liar is so pretty, taupes will always have my heart. It looks especially good when you blend it out a bit, it becomes more complex and less shimmery.

  10. Great post :) I have Naked 2 and 3. I love them both, although I think I love Naked 2 a little more. It has more wearable shades than #3, but I am loving Naked 3 at the moment because it's new whoopie! This really makes me want Naked 1 - but I think I am going to get Naked Basics :)

  11. I heard that UD were coming to Myer? Or did I make this up? Thought I might snag a naked 3 when I come to Melbourne!

  12. Awesome review! I seriously want the Naked 3 palette :-)



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