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OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils in Black Dahlia, NSFW, Hoochie and Trick - review and swatches

March 30, 2014


I finally got my hands on some of the newest products from OCC, the Cosmetic Colour Pencils. I bought these from Lipstick Republic where they retail for $16 each (use the discount code RepublicVIBs for 10% off your order), or of course you can get them for $16 each from the OCC website.

These pencils are multipurpose products, and are designed to be used on the lips, eyes and body. There are 12 shades available (including a clear pencil which would help any lipstick shade from feathering). All shades correspond to a matching lip tar. These contain 1.1g of product per pencil.

Even though these are "for lips, eyes, and body", the three shades with the * at the end of the shade name on the boxes above (and the shades that have black lids below) are not recommended to be used near the eyes. This annoys me a little, mainly because these are marketed as multipurpose products, and also because I was hoping to use Trick possibly as a waterline shade as well as a nude lip liner... ah well I will use it anyway!


I only bought lip shades because I don't have many lip pencils (but I have heaps of eyeliners) and I am trying to get myself in the habit of using lip liners when I am going out with a statement lip.

The shades I chose were Black Dahlia, NSFW, Hoochie, and Trick. I have all of these shades in Lip Tar form, but I thought Black Dahlia would be perfect for any berry lipstick, NSFW would work for any red shade, Hoochie would work for any of my purple/blue toned pinks, and Trick would work for nude lips and possibly the waterline.

...I did accidentally break the tip of Hoochie when opening the pencils
Trick, Hoochie, NSFW, Black Dahlia
Each of these pencils are creamy and pigmented, yet they are pretty firm. This is great for a lip liner, because you can get a sharp precise line without it being too soft and smudgy, but I am not a big fan of this formula around the delicate eye area. Out of curiosity, I ended up testing Hoochie as a liner, and I did find that it tugged quite a lot on the eyes.

Lets see how the shades compare to the Lip Tars of the same name...

Note: My Trick and Hoochie Lip Tars are very old I probably should replace them because the oil and pigment have separated. The NSFW and Black Dahlia are more accurate representations of what the formula of Lip Tars are like.

As you can see from the swatches above, OCC have done a pretty good job at matching the pencils to the lip tar shades. I applaud them on matching Black Dahlia perfectly, as this is a shade that appears quite black when built up but applied lightly it looks more burgundy... and the pencil does exactly the same thing! The shade that is the most different is NSFW as the pencil is slightly brighter than the lip tar, but they work well on the lips together.

Not only are these pencils perfect to accompany your favourite Lip Tar, but I also love applying NSFW and Black Dahlia all over my lips after applying a lip balm, which creates a really beautiful stain effect. I am pretty happy with my choice of shades because I think these are very unique shades (besides NSFW), and these shades would be difficult to find from other brands. I think the biggest draw card for these pencils is that they come in a great variety of shades (you can also buy shades like clear, a blue, a coral etc etc).

Overall I am very happy with these lip pencils, and I am looking forward to wearing a perfect crisp dark berry lip this winter. I do think that these would work best as lip pencils or body pencils (even though I can't imagine how else I would use them other than lips or eyes), as these shades are a little too firm for using on the eyes and can cause tugging. I think the inability to use half of the shades available on the eyes is a bit of a cop out for a "multipurpose" pencil. I will forgive this since the shades that are marked as "not recommended for the eyes" are shades that I normally won't use on the eyes anyway.

What are your thoughts on these pencils?


  1. wow super pigmented! i wonder how this compares to Klara products

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. I haven't used any Klara lip liners

  2. never seen them before! please check out my blog its new! http://maybemayhemmakeup.blogspot.com.au/

  3. Oh wow, these look great! The colour matches are spot-on and the formula sounds nice. Cool that you can use them as eyeliners too. Thanks for the swatches, Kat! xo



  4. These are amazingly pigmented and I have to agree they've done a great job of matching the shades! :)

    Jess xo

  5. Pfft multipurpose! I hate when companies do that! But oh well, they're gorgeous anyway! xx


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