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Lime Crime first impressions and swatches - Alchemy palette and lipsticks in Coquette, Great Pink Planet, D'Lilac, Poisonberry, Centrifuchsia, Geradium

March 27, 2014

I had to put this picture in :P

This is my Lime Crime stash that I bought from Salon Melbourne over the weekend. I did buy quite a lot, but the lipsticks were $14 each, and they normally retail for $23 in Australia from sites like Lipstick Republic (use discount code RepublicVIBs for 10% off) or $18 from the Lime Crime website. The palettes were also down to $25 instead of $42 in Australia and $35 in the US.


I was going into Salon Melbourne wanting to buy the remaining "wearable" shades in the range. I didn't quite realise that I needed 6 shades to complete my collection... so I ended up buying a handful of shades, literally.

l-r: Coquette, Great Pink Planet, D'Lilac, Poisonberry, Centrifuchsia, Geradium
l-r: Coquette, Great Pink Planet, D'Lilac, Poisonberry, Centrifuchsia, Geradium

Just before I describe the shades, I should mention that all of these lipsticks are vegan and they smell like vanilla, very similar to the MAC lipsticks.

Coquette: I was skeptical of this shade because light nudes never suit me. I was very pleasantly surprised by this shade, it is probably the lightest nude I can wear without feeling self-conscious, but I love it! It is creamy and opaque and the peach tone to it makes this very flattering instead of looking corpse like.

Great Pink Planet: This is a cool toned baby pink shade. This is very similar to the Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid in Pink Pop, but it applies a little more creamier. This is too light for me, but I will probably mix it with a darker shade.

D'Lilac: This is a very light and grey toned mauve. This isn't for everyone, but the formula is opaque and creamy and this will be another shade that I will use to mix with pinks to add a mauve tint.

Poisonberry: This is a dark very purple that doesn't have a white base to it, so you can apply it sheer like a plum stain, or you can apply it heavily for a dark purple lip. This is the only shade of the six that has a slight shimmery sheen to the finish. This reminds me of a blackened version of Violetta by MAC. This is still in the dark berry shade group, but it is on the extreme purple side of that group. This is a great winter shade.

Centrifuchsia: When I bought this, I thought it looked a little meh. This looks like a typical dark pink lipstick shade in the tube, but when it's applied it looks amazing! This shade doesn't have a white base so it applies like a very bold lip stain. I love this formula, it's bright, pigmented, it lasts a very long time and I love the bright dark pink shade. The formula is similar to the Lime Crime Retrofuturist shade, which I also adore.

Geradium: This is a bold bright coral pink. This also has a white base which makes the colour really pop on the lips. This is also creamy and opaque. I am bummed that I didn't get this before summer! This is a similar tone to the Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid lipstick in Shocking Coral, but this is a lot bolder, brighter, and creamier.


I also bought my very first Lime Crime eyeshadow palette. I decided to get the Alchemy palette because, out of the 4 palettes available, I thought this was the most wearable.




The packaging is a purple tin with gold detailing. This is actually very lightweight, yet sturdy. However this does not contain a mirror in the lid. The shade names are listed on the back.

l-r: Incantation, Lucky Charm, Love Potion No 9, Spellbound, Divination
l-r: Incantation, Lucky Charm, Love Potion No 9, Spellbound, Divination
The above swatches are one swipe of each shadow.

Incantation: This is a very very very pigmented and soft metallic orange copper. You can see in the above swatch photo that one swipe of this shade provides a very bold swatch. This is a perfect autumn shade and would look lovely with bronzes and golds.

Lucky Charm: This is a soft pigmented grass green that has a slight shimmer to it. Even though green is a difficult shade to wear on a daily basis, I feel that because this shade is quite yellow toned, you could easily mix this with browns.

Love Potion No 9: This is a very pretty shimmer light lavender shade that has a slight aqua duo chrome. This is a very pretty shade and I have comfortably worn this all over the lid for a light purple eye look.

Spellbound: This is shimmer cream and works well to blend out shades to to use as subtle highlight shade. This shade is a little powdery.

Divination: This is a dark teal with a slight shimmer. This would make a really nice teal smokey eye, or you could use it as an outer corner shade with Lucky Charm or Love Potion No 9.

Those are my swatches and first impression reviews of my newest Lime Crime goodies! If you would like to see a post about my Lime Crime lipstick collection (I think I now have 14 of them eeek) then let me know!

Which is your favourite Lime Crime product?


  1. Geradium and Poisonberry look so pretty! I have Centrifuchsia, and completely agree with your thoughts. I'd love to see a collection post of all you Limecrime lippies.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Lime Crime Lipstick collection! Yay!!!

  3. Geradium is such a pretty your collection....xoxoxo.....^_^

  4. I probably would've been tempted to buy a bunch of the lippies if they were $14 each! Still loving Airborne Unicorn :) I like the look of Poisonberry a lot, though not sure about the shimmer in it. I find myself drawn to D'Lilac just for the pure novelty.

  5. wow...great shades...just wow..
    now i gots to do some lime crime!!!

    Blue Velvet Addict

  6. Yay glad you're loving your Lime Crime! I finally finished my collection so I'm going to do an entire collection post of all the lipsticks soon! xx

  7. Centrifuchsia and Geradium look so bloody gorgeous! I need them in my life! I've never tried anything from Lime Crime, but the packaging alone makes me want to try it!

  8. Ah, love when kitties get in makeup shots! Mine tries to hog the spotlight all the time ;) Looove these shades of lipstick, the latter three especially! Those shades of berry and fuchsia are incredible. I definitely need some Lime Crime in my life! xo


  9. poisonberry is right up my alley :) If only they were $14 rrp in real life loll

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

  10. Those lipsticks are lovely! I'm yet to try a limecrime lipstick, but am totally tempted by Geradium (not that I need more coral lipsticks). I'm not to keen on the eyeshadows, I'd be too scared to wear such bright colours. They look nice and pigmented though.


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