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Brand Focus - Palmer's

March 5, 2014

I was sent a few Palmer's skincare products the other week, and I realised that I actually have a hell of a lot of Palmer's skincare! I decided to do a bit of a brand focus on them and give a quick review of all the products that I currently own from the range. I do also have a lip balm or two, but I couldn't find them so they miss out :P

If you weren't around when the Palmer's Cocoa Butter was all the rage (I know there was definitely a period during high school where all the cool kids had this in their locker), and you aren't familiar with Palmers as a brand, it is a basic range of skincare that is pretty affordable and is known mainly for their body lotions. They have skincare based on the cocoa butter formula (my favourite), as well as skincare based on a shea butter formula or an olive butter formula. I mainly buy my Palmer's products from Priceline.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Softens, Smoothes and Relieves Dry Skin: This is the flagship product from Palmer's (don’t actually know if that is correct, but in my mind it's their flagship product). I didn’t actually realise until writing this post that this isn’t actually called Cocoa Butter…it’s called Softens, Smoothes and Relieves Dry Skin. Aaaanyway, this is what people refer to when they say “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter”. It is a nice body lotion that is not too thin and not too thick and it has an amazing cocoa butter scent. This is a classic product and it is one of those body butters that I would recommend to people who are just starting to use skincare and don’t know what would suit them. There is also an unscented version for people who don’t like the smell of cocoa.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Anti-Aging Smoothing Lotion: This is my new obsession! It is very similar to the cocoa butter (maybe a little runnier) but it has the most amazing spicy vanilla scent. I can’t help but smell myself whenever I wear this, and even though it may not appeal to as many people as the cocoa butter, I personally much prefer this scent! I don’t know how well this works as an anti-aging lotion, but hey, I am in my late 20s and I can use all the help I can get! This contains Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acids which is designed to exfoliate your skin. The formula is probably slightly more hydrating than the cocoa butter. If you like spicy scents run out and get this now!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Cocoa Butter Body Wash: This is a nice thick body wash that lathers nicely and doesn’t dry out my skin. If you like cocoa scents but you think the cocoa butter is too strong, then you will love the scent. It is a “natural” cocoa scent, which just means that it is a softer cocoa scent.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Instant Self Tanner and Instant Bronzer: This is a weird product, but I like it. It is like a body butter with a tiny amount of colour to it, so it doesn’t provide an instant colour, but it almost provides a small amount of colour so you can see where it has been applied. I would prefer this to have much more colour in it, but I like that this is a tanner instead of a gradual tanner (ain’t no one got time for that!). One application does turn into a nice natural tan shade and it doesn’t smell too much like fake tan. You can see a swatch of this in a photo later in this post.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Calming Facial Lotion: This is a product that I haven’t used too much yet. I got this in a Priceline skincare bag last year and I have only used it a couple of times. This seems to be a thin moisturiser that doesn't contain fragrance and it is designed for sensitive skin. This contains chamomile, aloe vera and milk proteins to help sooth the skin.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Mask: This is a great product! It is a very finely milled clay mask that does a great job of gently detoxifing the skin. This is also great because, unlike other clay masks, this isn't harsh and it doesn't burn when you apply it. I would assume this would be great for people who want to use a clay mask but have sensitive skin. This mask also contains almond oil, so it doesn't dry out your skin like other clay masks. This also retails for under $10, which is a bonus!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone BB Cream in Fair/Light and Medium/Dark: You can tell that I was sent these, mainly because I am not a big fan of BB creams, but also because I don't usually buy both shades available. For someone who dislikes BB creams (because they don't work on my oily combination skin), I was surprised that this one wasn't bad! What I did like about it was that it provided a good amount of coverage (light but buildable) and it actually set. This doesn't set to a matte finish, but it does set enough to make you think that it won't slip and slide off you face. This is probably a perfect BB cream for people who have normal skin, but if you have slightly oily skin you will still need to powder it, but its definitely more wearable than other BB creams on the market. This comes in two shades (see the swatches below) and it's strange because the light is super light, and the medium/dark is pretty dark. Luckily I have both because to get my perfect shade I need to do some mixing. What I found interesting about this BB cream is that it contains mineral pigment for the colouring, so if you like mineral makeup, this might be a great BB cream for you. These also retail for under $10 which is a great price for a 30ml BB cream.

l-r: Body Scrub, Instant Self Tanner, Fair/Light BB Cream, Medium/Dark BB Cream

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Cocoa Body Scrub: This is my second tub of this scrub. It is a very thick moisturiser type product that contains ground up cocoa beans that provide a decent exfoliation while moisturising your skin. This also has an amazing cocoa scent! Clearly if I have repurchased it I think it's a pretty decent product, and it's definitely one of my favourite Palmer's products.

So that's my brand focus post on Palmer's! Have you tried any of their products? What were your favourites?


  1. Just followed! amazing blog

  2. I love Palmer's products. Their night cream and unscented body lotion are my favourite products.

  3. I've been slowly trying out the Palmer's bits too and I'm loving the body wash. I've been a big fan of the regular body lotion and mask for ages so it was nice to try out a few more of their products from the range :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  4. Somehow I've always found something better than Palmer's on the next shelf over but that scrub looks great! I love that their products are reasonably priced too :)


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