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Shiro Cosmetics Pigments - swatches and review

February 5, 2014

This is a pretty exciting review! My sister (hi Squiggy!) told me about Shiro Cosmetics late last year, and she told me to choose some products for my Christmas present.

Shiro Cosmetics is run by a 22 year old girl who is clearly into all things geek. She creates collections of pigments and lip products based around really nerdy topics like Game of Throne, Minecraft, The Hobbit... and my all time favourite show Fullmetal Alchemist!

If you know me, you know that I love TV shows and movies, and that my two favourite TV obsessions in the last few years are Fullmetal Alchemist and Game of Thrones. I also used to be a huge Lord of the Rings nerd when I was younger, so I was also interested in the Hobbit collection.  Clearly I was very excited to try this makeup brand.

A bit of quick background... this brand does shop internationally, shipping is $7.50 worldwide and cheaper if you are from the US. They also throw in some samples (I got two samples from the Minecraft collection but totally forgot to photograph them) and I also got a few chocolates thrown in my order (which I ate straight away). These took a little while to ship (it was Christmas time after all) but once I got the confirmation that they were shipped I believe it took less than a week to arrive to Melbourne.

So these are the shades I got, I tried to get a mix of shades that I would actually wear and also characters that I really liked. From the Fullmetal Alchemist collection I had to get Fullmetal and Little Brother... because well they are they main characters and I didn't care what shades they were. I also had to get Tyrion Lannister, Jamie Lannister and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, and I got the Sansa and Barristan Selmy shades because I thought they were quite wearable. I got the green shade from the Hobbit collection because I thought the shade looked amazing.

The containers are typical pigment container that have a sifter in them. These are the full size that retail for $5-6 (depending on the collection it's from). You can get mini jars for $3.50 or sample bags for $1, but only the full size comes with the label on the lid, and if I am going to get makeup for the nerdy factor, I want them to have the labels to match!

Above are the swatches, and I really want to emphasise that I applied these over primer (I used the Lime Crime one). Being pigments, they are well... pigmented, but at the same time these are a little powdery so they do work best when they can stick to a base. These aren't the best pigments I have ever used, I do think the MAC ones and the OCC ones are better, but at the same time these are a heck of a lot cheaper and if you apply them over a primer then they give an effect very similar to the MAC/OCC pigments. One thing that I do really like about these pigments is that some of the shade are very unusual and quite unique.

Fullmetal: This is described as a complex charcoal base with a strong golden shimmer and red highlight. I think this is more of a grey taupe in the container but it has a very strong purple shimmer when applied. You can also see some gold shimmer and possibly some red? This is a really pretty shade!

Little Brother: This is a pure silver pigment and is described as a strongly metallic toned silver. If you watch Fullmetal Alchemist you will understand why this is a metallic silver, and although this isn't a shade that would suit me, I like how much it sums up one of my favourite characters.

No Men Like Me: This is the shade for Jamie Lannister, and in the show he is a read jerk, but if you read the books you will grow to love him. This is one of the more unusual shades out the ones I picked. This is described as a gold-burnished plate cloaked in ashy white... love that description for Jamie! I got this thinking that it would be a light warm toned ashy shade, but it is a light ash shade (see it in the container) and when you apply it it magically (well almost) becomes gold! My only issue with this is that if you apply it unevenly then the gold comes out unevenly... you can see in the up close swatch that where the pigment is packed on more heavily, it looks a little ashy. Nevertheless, a very pretty and unexpected shade. If you apply this sheerly without a primer it looks like a soft gold (see photo at the end of this post)

I Loved A Maid: I had to get the Tyrion Lannister shade because he is by far one of my favourite characters in Game of Thrones. Much like his brothers shade, this one is very unusual. It has a strong orange base shade and has a green-gold shimmer. This is described as a green-shifting gold shining over a base of softened Lannister crimson. This is one of those shades that can be quite hard to wear, if you don't pack it on heavily enough it appears as mainly just orange (see photo at the end of this post where I apply it sheerly without a primer). This is one of those shades that would benefit from maybe a copper/bronze cream base so that the pigment really sticks and the green gold shows up better. This reminds me a little of the pigment Green Brown that MAC has brought out as a limited edition shade occasionally... but its a lot more orange.

Queensguard: This is a shade that I got because I thought a darker coppery almost matte shade would look good as a crease colour with a few of these shades. This is a lot darker than what I was expecting but it is a nice copper shade. This is described as a matte orange brown softened with a gentle cream shimmer.

Little Bird: Like the above shade, I got this because I thought it would be a nice summery all over lid type shade. It is described as a delicate matte mauve/beige pink. This isn't as matte as I was expecting, it looks like it has a slight sheen to it, but it is a really nice wearable pink.

You Snow Nothing: This was the limited edition shade of the month in December, and I had to get a Jon Snow shade, but I wasn't a huge fan of the icy white shade of the permanent called You Know Nothing (there is a fine distinction in the names of the two shades). When I saw that this one I had to get it, not only is it John Snow inspired but it is a gorgeous dark blue with very fine gold and red shimmer which gives it a warmer appearance than just a regular blue. This is no longer on the site so I don't know what the official description is.

Lingered In Twilight: This is the only shade I got from the Hobbit range, and I couldn't pass it up because it is so pretty. I haven't worn this yet so I don't know how it wears but it is a black base with green shimmer. This is described as a blackened blue with green tones and slightly metallic shimmer. This is another one of those shades that needs a base to make the colour pop, if you apply this lightly without a primer, this mainly just looks black (see photo below). This would look magic over a black or green cream shadow.

l-r Lingered In Twilight, No Men Like Me, I Loved A Maid

In conclusion, these aren't the absolute best quality pigments in the world, and they really do need a primer to help them stick, but for the price they are pretty damn good! They also have some really unique shades to offer, and the geekiness of them is fantastic!


  1. I love Shiro! So happy to see a review from you on them :)

  2. All the shades are gorgeous......xoxoxo.....:)

  3. I love No Men Like Me and Little Bird, so pretty! Lovely post :-)

    Megan -

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I made an order some months ago and got a whole bunch of samples to try but haven't gotten around to them yet, I really should though! They are soooo damn beautiful!

  5. Aaah I am SUCH a geek! This like combines my two obsessions - makeup and TV shows haha. GOT is one of my fave shows, and I'm currently making my way through the books so I will definitely have to check out their shades. Jaime and Tyrion's look really unique, but I also love Sansa's! I also can't wait till Blackmilk release their GOT collection, I'm ridiculously excited for it.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. Love the first and last two pigments - absolutely beautiful colours! Def going to have to check out this brand.

  7. I ordered some of these ages ago but I didn't care for the quality, but I think the brand is pretty awesome and the collections have great themes :)

  8. I love these shadows! I've never heard of the brand and it stinks that the quality isn't that great :(. I love the Hobbit so I definitely need to check out that collection!

  9. Never heard of them before, but these are very cute (and nerdy!)

  10. How neat! Love Game of Thrones :)


  11. I Loved a Maid and Lingered in Twilight look amazing!

    Kate Xx


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