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MAC Fluidline in Waveline

February 15, 2014

I am finally getting around to reviewing this Fluidline by MAC. I think I bought this in November, and I have gone through stages where I have worn this every day for weeks, but then I forget about it for a month or so. I am back into this liner and it's the perfect time to review it!

I'll start by saying that I love MAC Fluidline gel liners! I find that the gel formula is a lot easier to apply than liquid liners (although you do need a brush to apply it), and it also doesn't budge once set. I think this is the 5th Fluidline I have in my collection, and even though Blacktracks (the black shade) is my favourite shade, I thought this Waveline shade looked really fun and I bought it during a blue liner stage I was going through.

This is a permanent shade and it retails for $32 for 3g of product. Out of all of the MAC products, I think that the Fluidlines are some of the best valued products, I have had my Blacktracks for around 3 years and it still hasn't started drying out.

Clearly I took the above photos when I first bought this! This liner looks like a bright almost electric blue in the container, and it has a very slight almost pink sheen to it (you can see it best in the first photo) but this sheen isn't noticeable on the skin.

This looks a lot more navy when it's swatched and it also dries with a matte finish. You can also see from the line swatch that this isn't all that opaque in one swipe, so I do find that I need to go over this with second layer to make it look more bold (the patch swatch shows how it looks built up). Once this is set, it does last on my eyes all day.

Overall, this isn't the best Fluidline shade that I own (mainly because it's not as opaque as I would like), but I think this is a really fresh alternative to a black winged liner. I love wearing this liner with a simple nude shadow and a red lip.

What do you think of blue liner?

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  1. I've never tried any kind of blue liner before but it looks awesome, especially if paired with a red lip you could get a slight nautical look going. MAC gel liners sound amazing, and I need to try more gel liners in general!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I am loving that liner on you! <3 Xo

  3. Such a beautiful deep blue colour, I can see what you're saying about it not being opaque as the others but it still looks nice so it's no loss!
    Holly / Face LDN

  4. suits your eyes, but can't tell unless I see the whole face?
    at least it does not look as harsh as black black... I wonder if you have tried napoleon perdis, can you compare?

  5. Such a beautiful navy! I agree- a perfect alternative to black :)


  6. It's the most perfect shade of blurple.

  7. I enjoy coloured liners from time to time. I haven't tried any MAC makeup products yet but I do prefer using a brush to apply eyeliner. I might put Blacktracks on my wish list!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  8. Pretty colour, really makes your eye colour pop. For the past two months literally all I have used is a blue or purple liner. I've gone crazy! X

  9. I have a navy gel liner from physicans formula that I never use, I shall have to pull it out and try out some navy looks :)


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