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Lust Have It February 2014 Box

February 24, 2014

It feels like I just opened a Lust Have It box ...oh wait, I did! My January box arrived on the 10th of February so this is my second LHI box in 2 weeks. I must admit, I was impressed that after such a delay with the January box, it was good to see that the February box wasn't also affected by the delay.

LHI is an Australian beauty subscription box that costs $19.95 per month and you can join up here. Use the code "kitsch" for $5 off your first box

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Just like last month, the products arrived in the black postage box. The CEO wrote a little update on the information card about the new boxes arriving in April. She also mentioned that a random 1000 subscribers will receive a So...? perfume product. Spoiler, I wasn't one of the lucky 1000.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive - 7ml sample: This was the preview product from the last box. I haven't tried this yet, but I love sampling expensive masks because I find it hard to spend $65 on a full size skincare product without trying it first. This is exactly what I want to see in a beauty box!

The Cosmetic Kitchen Pure Mineral Concealer in Apricot - full size: The card says that I was supposed to receive an eyeshadow, but I was very excited to see that I got a mineral concealer! This is exciting because I don't own a powder/mineral concealer and it's quite rare to find a makeup product that I don't have. I though this apricot shade would be great under the eyes but I applied it today and it's slightly too dark for the under eye area (see swatch below). I will try to apply it lightly to make it work. This is a really strange product because it is slightly waxy, which I am assuming helps it stay on the skin. I am very intrigued by this! I am so glad to see makeup in this box because the last few boxes have been mainly haircare/skincare.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Brush - full size: I love new brushes and this is a really nice soft vegan and cruelty free blush/powder brush. This and the makeup product alone make this box great value!

Vaseline Ultimate 10 Anti Aging Body Lotion - 25ml sample: I got this moisturiser in a past box (not sure if it was LHI or Bellabox) and I actually quite liked it. It has a nice soft sweet, almost baby powder, scent which I loved, and I also like the idea of anti aging for your body. I would consider repurchasing this one day in the future.

Clairol Professional Colour Radiance Shampoo - 50ml sample: This is a great size sample and you could easily get a weeks worth of washes out of this. I received Clairol hair mask in a previous months box and I actually liked it, so I am interested to try out more from this brand. I may hold on to this shampoo for traveling.

Clairol Professional Transition Creative Spray - 50ml sample: I will also hold onto this hairspray for traveling, because decent small hairsprays are actually pretty hard to track down! The information card says that it is a strong hold spray which remains flexible for up to one minute after application to allow any last minute adjustments. I love that idea and I had to try it out before I stored it away for future travel. Essentially this is a wet hairspray that allows you to muck around with your hair before it dries. I love this idea, and I love that the full size is under $10.

Hand Spa Bijoux - 1 wipe: This a Japanese product and it is an anti-aging hand wipe. If I see a difference after one use, I will go out and buy a pack... but I'm not holding my breath. Interesting concept though, but I think hand creams are enough for me!

We also got some cards...

So that's it for the Feb LHI box! I actually quite liked this box, I would have to say that it is one of the better boxes I have received in the last few months!

Here's my box opening video

What did you think of this box?


  1. Nice selection! I'd been wanting to try that Juice Beauty peel- great that they included a little pot of it :)


  2. Much better selection this month, interesting that your shadow is actually a concealer... :)

  3. The concealer's an interesting one! I hope it pans out as an under eye concealer! I love that I got an eye shadow this month - really happy with it!

  4. Great review kat I'm still waiting for mine
    Much better than the last months box

  5. Best box I've had from them in ages. My box was similar except I got a volume mousse and mineral eyeshadow in Fairy Floss, a really pretty pink. Brush is great too. I think this month everyone got almost identical boxes so everyone feels it was good value. Bellabox could learn a thing or two from LHI!


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