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Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish in No 4 Beige Evolution

February 2, 2014

I received a package a few weeks ago from and this was one of the products I received. This is a gel effect nail polish from the company Layla Cosmetics, which is an Italian brand, and this is the shade No 04 Beige Evolution. I have since tried to look for this shade on Lookfantastic, but I can't find this particular shade so it may be sold out. Other shades are still available on Lookfantastic and are currently on sale for £7.69, which is around $14-15. 

You can also get 12% off your order this weekend with the code PAYDAY12 (and Lookfantastic have free worldwide shipping).  If you haven't shopped at then check it out because they have some epic list of brands that they stock!

I wasn't going to review this nail polish, but I have been pretty impressed with the longevity of this polish, so I thought I should share it. First thing to mention, I have no idea why this is called a gel effect nail polish... it has the same finish as any other nail polish.

I am also not all that impressed on the application. If you apply a thick even coat then 2 coats will suffice for a even application, but if you aren't great at applying polish (a bit like me) then this can apply a little streaky and you will need 3 coats. Another bummer is that if you apply three coats you may start to see tiny bubbles... but these aren't all that noticeable unless you look really closely.

This colour looks like a nice warm taupe with a hint of pink shimmer in the light (see photo above) but the pink shimmer doesn't translate to the nails, and the shade looks like a darker grey-brown (see photo below). It's not the most exciting shade, but it is quite unique, and it is also a great work appropriate shade.

The reason why I am featuring this nail polish is because I applied it one week when I couldn't find my top coat, and it easily lasted a good 6 days without any obvious chipping or wear! It could have lasted longer but I wanted to change the colour of my nails to a brighter shade for a birthday I was going to. If you are the type of person who works full time and is looking for a nail polish that you can put on a Sunday night and you want it to easily last the whole week without any wear, then try this brand!

I know that next time I place an order on, I will be ordering one of these polishes (maybe the tropical island shade!)

Have you heard of Layla Cosmetics? Whats your favourite nail polish brand?


  1. This polish sounds really interesting. Especially if it lasts for 6 days! Hate it when polish chips...

  2. Reminds me a lot of Commander in Chic by Sally Hansen, which is another lovely and long lasting nail polish.

    1. Its a lot more brown toned than commander in chic

  3. That is a really beautiful shade, the lasting power sounds ace! am looking on their site now :)

  4. A really beautiful shade of nail polish , and the finish of this one looks so good as well . It doesn't look streaky or blotchy at all :) nice review

  5. Wow. That is gorgeous! I wish we could get Layla here in the states!

  6. Have never tried this brand, I love the colour :) Perhaps the Gel Effect reflects it's lasting abilities? Am interested to know how long this would last on my nails... thanks for the review x

  7. Gorgeous colour, but I thought nail polish doesn't get shipped to Australia

  8. They are called gel effects because of the longevity Kat! Layla is sold at one of the trade stores I go to and I ummed and ahhed over this range and the bubble effect, I ended up going for the bubble effect since I didn't expect these ones to be so impressive but I think I'll have to give them a try, thanks for posting this!


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