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January 2014 Lust Have It Box

February 11, 2014

The January Lust Have It box arrived pretty late this month... in fact I received this January box on the 10th of Feb. To be completely honest, it really didn't bother me! As long as other peoples boxes were late, and mine hadn't been misplaced, then its all good in my opinion! Some people are saying that LHI may have too much on their plate with their new FaB box (see my Jan review here), but LHI were saying that there was a delay with suppliers. Whichever, I am sure they will catch up for the next box.

For anyone who isn't aware what LHI is, this is an Australian beauty subscription box that costs $19.95 per month and you can join up here. Use the code "kitsch" for $5 off your first box

I did an opening of this box below:

Click for larger image

The information card that comes with the box is above. You can see that there are only 5 products in this months box. I thought it is also interesting to note that the products only came in the postage box this month (see the first photo). Normally the products come in a nicer box within the postage box, but supposedly they are coming up with a new box design.

Onto the products...

Paula's Choice Moisture Boost One Step Face Cleanser - full size: This is a super large cleanser! I got the normal to dry skin version, but there was also the option of getting the combination/oily skin one... the combination/oily skin one would have suited my skin a lot better, but oh well. Since this is so huge, if I don't like it I will just use this as a body wash. This retails for $16.

Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear in Medium - full size: I love the Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector but I despise tinted moisturisers... so I was a little torn about receiving this product. This is also a pretty small tube for a full size product.

I tried this product out today and even though it swatches pretty dark (see photos below), once it is blended out it does sheer out a lot. This still looks very yellow toned, so this may not work for people who prefer pink toned base products, but as my face is quite pink but my neck and body is quite yellow I love products that are this tone.

The formula is very thick and sticky and I had to heavily powder it so it set with a semi matte finish (and re-powder it a few times during the day), so it clearly isn't well suited for skin that is prone to oiliness. It is also super sheer so this may be good for people who are having great skin days and just want some sun protection and a slight wash of colour, but I had to conceal a lot to be able to use this today, and I also found that I was concealing in places that I never usually conceal (like red patches on my cheeks that are usually covered by even a sheer foundation). By the middle of the day I also noticed a small cluster of pimples growing on my chin... which is very rare for me. I am not saying that it was definitely this product that caused the break out (I did apply a new mask the other night) but it did worry me a little.

Overall, I don't think this is my kind of product. I may possibly wear it to the beach or an occasion when I want to look like I am not wearing makeup but want sun protection and a little more colour, but on a daily basis this did not work for my oily combination skin.

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel - 30ml sample: This is a chemical exfoliant that is supposed to fade signs of sun damage and brighten your complexion. It is supposed to get similar results as a professional peel. I love products that contain glycolic acid so I am super keen to give this a go. I tried this today and I didn't really understand how to use it, I was expecting to need to apply it with a cotton pad (like Alpha-H Liquid Gold) but I think this is more of a runny gel that you apply like a serum (I assume :s). I haven't noticed any amazing effects after one use but this bottle should last me a good few weeks so I can try it properly before I decide whether the full size is worth the $45.80 retail price. 

Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil - 3ml sample: This is a hair oil and the sample only contains 3ml. This sample is so small that I will probably be lucky to get 2-3 uses out of it (but hey, at least its not a sachet!). The full size is only $25 for 40ml so if I like it then this is a pretty affordable hair oil... also makes you wonder why they could only spare 3ml for a sample? I haven't used this yet, but I love trying new hair oils.

Simple Skincare Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes - 7 pack: I haven't actually used anything from the Simple Skincare range yet, but I love having these travel packs of facial wipes to keep in my bag.

This was an ok box, it wasn't fantastic but it wasn't shit. When LHI increased their prices to $19.95 from $14.95 they promised over $60 worth of value in each box, and I think this box just made it over the $40 value mark this month.... so not the best, but I will use all of these products so it's not a waste.

...and hey, at least there wasn't any ModelCo!


  1. i have heard a lot of good about Paula's Choice skincare..
    do saher if you like it!..

  2. With the invisible zinc. If you look at sites such as priceline, it is a full size product.

    1. Yeah I know it is. I was just saying that 20ml is small for a full size product

  3. Haha no ModelCo in sight! I find the Zinc no good for my skin either, too greasy. And my hair is super long, so I'm not holding out for the Aveda oil to do anything too spectacular being such a teeny sample.

  4. I got the model co lipgloss :( but I got my products in the regular box. Maybe they ran out of boxes this month.

  5. Nice variety! I'm definitely curious about the Aveda oil- too bad it's such a tiny tube! xo



  6. Lucky you! I, however, received an effing ModelCo lip gloss. I had to contain my rage!!!

  7. LOL no ModelCo ... for you! :p Can't help but laugh. Lots of Paula's Choice though - hope you can get on with the AHA product.

  8. Well...my box had Model Co :P this box was a bit meh-ish. I'm kinda getting over all the skincare products they keep chucking in!

  9. i got the exact same products...quite happy with the box...love the aveda...but agree, too small...only 1 use in it for me...must go purchase a bottle...

  10. You are right Kat, this box is Ok, not so impressive. They have changed their packing and contents are not worth over 60$ but cleanser looks interesting.

  11. I got the same ModelCo lipgloss I have recieved from LHI before. Unimpressed


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