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January 2014 favourites

February 4, 2014

I haven't been using much makeup this month because it has been super hot in Melbourne and I have been very minimal with my beauty regime. However, in the last 2 weeks or so I have come across some products that I consider to be worthy of the favourites title. These are my beauty favourites of January 2014 (where did the month go?!), and I also did a favourites video where I mentioned there products and some other random favourites.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm: I finished one of these lip balms the other month and when I was doing my empties post I realised how much I am going to miss it! I found these on sale at Priceline for under $5 so I bought two. They are one of the most hydrating lip balms I have ever tried and I love the candy cane peppermint scent. I have tried three other scents of the Burt's Bees range, and this is the only one that I would highly highly highly recommend.

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose: I got this mini perfume in a Lancome pack (see it in my Boxing Day Haul), and normally I hate the mini perfumes that you get in packs, but I LOVE this one. It smells like rose and blackcurrant so it appeals to people who like floral and also people who like sweet fruity scents. This also works well with my body oils and it doesn't give me a headache (unlike other floral perfumes). This will be the next perfume that I buy for sure.

Freeman Bare Foot Revitalizing Foot Balm Lemon and Sage: It has been super hot in Melbourne this month, and like most people who don't have air conditioning in their bedroom, I have been struggling to fall asleep in the heat. One thing that has helped me cool down a little is this foot balm, because I hate the feeling of having really hot feet. This is a gel like balm that dries to an almost powder finish and it really makes my feet nice and cool. I don't know how well this helps with calloused feet, but I enjoy using it. I bought this for under $5 full priced in Chemist Warehouse.

MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Commotion: Best lipstick of the month hands down goes to the limited edition MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Commotion. I don't know how long these will be available for, but I love this formula! It is a high shine lipstick that fades to a stain and this particular shade lasts for a good 5 hours! I love this berry magenta shade, it is a really fun way to wear a dark lip. I did a full review of this lipstick here, and there is a swatch later in this post. I will no doubt get another shade of these lipsticks soon!

Kester Black nail polishes - shades Laguna, Silverbirch, Alimony, Bougainvillea: This is my favourite nail polish find of the month. This is an Australian brand and I am in love with every nail shade they have to offer. I just think they are spot on with the colours they offer, and I want them all. I will do a full review of these shades shortly.

Laguna - dark teal
Silverbirch - grey
Alimony - bright mint
Bougainvillea - bright mid toned purple

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow in shade 25: This is another product that I will have to do a full review on shortly. I bought this is Japan in May last year, and I didn't hate it but I didn't love it, so it just stayed in my drawer. I pulled it out this month because it's been so hot that I have wanted to use a waterproof brow product so that my brows didn't sweat off (a lovely image I am sure), and this was the only one I had. The only reason why I didn't get along with it previously was because I used to squeeze some on the back of my hand and I would then dip my angle brush in, but I found that the product dried so quickly that I would waste a lot of product on my hand. I started squeezing a small amount directly onto the brush and I am finding that this method works a lot better. I also love the shade of this, its a perfect cool toned mid brown (see swatches below).

SW Basics Of Brooklyn Makeup Remover: Lastly, I have been loving this oil makeup remover. It is an oil that only contains organic sweet almond oil, organic olive oil, and organic jojoba oil... so it's all natural and good for your skin. I find that this is amazing at getting stubborn mascara and waterproof makeup off. I did a full review here.

So those were my favourite products of January 2014 (it's still weird writing 2014!), what was your favourite beauty product of January?


  1. I adore the lancome perfume too. I had a sample of it and have been meaning to purchase the full size.

    I used to love Freeman's products when I was in highschool. They were an affordable option for when you were earning $6 an hour :)

  2. I agree! I'm so not used to writing 2014 after writing 2013 for a whole year. The Aqua Brow looks good!!

  3. Those Kresta Black polishes look awesome, especially laguna!

  4. Those nail polishes, wow! I must have them!

  5. Nice picks! Those Kester polishes look super cool and I love that MAC lipstick on you :)



  6. Lovely favourites, that foot balm sounds pretty cool! I tried on the Huggable lip colours at my local MAC counter and they feel so nice on !

  7. That makeup remover looks interesting.


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