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Top 13 Other Beauty Products of 2013

January 6, 2014

Here is the second installment of my 2013 favourites posts. The first one that I posted was the Top 13 Makeup Products of 2013 and this post is the Top 13 Other Beauty Products of 2013... which essentially is the skincare, haircare, body care, nails etc that I loved in 2013.

I also filmed a video about these products, so check it out below if you can't be bothered reading this post :P

I do have some products that I am still loving from 2012 (Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, Kosmea Rosehip Oil, Real Techniques Brushes), but I won't repeat those products in this years favourites because I want these posts to add on previous years favourites. You can check out my 2012 favourites here.

Onto my top 13 beauty products of 2013...

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy: This is the stand out nail polish shade of the year. It is a neon coral that is hard to capture in photos. This is the type of shade that you will get a lot of people asking whats shade it is and where you get it from. My only issue with it is that the formula isn't the best. It is a little streaky (definitely need 2-3 coats) and it has a weird semi matte finish. See my full review here.

Summer Tan Dark Self Action Tan: My favourite tanning product for the year is the Dark Self Action Tan by Summer Tan. I originally got this from Lust Have It and then I repurchased a bottle online. This is an Australian brand so it's not the easiest to find in store but I bought mine online here. This is self tanner that has a dark chocolate/green toned tint so you get an instant natural bronzed look and you can see where you are applying it (which I really need), this also doesn't smell like fake tan and it doesn't transfer onto clothes at all. The only downside is that it wears off after 2-3 days so you do need to reapply a couple of times a week to maintain it. The positive about this is that it fades evenly and you don't get that crackled horrible look when its wearing off. See my full review here.

Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner: OMG! I love this stuff! I thought body conditioners were a gimmick until trying this one. You apply this after you have washed in the shower and then rinse it off, and it leaves you skin really nicely hydrated without having to worry about moisturising and being all sticky all day. This also smells amazing! It's not cheap though, but you only need a small amount and it does feel very luxurious. Nivea like to say that they were the first company to come up with body conditioners, but they weren't, it was Lush. Compared to this Lush body conditioner, the Nivea one is absolute rubbish! See my full review here.

OPI Road House Blues: *Drools* this is the best nail polish formula I have ever tried! You literally need to apply one thin coat and your nails look perfect. I also love this navy shade. If ever nail polish had the same formula as this, the world would be a much better place.

La-Roche Posay Effaclar Duo: This has been the best skin discovery for 2013. I have oily combination skin and I often get breakouts. I have heard heaps of hype about Effaclar Duo, and finally the La-Roche Posay range became readily available in Priceline half way through 2013. This is a thin moisturiser that I use every morning and it heaps prevent blemishes and break outs. I think this works wonders for my skin and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from spots. This is a permanent addition to my skincare routine now. I featured this in a blog post about skincare for oily/spot prone skin.

Polished London Blighty Brunette Dry Shampoo: I have a very low maintenance hair routine but this is a product that I use daily. It is a brunette dry shampoo that works really well at refreshing hair and also providing volume. Because it is tinted brown I find that I don't even need to brush this out. It also only costs $4.95 from Priceline.

Cellilux Glacial Glacial Mineral Gel: My favourite mask of the year is the one by Cellilux. This one appears to be very similar to the Glow Glam mask. You apply a thin coat of this dark green mud mask that dries light green, and after it has dried you start seeing dark green dots appear where your pores are. This mask literally sucks the crap out of your pores and the longer you leave it on for, the more it sucks out. I have been meaning to do a review of this but I never apply this mask during the day when there is good lighting. I might do a video demonstration on it soon.

Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector: I originally bought this when I was working outdoors a few years ago and needed a heavy duty sun screen to stop me from getting burnt each day. This was the only thing sunscreen that I found that was heavy duty enough to prevent me from getting burnt after being outside all day (it is SPF30+ with UVA and UVB protection). It was only half way through last year when I decided to use it on a hot day under my makeup and I realised that it doesn't feel greasy and it doesn't affect the way my makeup sits. After realising that, I have been wearing it ever day. If you are worried about wearing sunscreen because you hate the way it feels, then try this one because you won't even notice that you are wearing it. Be careful though, there are a few sunscreens in the Invisible Zinc range that have similar containers, and as far as I am aware it is only the Environmental Skin Protector that doesn't feel greasy. See my full review here.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat: This has been a saviour this year! This top coat is amazing at increasing the wear of nail polish and preventing chipping (and it also makes nail polish very shiny). I find that this even helps shitty nail polish last a good 4+ days without much chipping and a decent nail polish last a week without chipping. I went from needing to repaint my nails 2-3 times a week to once a week.

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge: I used to dread washing my brushes because I used to be standing at the sink for a good hour or more washing and rewashing brushes with baby shampoo. This sponge cleaner from Daiso cleans brushes so effectively that I can literally wash the majority of my brush collection in 20min. This also works for dirty makeup sponges or beauty blenders. The only problem is that it is supposed to be quite harsh so its best to use it on synthetic brushes. This retails for $2.80 from Daiso. See my full review here.

China Glaze Fast Freeze Quick Dry: This has been another great find of the year. It is a liquid that you apply after your top coat and it helps speed up the drying time of your nail polish. This is supposed to make your nails touch dry in 30 seconds, but this only really works if you are wearing 4 or less coats... I generally wear a base coat, two coats of nail polish and then a top coat so this generally works really well for me. This is a must have if you like to do your nail polish at night before you go to bed. See my full review here.

Crown Brush C451 Infinity Small Round Buffer: For good measure I decided to throw in a few brushes, and I do mainly use Real Techniques brushes (that I mentioned in my 2012 favourites) but I love this Crown Brush for buffing in foundation. Because it is so dense it doesn't soak up much foundation, and because it is soft it doesn't leave brush strokes. Love it. You can buy this here.

Master Makeup by Dean Nixon Blending Brush: Another brush love for the year is by Master Makeup. I believe this is a new Australian brush brand that launched in 2013 and is made by a makeup artist Dean Nixon. To be completely honest, I do find their eye brushes very rough and a little scratchy, but I adore the shape of the blending brush and I can put up with the roughness. This is the perfect shape for applying eyeshadow in the crease and I use these most days. You can buy these here.

So that's it! Let me know in the comments what your one stand out beauty product of 2013 was! I would love suggestions for what products I should try out next!


  1. Lovely picks. I love the Lush body conditioner too x x


  2. Super picks, Kat! You've reminded me that I need another tub of Ro's Argan and you keep tempting me with Flip Flop Fantasy! xo


  3. My stand out product is by far Coconut Oil x

  4. Great faves - I absolutely love the smell of Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner but I find it difficult using only a small amount!

    the ladida


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