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MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Commotion - review and swatches

January 30, 2014

I was out shopping with the lovely Mishelle from Mishelle's Sleepy Time while she was in Melbourne last weekend, and while we were in MAC I had to check out the new Huggable Lipcolours. I believe that these are limited edition... but I really hope they become permanent!

This is what the MAC website says about these new lip products:

"A new high-shine formula featuring an array of creamy emollients, providing a lasting, glossy finish that leaves lips smooth and sculpted. A unique gel base allows each shade to smooth effortlessly onto the skin, with a feather-light finish giving immediate moisture, lasting up to six hours"

Check out the drool worthy image from the MAC website...

These come in a range of 12 shades that include a few dark/berry/red shades, a few nudes, some pinks, and coral/orange shades. I went for the shade Commotion, which is describes as a deep cool plum. This is the darkest of the range, and I was tossing up between this shade or a mid toned coral, but I thought I wanted to try a dark shade to easily test out the longevity of this lip product... and well, go big or go home!

These retail for $40, so they are a pricey item. The normal MAC lipsticks in Australia are $36, so they are only $4 more, but they are starting to sneak into the YSL/Chanel price range.

One thing that is instantly noticeable is that these have different packaging to the normal MAC lipsticks. These are made of an entirely metal tube that that a flat top (instead of that tapered tip). I love the weight of these lipsticks, they feel heavier and better quality, and I think the packaging is a lot nicer and classier than the normal MAC "black plastic space tampon" (that's the only way I knew how to describe it). See the comparison of the packaging below.

You will also notice that the shape of the lipstick bullet are different. The normal MAC lipsticks have that typical tapered lipstick tip (even though the example above has worn down a bit), whereas the Huggable Lipcolour has a flat top and when wound down it sits flush with the tube.

The Huggable Lipcolours do cost $4 more, but they contain 3.2g of product compared to the normal lipsticks that contain 3g (is 0.2g worth $4? who knows!). The Huggable Lipcolours also smell different to the normal vanilla MAC scent. They have a slightly more subtle and possibly fruity scent (I am really bad with scents).

For all of the people who might be curious, below is a photo of how much product you get (that's after 3 uses), and also the list of ingredients.

I don't mean to kiss MAC's arse, but I am loving this formula! It is a pigmented semi-opaque colour with a high gloss finish that eventually turns into a stain and does last up to 6 hours (well this shade does anyway).

Since this doesn't have an opaque white base to the shade, you can apply it lightly or heavily (see swatches below - top is applied heavily and the bottom is one swipe)

You can see that this is a gorgeous high gloss dark cool toned magenta shade. I had these swatches on my arm for around 5 minutes and that was enough time for them to start staining...

Here is a lip swatch. I am normally a matte finish gal, but I think this formula has won me over and I am singing the praises of a high gloss lip. Previously I hate glosses because they are tacky and wear off quickly, but this lipcolour lasts for hours, keeps this high gloss finish for around 2 hours, and is not at all sticky. It is also very pigmented and even to apply and I have received compliments on my lip colour every time I wear this!

I first wore this shade to work and I decided to document the wearing off process on Instagram (what else do you have to do when you're at work :P)

On first application: High gloss and even pigmentation, very easy to apply.

After 2 hours: Colour still very bold. No patchiness or clinging to dry patches, still has some shine and feels like a lip balm - still very comfortable.

4.5 hour mark: Not feeling dry, but the balm feeling has worn off. Some wearing starting to show around the inner part of my lips. The colour has turned into a stain and still looks quite vibrant. You could very easily get away with applying a balm/gloss at this point, and rock a softer magenta shade for another hour or more.

Overall I LOVE this formula! Like I said before, it is so easy to apply, there is no unevenness or clinging to dry patches. It provides a high gloss lip for over 2 hours and then feels like a comfortable balm for another couple of hours. After the 4 hour mark is where this mainly looks like a stain, but it fades off very evenly, so at all stages of wear this still looks really nice. It was probably the 6 hour mark (and after eating/drinking etc) when the stain completely wore off. I am the type of person who HATES reapplying lipstick often so I am completely and utterly excited about this new formula.

Even though these are $40 a pop, and even though I know I bought one of the darkest shades which may have increased the wear time, I do want to go back to MAC and buy a couple more of these. I also love the packaging! I think it is a really refreshing change, and it makes this new lipstick feel a little more special than other MAC lipsticks (which are still pretty special).


  1. I love it :) I really want this shade now too, but my bank needs to recover from my Melbourne shopping first!

  2. Lovely colour! I might have to look into finding this around me.

    Great post!

  3. Really like the color! I also like the updates throughout the day lol :)

    May have to look into getting myself one.
    xoxo, H

  4. Soo pretty!! Although the $40 pricetag is a bit of a burn. Is this what you were wearing in your rant video? I loved your lip colour, it was beautiful on you :)

    Also had a giggle at the classic MAC lipsticks looking like a tampon haha...I'll never look at my MAC lipsticks the same again!

    1. Haha! Yeah that is the lipstick I was wearing in my last video

  5. The packaging is much sleeker than the original, they DO look like tampons and the 'MAC' has started to rub off of one of mine. I was mesmerised by your lips in your rant video haha, it looks so good on you! The formula sounds absolutely stellar!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. that colour looks so gorgeous! and the packaging is so much better - way more expensive and sleek looking than the normal packaging. Now if only they would show the colour on the bottom of the packaging so you don't have to open every lipstick to find the colour your after

  7. Black Plastic Space Tampon bahahahaha! I seriously love this colour though, and it looks amazing on you! I wish I had decided to come with you and Mishelle, I would have bought one haha! xx

  8. Gosh, the formula sounds amazing and the shade is great on you! Lovely pick! xo


  9. The formula sounds amazing and that colour looks lovely! I will have to check these out.

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  10. Omg that 2nd picture haha. The colours are amazing and really make me feel like jumping and dancing for some reason. Great post, thanks for the review!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Etude House My Blooming Lips

  11. What a beautiful colour! Desperately keen to try these out now! x

  12. i was looking at temptalia's swatches of these and some of the colors really drew me in buuutt i decided to pass. i'm glad you picked one up though! i can't believe this is $40 in AUS?!!! ...that's crazy.
    A Beautiful Zen


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