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Lust Have It FAB box sneak peek

January 20, 2014

Hey guys, I just wanted to alert all you Aussies to something that was just brought to my attention today. The lovely Talia from Glossy Confidential told me that she signed up to the Lust Have It FAB box because there will be a Lime Crime Pink Velvetine in it. Surely enough, I looked at my past emails and there it is! (ignore the both boxes for $49.95 offer - unless of course you want the December box too)

So if you are wanting to test out the FAB box for $35, then this is the month to try it! I asked on the Lust Have It facebook page and they said its not too late to sign up for the Jan box, so that's what I have done... and I knew there would be a few of you guys who would be interested in this too!

Here is where you can sign up!

UPDATE: Sorry guys, but this box has just sold out. I hope you were lucky enough to grab one before they sold out!


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