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Eyeshadow tips for newbs

January 21, 2014

Just a quick video on how I do my eyeshadow. Hopefully this will help people who don't know how to use more than one eyeshadow in a look.


  1. I love this video! It's such a good tutorial!

  2. Going to share this with my friends who are just starting out in makeup! Very helpful :)

    Basmah | Lacee & Lattes

  3. very well done :))

    Not that I have anything against the gray and black, they are just a little sad colors and what I'm wearing, strongly influenced my thinking.

  4. I found this helpful! I generally avoid eyeshadow as I don't know how well certain looks suit me and I don't trust my abilities. You should do a few of these, like contonouring etc

  5. Awesome video, thanks so much! So helpful. :)


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