January FAB Box

January 29, 2014

Hey everyone! Some of you may remember that I did a post last week about the sneak peek product that will be featured in the January FAB box. The sneak peek product was the Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet that retails for $24, and I figured that I may as well try this FAB box for $35 - since I knew that I was receiving a product that I have been wanting to buy for a little while now.

If you aren't aware what the FAB box is, it is the Lust Have It Fashion and Beauty box... which is very similar to the Her Fashion Box that is the only other fashion and beauty box on the Australian market (that I know of anyway). This box retails for $35 (compared to the $19.95 Lust Have It Beauty Box) but they claim that each box retails for over $100. If you want to find out more, then check out the FAB box website here.

I did an opening of this box below

Front of the info card
Click for a larger image

So above is the information card, and you can see that all of the beauty products are full sized products (yay) and they retail for over $70 in total. There are also three accessories (a bracelet, earrings, and stacking rings) which total over $40... so this box does retail over $100 as promised.

Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet: YAY! Finally a subscription box has included a product that is actually really exciting! Other subscription boxes should take note and realise that including a cult product like this is exactly the way to get people excited about subscription boxes! I have the two red Velvetine shades and I was super excited about trying this pink one.

Below is the swatch on my lips. It is a dark bold pink that is a super pigmented liquid lipstick that dries matte. Having the red ones, I know that the Velvetines have a long wear time, but after a few hours and eating, they start to wear off on the inside of your lips and they can be difficult to reapply. Besides that these are great if you love a bright matte lip.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in the shade Medium: I received this in my December Lust Have It box (see review here) so I will probably give this one away to a friend. I don't resent LHI for putting this in their December box and then again in the FAB January box, because it is a product that a lot of people would like and I am sure that there aren't many people who are signed up to both boxes.

SunSense Sport Cream SPF 30+: This is a huge sunscreen! It's been super hot here in Australia so I am sure that this will come in handy. It is SPF 30+ UVA and UVB protection and it is water resistant for up to 4 hours, so this will be perfect for the beach! ...now I just need to start going to the beach.

Le Tan Le Tan in Le Can: I have received this before in a box and I wasn't a huge fan of it. It is a spray bronzer that doesn't apply all that evenly, so instead of spraying it onto your legs, it's best to spray it into a tanning mitt and to apply it that way (which makes me wonder what the point of the spray is!). I prefer tinted self tanning products so the tan lasts longer, but I suppose this is good for a quick last minute bronze and would suit people who don't like self tanning products. I will probably give this to a friend as well because I won't be using it any time soon.

Edit: after writing this, I realised that I previously received the wash off version... which I thought was rubbish. This one is actually a fake tan, and I will definitely give it a try!

LHI Accessories - Gold Love Bracelet, Candy Coloured Chandelier Earrings, Delicate Stacking Rings: As the "fashion" part of the box, there are three jewelry items from the LHI line. I believe that after these have been featured in a box they end up popping up in the LHI online store, so if you like any of them then you can find them there.
  • There is a gold bracelet that has a heart on it, which is the type of jewelry that most girls will be happy to wear, I personally will only wear it mixed with other bracelets and bangles because it's not really my thing on its own.
  • There was also a pair of colourful earings, these come in 4 different colour combinations (see the info card for all four colours). This is more my style, but having short hair I don't really like the look of dangly style earrings. If these were studs I would be all over them, but as they are I might pass them onto a friend.
  • Lastly there are three stacking rings, and I really like these! They are quite small but they have that adjustable part of the ring so you can stretch them. I like the look of them stacked, and I also like the look of them as above the knuckle rings if you don't want to adjust them. 

So that's my FAB box for January. If I wasn't subscribed to the beauty LHI box, I would consider staying subscribed to this FAB box, but I think having both boxes is a bit of an overkill. I also prefer the beauty aspect of the box instead of the accessory part, so for now I will stick with the beauty box, but if I see any exciting sneak peeks I wouldn't hesitate to sign up again!

What did you think of this box?


  1. Wow this box is amazing! I've been wanting to try the Lime Crime Velvetines for so long and that colour looks absolutely stunning!

  2. Wow, how beautiful is that Lime Crime lipstick!? Great selection this month :)



  3. The box looks so good! the velvetiness are amazing and those earrings are gorgeous!



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