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January Bellabox 2014

January 19, 2014

I decided to resubscribe to Bellabox for a month so that I can use up some of my Bellabox points in the Bellabox store, and I was only able to use the points if I was a member. Just to clarify, I actually really like Bellabox, and I honestly think it's one of the best Australian subscription boxes available. I only cancelled my membership a few months ago because I needed a break from the numerous subscription boxes that I was receiving (and needed to save a bit of money).

If you aren't familiar with Bellabox, it is a monthly subscription box that costs $15 a month (cheaper if you order a 12 month subscription). If you want to check out more information about Bellabox, then you can visit their website here.

I did do an opening video/Bellabox haul which you can see here:

I was quite excited to get Bellabox again, especially after hearing great reviews about the December box, but my excitement immediately ceased when I saw the following sneak peek reveal from the Bellabox facebook page...

If you know me, you will know that I hate the brand Model Co. I have tried quite a few products including lipsticks, mascaras, lip glosses and blushes, and they are so cheap and nasty that I usually throw them out after a few uses because they are either bad quality of because they have broken. Model Co are also always in beauty boxes, which is really annoying because I don't know one person who actually wants to use their products.

Anyway... rant over. 

The box this month came in different packaging than what I am used to (see the first photos in this post). Previously it came in a turquoise postal packaging that contained a sturdy cardboard box. This month the postal packaging was the box, and the design was a simple cardboard with a dark blue Bellabox logo. Below is the information card contained in the box, which contains information regarding prices and where to buy the full size product.

Click for larger image

You can see from the photo above that I did indeed get the full size Model Co mascara, along with one other full size product, which is a paw paw lip balm. There were also five samples included in this months box. 

Model Co Fat Lash Volumising Mascara - full size: This claims to retail for $20 and the information card states that it is hydrating and lengthening. I love mascaras that have spiky rubber brushes, and when I first opened this and saw that it had a spiky brush (see photo below), I had a slight ray of hope that this mascara might not be completely crap. I have only used this mascara once and so far I haven't liked it. It smells strongly of alcohol (which I have never experienced with a mascara before), and it also reminds me a lot of the Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara which had a super chunky tube, a giant brush, but did close to nothing for my lashes... this too does nothing for my lashes. I might let this sit and dry out a little and I will give it another go in a few weeks, but I won't hold my breath, and life is too short to deal with crappy mascaras!

Palmolive Ayurituel Shower Gel - 50ml sample: I don't mind Palmolive shower gels, and it was probably good receiving this because it's not typically a scent that I would normally go for. This has a ginger and Indian sandalwood scent, and I don't mind it. I will keep this shower gel handy for next time I go away for a weekend because this is perfect for traveling!

Avene Smoothing Moisture Mask and Rich Hydrating Cream - 5ml samples each: Avene is another brand that pops up in beauty boxes often. This is a brand that is targeted to people with dry and sensitive skin. Even though I do get around to using the samples, because it's not targeted to my skin type (oily-combination and not at all sensitive), I am a but meh about the Avene range. The mask retails for over $40 and the moisturiser over $50 for a full size, so if you have dry or sensitive skin then this might be good to help you try before you buy.

Romy Body Lotion Eucalyptus and Lemongrass - 30ml sample: Onto a more positive product! I have never heard of the brand Romy but I love skincare that smell like lemongrass so I am very keen to try this. This is a thin body lotion that is quite refreshing (perfect for Summer) and it is chemical and paraben free etc. I love this scent as it contains lemongrass, lime oil and lemon oil... mmmm.

Brauer Paw Paw Lip Shimmer in Blush - full size: This is another brand that I have never heard of! This is a small tinted paw paw lip balm that has a very slight pink blush shade and some very fine pink shimmer particles. This doesn't have any scent to it, and it doesn't feel at all sticky on the lips. The shimmer in it is actually really pretty and creates a shine to the lips without looking glittery or feeling grainy. I am not a huge tinted lip balm person (prefer plain balm or a bright lip), but I am surprised that this is the first tinted paw paw ointment that I have seen. Check out the swatches below.

Banana Boat Every Day SPF30+ - 15ml sample: All I can say is that I wish this came in a tube instead of a sachet! I will probably use this next time I go to the beach or the pool.

That is my Bellabox for January. I don't think it was a particularly great box, mainly because I probably won't use the mascara and if you take that out of the equation, this box wasn't that great value. I most likely won't be getting the Feb box, but I do like Bellabox and will no doubt randomly resubscribe again down the track.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you though of this box!


  1. LOL at your comments about Model Co. I would honestly be inclined to agree. I was seriously amazed they managed to sign Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to plug their prods.

    1. How did they even do that! They must have paid her a mint... but no one buys their products so how did they even make that much money?

  2. Model Co and Avene, meh. Pawpaw lip shimmer is interesting, and I like the shade you got :)

  3. I quite enjoyed reading your Model Co rant haha. Can't say I've ever tried anything from the brand now that I come to think of it. That might be a good thing now… xx


  4. Haha, Model Co should definitely keep away from you! I received the mascara after filling in an online survey and I actually like it, though i do have to wipe off a lot of product onto a tissue! Love the look of the Paw Paw Shimmer Balm, i've never seen a tinted one either!

  5. My Box was a bit different I got hair spray in mine and few different creams.! Dec box was still better. Great post!

  6. That tinted paw paw lip balm looks like a gorgeous colour :)

  7. Yeah I wasn't too impressed with the Model Co mascara and I did receive different items to you but I wasn't too crazy about the other samples either.

    My January Bellabox is here if you want to see: I thought the box I received was pretty good but they did give me two Avène products (also received Avène last month) and two EVO products in the same box. So much for variety and trying new brands. I have to agree though, if I was a new member I'd be more impressed.

    My January Bellabox is here: http://littleblacklipstick.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/bellabox-january-2014-opening-what-did.html

  8. Hi Kat,

    I just wanted to address your view against ModelCo Cosmetics. I am the Digital Marketing Manager and am proud to put my name against an iconic company who sells millions of units products every year. I appreciate and understand that not every customer will enjoy our products but I would expect an honest and respectful review as to why you don't enjoy them - that’s what any beauty journalist would do and I would expect the same from a beauty blogger.

    I'm not sure if you're aware, but ModelCo is now in it's 13th year. The company and it's products have won numerous awards throughout the years and as a result, a large proportion of the country, and the world, do actually enjoy the products and use them on a daily basis. Perhaps the ones you've tried haven't worked for your skin type or delivered the results you like from your cosmetics, and that's totally cool, but maybe state that instead of just posting that you hate it.

    As a well-established Australian owned company, we work with only the most premium sample boxes - which people like you sign up to - so we can get our products into the hands of a wide audience to trial and review. It's a simple marketing strategy that many cosmetics companies employ all over the world.

    As for signing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – the international actress, model and businesswoman agreed to put her face and name to our brand because she too genuinely loves and uses our products – a clause that we have with all ambassadors that we sign.

    If you believe the products you have tried or have purchased are faulty, we're more than happy to work with you to resolve this issue but I would suggest blogging in an objective manner moving forward as it's more trustworthy and beneficial to your readers. We're all allowed an opinion, but it's much better received when it's an educated opinion that offers explanations and alternative options.

    1. I have tried a large range of ModelCo products and out of the donzen or so products, there is only one product that come to mind that I am happy to use. I give my complete and honest view on my blog, and sadly through my experiences, my view is that ModelCo is one of my most disliked makeup brands on the market. I feel like comments that I have mentioned on my blog, including terms like "overpriced" "cheap" and "faulty" are reason enough for why I don't like the products... I don't need to justify myself any further for you to call me a respectful beauty journalist.

      I feel that this long winded essay on my blog suggests that you are well aware that ModelCo isn't well respected in the blogging community, and you are trying to do damage control, which is fine... but I am not going to change my opinion of ModelCo any time soon.

      Thanks for your time.

    2. Wow.. that comment is a bit OTT if you ask me. As you wrote in your own comment everyone is entitled to have their opinion. I believe Kat was simply expressing hers. The comment about Rosie HW was made my another reader, so are you going to send her a message along the same lines. I have actually read a lot of blogs recently where people have shown their dislike for model co makeup and each one of them has a comment much like this one you left. It may well have been you also 'leon and lion'. I think you should do a bit more market research and you will realise that Model Co really don't have a good reputation, and the products I have also used are incredibly disappointing. Perhaps if you worked on the products half as much as you do defending this 'iconic brand' the quality might improve.

    3. Agree Talia! Also I love that they are proud to put their name to the brand, but they hide behind the name "Leon and Lion"

    4. "Leon and Lion" - as a Digital Marketing Manager i'm sure you're aware of the impact your condescending tone has on the reputation of your company - you have certainly helped solidify my impression of your company.

      The fact is, this mascara is shit. I have 7 mascara's on the go at the moment, (Estee Lauder, Napoleon, Maybelline, Covergirl, Loreal, Rimmel and ModelCo) and yours is the only one that stinks like alcohol, stings my eyes on application and removal and runs down my face - I don't mean small smudges, i mean panda-circles hours after application. I'm sure you could say it's my fault and that I must have sensitive eyes and oily skin - I don't have either - i'm dry / normal skin and the only other thing I can compare the stinging too would be if i hypothetically dripped Jack Daniels into my eye socket.

      I'm sure had you taken time out of your busy schedule of coming up with dodgy-aliases and bothered to read the other reviews of Model Co products on this blog you'd have discovered them to be fair and even complementary of some of your other products - how unfortunate that you have now soiled your company's reputation so publicly.

      And no, i'm not a beauty blogger, nor am I a friend of Kat's etc - i'm a beauty consumer who reads this blog religiously because I find the opinions herein to be fair, honest and trustworthy. I actually find it hard to believe someone employed in a digital media role would underestimate the power of social media on their companies reputation - perhaps your only wise move in terms of your employment has been hiding behind a pseudonym.

    5. Thanks so much! I appreciate you giving your opinion, and I also appreciate you reading my blog :) Thanks again xx

    6. Well modelco I have personally never tried your Products but I never will now as I know you are a rude and unprofessional company. Great way to promote your brand I really do wonder what your objective was by being rude to Kat who was just expressing her opinion on your obviously crappy brand.

    7. @Stephanie - Exactly.

      @"Leon and Lion" - I too will not try your products as a result of the condescension and rudeness contained in your comment. And, I would just add, that it seems highly unprofessional to use a handle such as "leon and lion" if you really are the "digital marketing manager" for a corporation. If you really were proud to represent your company why not use your real information like the rest of us? It's not that hard to do a linkedin search, just saying . . .

    8. Me too sorry but I very much dislike Model Co and have firmly put the brand into the "cheap and nasty" category. I usually ditch any MC samples in beauty boxes although I did try the mascara because I like the packaging but sadly it was awful.

    9. I am in utter disbelief at the comment left by the ModelCo representative. No matter how professional and noble they tried to make their comment sound, that was a personal attack that was in no way called for. Like all beauty bloggers, Kat was merely expressing an honest opinion to her readers, which actually was educated due to her experience with multiple of your products. After all, you practically shove them down consumers throats with your crappy marketing through subscription boxes and Rosie Hungtington-Whitely's alleged 'love' for your products. Psssssh.

      I have also experienced products from ModelCo (a mascara first springs to mind) that I struggled to believe could be worth the retail price, when it looked, smelled and felt like it would have cost 50 cents to produce.

      I was already not a fan of your cheap products but I most certainly will never purchase a product from your brand again.

      Do not attack bloggers for their honest and educated opinions; it's tacky and just plain embarrassing.

      Keep up the fantastic work Kat, I admire your passion and dedication to your blog, even if it means you have to get a bit feisty to defend the honest reviews of yours and others blogs.

    10. As a ModelCo fan myself, I'm appalled that someone representing a brand I would normally hold a high regard for, would comment on a beauty blog such a long winded response about how Kat's opinion (an educated one at that) is wrong.

      The funny thing about Beauty blogs is they are reviews done by people who are either buying these products or receiving them by other means and not being paid to say things, giving an honest review so consumers have an array of opinions to help them decide if they want to buy a product.
      And to also help companies improve their products if something is absolutely bollocks.
      You commented below that your always interested to hear both positive and negative feedback, yet your comment above shows otherwise.

      While I like (Most, not all) ModelCo products, I understand completely that Kat and a large amount of people wont ever want to purchase your products again with the way that you have responded.

      Attacking beauty bloggers probably the worst thing you can do for your companys image, and I agree with Kat in that littering beauty boxes with your products will just make people sick of seeing them, not see it as a treat. Something something Avene products.

    11. Thanks so much for your comment! I appreciate hearing from a ModelCo fan, and I can't agree more about the Avene point... and the use of the word "bollocks" :P Thanks again!

    12. Although I do not like ModelCo products, I never cared about the brand itself and did not have anything bad to say about the company. I simply didn't enjoy using the products and that it was the end of it.

      However, after reading the comment above from their DMM I do now have a problem with the company as the comment left was rude and condescending. I would expect that someone involved in the marketing of the brand would be more careful about lashing out at a blogger who posts a negative review. You have made your company look bitter and pathetic. I will now PURPOSELY suggest that my friends do not buy ModelCo products due to the ignorant way that the business is run.

      How pathetic! I will be writing to the company regarding my disgust at this comment.

      And good on you, Kat!!! For standing up for yourself and for the freedom of speech that bloggers have.

    13. Im glad I unsubbed to the beauty boxes that sell that and another brand who constantly litter the beauty boxes with their products. Its kinda like model co is one of two of the town bikes since they love their products him them its like your begging for customers. Im sure myers stop stocking your products but if they have a mac counter in the same store you can guarantee I'll be going there. Im tempted to try lime crime but I think Il just wait to see what jeffree stars long life lipstick colours are. The customer always remembers bad form.

    14. Hi Kat,
      I watched your YouTube vid & I'm 100% with you. Model Co products are CRAP, I have not tried one product that I like & I've tried a lot. I'm also sick to death of receiving their garbage products in beauty boxes!! Model Co get a grip you aren't delivering quality products so don't expect good reviews.

    15. I'm really late getting on the bandwagon with this, I have only just stumbled across it and am in shock at the post left on your blog by a ModelCo representative - so unprofessional, and what a disgusting reflection on their company,

      Kat, I read your blog all the time (rarely comment, but I am here all the same) and I find your reviews to be honest and straight forward. If you dislike a product or a brand then you are entitled to say so, at no point have you gone on a rant telling people to boycott the brand and never buy from them, you have just said that you are personally not a fan - and either am I! It is cheap and nasty, suitable for a 15 year old girl who is learning about makeup and knows no better, but certainly not a brand ideal for those of us who have been 'in the game' for some time and know value for money and quality when we see it.

      You just keep on keeping on, mate... screw the haters!

  9. Thanks for your replies. Your comments have all been read and your feedback noted. We're always interested to hear both positive and negative feedback as it allows us to grow as a company.

    Just to clarify, the 'Leon and Lion' user name is because the initial comment was posted from my personal Google Account (and is old) as ModelCo doesn't have a company log in.


  10. As a fellow beauty blogger I am completely and utterly flawed with the unprofessionalism you have just displayed on behalf of ModelCo. In today's industry, bloggers are a source of honest reviews for consumers to read before buying and the fact that you've labelled this review as dishonest is comical. This is one of Kat's many posts that mention/explain her opinion on ModelCo - if you took the time to read more of her blog you would see that there are many occasions that she expresses her feelings on your brand. It's not only Kat that doesn't enjoy ModelCo there are so many other bloggers that have expressed their own opinions, some negative and some positive. Does that make them uneducated? No. It means they have their own opinion and they don't want to ram false opinions or advertisements down readers throats.

    Similarly to Kat I have tried a vast range of ModelCo products, mainly free from magazines or in beauty subscription boxes, and not one of them has impressed me. The products are simply feel cheap, perform badly and overpriced. I think that's enough of an explanation.

    The fact that you, as a representative of ModelCo, have came onto a public blog and written a lengthy post not only insulting Kat but also being extremely condescending only reflects badly on your 'award winning' company. In the past when I've posted a negative review and the company will contact me via email and we discuss my thoughts in private. Perhaps that would've been a smarter alternative and one you will consider in the future because I don't think your comment has been well received by anyone really.

    If your company had a bad reputation before you've just made it worse because everyone who reads this is not going to applaud you for defending ModelCo and insulting a well respected blogger (which Kat is). Instead they're going to think it's pretty low for a brand to insult the person behind a negative opinion and try to make it look like Kat is incapable of writing a valid review. I know that's exactly what I think along with a huge amount of fellow bloggers and readers.

    Go Kat for speaking out and fuck ModelCo for being so shitty!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah... you're a gun!

    2. Bloggers are respected because we actually speak our minds and tell the truth. You never read an actual honest review in a magazine about products, they are "go out and buy this its great" not actually looking at everything on the market and reviewing it and giving it honest feedback. Keep up the good work Kat! xx


  11. As a fellow beauty blogger I am utterly appalled at the person representing ModelCo. Not only do you come across as unprofessional, but you yourself sound uneducated, rude and TBH very out of line. Kat has expressed in previous posts, videos and other social media her dislike of ModelCo products. She has stated many reasons and to why she doesn't prefer them and DOES offer alternatives...to use a different brand that she actually prefers.

    I, and many others, trust her opinion. She is bang-on with her reviews and you know that she is never going to give a flawless review unless the product truly deserves it. I have tried a few of ModelCo products (not as many as others) and have only liked one product - The Cheek & Lip Tint. That being said, I still prefer Bene-tint and will not repurchase. The lip glosses I have tried have been sticky and one even had a mirror on the wand...so you can't use the mirror while applying lip gloss! How that even got past your award winning brand's production line I am not sure.

    The fact of the matter is, while reading this post I thought "Oh, I probably won't give that mascara a go" as I have also seen some negative reviews on the product. Kat and I also share a similar skin type.

    However, your comment has now put a flag up in my brain. Whenever I see a ModelCo product, I am going to think of whom represents their company and how they have claimed that anyone who doesn't like their products is uneducated. I hope the owners and managers of ModelCo are made aware of your folly, because you have tainted the name of a brand that should be using these types of posts to improve their products that the consumers are purchasing.



    1. Thanks for the support Kate, you're a star!

  12. I have never tried Model Co products and probably won't after reading this. I believe that you are being honest, and if you say the products are crap, then I would never ever try it!

  13. Hey Kat,
    I just watched your ModelCo rant video, and I totally agree with you and am appalled by how unprofessional ModelCo have been in their comment above. I understand that the brand wants to defend themselves and endorse the brand as best they can, but bullying you via your blog and trying to use intimidation tactics to degrade your review is just ridiculous. It honestly has not helped them at all, because it has made me positively dislike the brand! The only ModelCo makeup I have, I received free in magazines, and it was the exact same lipgloss/lipstick duo all three times; the colour isn't very nice and the packaging isn't great. I would rather spend around the same amount on a Revlon one, spend a bit more on a high-end brand or even go to Priceline and get one from Maybelline or an equivalent priced brand! The lipstick/lipgloss was very disappointing and it's annoying to receive it three times, from three different magazines, within the same year. I have purchased one ModelCo product and liked it, but it didn't actually fulfill it's purpose. It was their tan remover scrub, and it didn't actually remove stubborn fake tan spots at all. It made my skin feel smooth, which is nice, but that wasn't why I bought it. I won't be purchasing it again because it doesn't do what it's meant to, and I can buy a body scrub for half the price that is just as good.
    Sorry for the super long comment, but good on you for standing up to the brand, don't let them bully you! I think that the purpose of blogging is to give an objective opinion, free from obligations that a beauty journalist would have. I've recently started my own blog, and am actually studying journalism at uni, and the comments from the brand make me somewhat nervous to give negative reviews. Your video response though has given me confidence and i certainly won't sugarcoat my feelings anytime in the future! Thanks for being great!

    1. Thanks so much! I have learnt through blogging that the more honest you are, the more people will want to hear what you have to say! I personally love reading negative reviews because it shows me what to keep away from. Never sugarcoat anything :) Thanks again!

  14. Despite the fact so many other bloggers and readers have already commented, after cooling down I decided I would also comment.

    First; the obvious comments. A Model Co representative should not even be commenting on a blog post on behalf of Model Co with their own personal account. This is highly unprofessional, and probably even breaks a privacy clause in their contract. This personal also did not even leave their name, or offered a way for you to reach them if you did indeed want to discuss said concerns. Again, highly unprofessional. Your contact information is clear and so therefore they could have contacted you privately to discuss issues.
    Secondly, practically every product I have tried from Model Co has been disappointing. I have only liked a small number of products, the rest have either broken or gone bad. Much like many of the other people have said, they smell bad and do on occasion burn. Guess what, I have normal skin.

    I'd also like to point out that you are entitled to your opinion 100% - and you don't even have to justify it! This is a blog. This isn't a magazine, or an editorial website with a number of staff members. This is a god-damned hobby and you are entitled to stay whatever you please. You can write a whole blog post entitled "I hate Model Co" and you don't even have to say why, because this is YOUR blog! How dare they attack you on this basis. Yes, if you were getting paid to write an article, that is entirely different, but you aren't! Model Co can suggest whatever the hell they like, but that does not mean you are obligated to take their advice! I think that you have been amazingly professional and have always been upfront and honest about why you don't like Model Co, so for them to suggest that you haven't been is just disgraceful.

    Go you for making a stand! I think we all need to stand together to stop this kind of bullying on our blogs!

  15. Good on you for taking a stance against ModelCo!

    As a blogger I received an email from ModelCo before Christmas in regards to my November Violet Box comments regarding the brand. At least they had the decency to email me. It was along the similar lines as the comment above, my opinion was wrong and they went on to defend their 'iconic' brand that has been around for 11 years (thats how many years the email says). The email felt very passive aggressive as does the comment above. I didn't reply, I felt it wasn't worth it.

    Personally I have never liked ModelCo products (even before I knew what High End was). All products I have tried are crap and have ended up in the bin or dumped on friends (not good friends though).

    ModelCo have been extremely unprofessional in this whole debacle and I feel they have alienated most bloggers. We as bloggers have every right to our opinions and to share our honest and truthful opinion about their products and attitudes. Bloggers stick together and ModelCo now has a big black mark against their name as a company to work with and support.

    I completely agree, ModelCo need to up their game if they expect positive reviews. I will not compromise my integrity and the trust readers have in me to talk sweet about ModelCo.

    Good on you Kat, you have mine and many other bloggers support (as all these comments show).

    Stephanie x

  16. Amen to all of these comments and your video. If only all bloggers and youtubers would be as honest as you are!

  17. To ModelCo representative: this is clearly not a way to attract customers. Your PR department needs to regroup and to reconsider your approach. Bloggers and youtubers are only increasing in importance for people like me: I no longer listen to magazine recommendations or ads because I don't trust them. I trust *some* of the online gurus because I feel they have integrity. Kitsch Snitch actually gave you really credible advice when she suggested you follow the trajectory of Lime Crime and focus on producing such kick-ass products of such quality that no one will feel tempted criticize you.

    Just my two cents as a consumer.

  18. Oh my lord!! Glad I saw this!! I am a novice blogger and I too blog as a hobby. I also love mascara and enjoy writing mascara reviews on my own blog. Like you I try to be honest and as diplomatic as possible so my readers can form their own views on whether to purchase a product or not. While I am not going to censor my posts I may have to be careful of backlash from companies such as this one and maybe others. I am surprised by this, Its the first time I have seen anything of this nature. I thought most companies would want both negative and positive feedback so they know whats working and whats not, are able to take stock, redevelop and rectify products that may not be working for their consumers surely that is the idea behind growth of a brand.

  19. I have seen ModelCo products in Red Dot and assumed they were going out of business. The products that are ok are just that, but the majority are awful, the packaging is so bad. I purchased two packs near Christmas 2012 that were $15 each at chemist warehouse but were priced $120 and $69 on their site, haven't used any of the products since then, simply because I have products that are so much better.

    The winding up function on all four lip products are wonky, Eyeshadow trio had ridiculous fall out, Eyeliner was hard yet smudged very easily with no staying power, Mascara was ok and the mini bronzer was shimmery and orange.

    Bullshit Rosie Huntington-Whiteley uses ModelCo, she makes millions of dollars and she is going to use shit from Red Dot?

    As for alternatives, Australis, Chi Chi and Face Of Australia are great Australian brands that are much cheaper but are much better quality.

    ModelCo and their appalling marketing get a nice big middle finger from me.

  20. Hey Kat, want to light a flame and burn ModelCo to the ground?

  21. I do not know why ModelCo marketing manager need to write all that stuff. They should respect everyone's opinions. I love your blog, your videos and your posts. Being ModelCo fan I know that their products are very overpriced. I used that Mascara, liked it and blogged about it but all this stuff makes me feeling bad about that brand:(

  22. Kat, I just saw your Model Co rant on YouTube and it was amazing. I love the fact that you stood by your word and defined your opinion. You are a well respected and much loved blogger. I have only used the Model Co products supplied in the beauty subscription products. Prior to that I got them mixed up with Models Prefer lol novice in make up I know. I can't praise you enough for your continuous stop on honest reviews that make my day every time you make a post. I am so glad you are a strong individual with so much integrity. As for Model Co I will never buy your products again and will throw away your products if receive them in the beauty subscription boxes for now on as your inability to accept constructive criticism proves to me your company is run by people who have no integrity and don't care about their product or potential buyers. Poor for Model Co way to go to ruin you company whether or not it had a bad rep prior now no one will purchase you less than perfect make up or so called beauty products. Kat we love you stay strong and never change your great just the way you are xxx

    1. Thanks so much Danielle! Your support means co much xoxox


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