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Happy Skincare Cloud 9 Cleansing Balm

January 1, 2014

Hey everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have a few bigger blog posts coming up (top products of 2013 and a huge empties post) but I have been pretty slack with NYE etc, so for now I will do a quick product review of this cleansing balm that I have been using lately.

This is the Happy Skincare Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm and I originally found out about this from a sample in a Bellabox a few months ago. I was really wanting to try a cleansing balm after hearing all the hype about the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm so I was super excited to get the sample. I used the sample up and then ended up using my Bellabox points to purchase this full size cleansing balm.

You can buy this from the Bellabox store, or you can get it directly from the Happy Skincare website. It retails for $34.10 from both sites and it contains 80g of product. 

If you were thinking of trying out this cleansing balm, what I suggest you do is to order the sample pack (pictured above) from the Happy Skincare website. This gives you a sample size of this cleanser, a tonic (I'm assuming this is a toner), a facial oil, and a mud mask. These samples are supposed to give you a weeks worth of skincare. This pack costs $9.90 with free shipping and you also receive a voucher for $9.90 which is redeemable within 21 days of your order on a full size product. I thought I'd mention this because it's a great way to try before you buy, and I know that as soon as I finish up my Cloud 9 Cleansing Balm, I will be ordering one of these packs to see what their other products are like!

This brand is suitable for vegans, are cruelty free, organic blah blah blah. You can see by the ingredients list that this only contains natural ingredients and oils.

This is a thick white balm that has the consistency of a thick body butter (but less greasy). This has a really lovely fruity scent to it that smells sweet but zesty. The sample that I originally had more of a sweet watermelon juice scent, but this full size definitely smells more like lemon.

The way you use this balm is by taking a small amount, warm it it your fingers, and then massage into your dry/damp face. You can leave this on for a few minutes which acts as a hydrating mask, or you can just wash it off. I personally only like to use this in the morning because I find that it doesn't take a full face of makeup off in the evening. What I generally do is rub this into my dry face, leave in on for a few minutes and then jump in the shower and rinse it off, or sometimes I just wipe it off with a cotton pad covered in toner. Either way, I find that this leaves my skin feeling really soft and I have noticed a difference in the hydration of my skin since using it. I do have oily skin, but I find the more hydrated my skin is, the less oil it produces. This would also work wonders on people who have dry skin.

My only negative about this is that it doesn't take off all of my makeup (mainly my mascara and eye makeup), but if you really wanted to use this at night then you could just remove most of your eye makeup with makeup remover... but I honestly can't be bothered doing that.

Overall, I love this cleanser, and even though I only use it in the morning, I have noticed a difference in the softness and the clarity of my skin. I also adore the scent and love using this when I first wake up. I have only ever used two cleaning balms (the other being the Lush Ultrabland Cleanser - which is too greasy and hard to remove with water), and this is definitely my favourite cleansing balm that I have tried so far.


  1. thanks for the review. I'm still to try the sample from BB, it doesn't have any instructions with it so to be honest I was a little unsure of how to use! I'll be giving this a go once my current wash empties which won't be too far off. Thanks for the info about the sample pack too, what a great idea :)

  2. This looks so nice, and I love the idea of the sample pack coming with a voucher for your purchase - very clever and great for the consumer too! I need a new cleansing balm really bad, good timing!

  3. I was just looking at this on the Bellabox website this morning!! I'm about to run out of my Dr LeWinn's oil cleanser and as much as I love that I wanted to try a balm next time. Thanks for the review.

  4. I'll be checking out the sample pack - especially if you get a discount for buying (clever marketing that. Other Australian retailers - please take notes!)

  5. Hi Kat

    Thank you for taking the time and giving our Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm a go. As a small company we really do appreciate people like yourself sharing your experience with others.

    Do you mind us asking what makeup you had trouble removing with the Cloud 9 Cleansing Balm. Any further info you can share will allow us to give better advice in the future. (we already know that it doesn't remove Revlon 24hr mascara - that stuff is industrial strength)

    Thank you once again for the very kind review.

    Aaron Breckell
    Happy Skincare


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