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Boxing Day beauty haul

January 14, 2014

To finish off my numerous long winded posts (yay, finally some shorter reviews and swatches coming up), here is the beauty part of my boxing day haul. This isn't a huge haul, I really only hit the Lush 50% off sale, and I bought a couple of Lancome packs from Myer. Sadly all of the exciting Kit Cosmetics Christmas packs weren't on sale, and I think I missed most of the good other sales from places like Mecca Cosmetica.

I was debating whether or not to do a Boxing Day haul on my YouTube channel, showing these products and some of the clothes that I bought... but if I do that it will be later in the week. Let me know in the comments if anyone would actually want to see that!

We'll start with what I got from the Lush sales. When I was taking these photos my new kitten kept jumping into the frame, so the above photo features little Alphonse in the corner :P

So if anyone didn't know, starting on Boxing Day, Lush sells all of their Christmas limited edition products at 50% off. I tend to go a little crazy because I love their Christmas range and even though I buy products before Christmas, I love stocking up for a few months.

Luxury Lush Pad Bath Ballistic: In hindsight I should have bought a few of these. This is a new bath ballistic and it has the same scent of the Twilight shower gel which is a really nice soft lavender and ylang ylang. I normally hate lavender but I adored this shower gel and I was really upset that they didn't release it this Christmas (fingers crossed for Christmas 2014!). This was around $3.40 on sale.

Bombardino Bath Ballistic: These were so cute that I had to buy two! This is another new bath ballistic in the Christmas range.  This has a lemon cheesecake scent made up of lemon, cocoa butter and vanilla. On sale these were $2.75 each.

Rose Jam Shower Gel: I already bought one of these full priced, but I needed to get another. I love this sweet rose and lemon scent that smells the same as the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. This is a new shower gel, and I hope it's available again next Christmas. Hopefully my two large bottles of this lasts me a few months so I don't miss it too much! This also works well as a shampoo. On sale this was $14.97.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel: Buying a Snow Fairy shower gel is a tradition for many people (including me). If you love sweet candy scents then this is the one for you. It also has glitter in it, which actually just sits at the bottom, but it looks pretty. On sale this large bottle was $14.97.

Santa's Grotto pack: All the Christmas packs are also on sale. This pack makes me look like I am bath ballistic crazy... but to be honest I don't often buy bath ballistics because they are pretty pricey and I don't often take baths... but I do like buying the odd one as a treat. I mainly bought this pack because I adored the packaging! I don't know what I will do with this knotty wrap thing, but I had to have it!. This contains the new Snowman bath ballistic which smells like vanilla and ylang ylang, the new Secret Santa bath ballistic which smells like sandalwood, lime, and floral oils, the Cinders bath ballistic that has a soft cinnamon and orange oil scent, and Father Christmas bath ballistic and this has a scent of mandarin oil, bergamot oil, and orange blossom. On sale this pack cost $13.75.

To be honest, I am still using some of the soaps that I bought last Boxing Day sales (yes, I bought a lot of soap last year), but I decided to try a couple of new ones.

Orange Jelly Soap: This is a pretty simple concept, it is a orange soap that smells like oranges and has preserved orange slices as decoration. If you like orange, you will like this soap!

Noriko Soap: This is a Japanese inspired soap that contains ingredients like tofu, sake and rice. It has a nice soft floral scent of rose and ylang ylang.

The only other beauty products I bought were two Lancome packs. These were good valued packs to begin with (I think for the price of the mascara you get the bonus products) but these two packs (along with heaps of other Lancome gift packs) were 30% off in Myer. I think I bought these packs for around $36 each. It still was a bit of a splurge, but I adore the Hypnose Star mascara and if I had used up all of my mascaras and was in the market for a really great mascara, I would be tempted to splurge and pay the full $52 to get this mascara.

The Hypnose Doll Eyes pack comes with a full size Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara, a mini Rouge In Love lipstick in 379 and a mini bottle of Tresor Midnight Rose perfume. The Hypnose Star pack comes with a 30ml Bi-facial Eye Makeup Remover, and a mini Noir Khol eyeliner.

I haven't actually used the eyeliner or lipstick yet, but I did manage to break the lipstick while swatching it (may have to depot it). The lipstick shade is a nice glossy berry shade and the eyeliner is very black. I love these packs for the mascaras alone, so these mini handbag friendly products were a bonus!

So that's all the beauty products I got from the Boxing Day sales. If you want to see a video with these products and the other clothes etc that I bought, let me know in the comments!

What was your best Boxing Day purchase?


  1. Wow LUSH has great deals going on! I think I'll have to go and check some out for myself, been wanting to try their products for so long but I've always been putting it off!

    Lacee & Lattes

  2. I do love a good LUSH haul! But beware the Luxury Lush Pud and Cinders bath bombs, they leave some serious stains on the bathtub!

  3. I love that your kitten is in the first pic! So CUTE!

    That lipstick is a lovely shade! Great haul

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  4. Alphonse is such an adorable name for your kitten!!

    xxx Kat @ Katness

  5. Love the Lush stuff you picked up! So much pamper time to be had xx


  6. First, the photography here is crystal clear - what a great camera you have. Your pics are also well staged. I'd like to see a boxing day haul - I love seeing crap people buy - it's just shopping once removed!

    Oh, and I'd like to see more of Alphonse...

  7. Hello there fellow Australian!

    Just stumbled across your lovely blog on Bloglovin' and had to come say hi and have a look at the Lush products because I do adore them :)


  8. Aww, such a cute kitty peekin in there- and a lovely haul! Lush's holiday offerings are always so perfect. Really wanted to try Rose Jam! xo


  9. Great haul, Love these Lancôme gift packs, Check out my haul


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