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Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Collection Palette

December 18, 2013

I am very excited to share with you guys my new love, the Cold Chemistry Collection palette from Sugarpill. I decided to buy this because my favourite Aussie online makeup store Lipstick Republic have just started stocking Sugarpill, and although their other palettes all look lovely, I can't imagine myself getting use out of a palette that contains bright yellow, orange, red and purple etc. I decided to pick up the Cold Chemistry Collection because, even though these shades are still slightly out of my comfort zone, they are much more wearable than the other bright palettes. 

The Sugarpill palettes cost $34 each from Lipstick Republic, which is exactly the same price as what they retail for in the US! Each of these shades are also available individually from Lipstick Republic for $12 each

So this is what the palette looks like, it is a sleek sturdy cardboard palette that has a dark diamond shattered graphic design. On the back it has the awesome shade names - Soot & Stars, Diamond Eyes, Elemental Chaos and Subterranean, I really like it when companies take the time to come up with decent names for their eyeshadow shades. This also comes with a cardboard slip, which you can see below.

The inside of the palette has four good sized pans of eyeshadow. Each shadow contains 3.5g of product, which is huge compared to a MAC eyeshadow which contains 1.5g. The mirror in the lid isn't the largest mirror, but it looks like a shard which is a pretty cool detail.

The shades are super pigmented! I was very very impressed with the quality of these shadows, and even though these are shades that normally I find difficult to wear on a daily basis, the quality made me want to find a way to wear them often! These shades also have such great colour pay off that you don't need to wear a primer with them to get an intense look. When I tried these without a primer they did tend to crease after about 5 hours, but the creasing isn't too bad and the shades didn't lose any intensity.

swatches without primer

Soot and Stars: This is the most impressive colour of the four shades. This looks quite grey in the pan but it is very black when swatches. It is super pigmented, buttery smooth, and has really fine muli-coloured glitter in it. I have heaps of eyeshadows that are a black with glitter, but they usually apply quite plain and the sparkles don't show up on the eye, this one does show up and it is gorgeous!

Diamond Eyes: This is the sheerest of the four shades. You can apply it quite light to get a pearl sheen, or you can layer it to get a shimmery white pop. Normally I hate white frosty eyeshadows, but what I though was really nice about this shade was that it looks like it almost has a slight pinky duo chrome to it (it could be my eyes playing up), but I think it makes it slightly less frosty. This would work well as a shimmery highlight as well.

Elemental Chaos: This is a lovely mid toned purple shimmer that contains fine blue glitter particles. If it wasn't for the blue glitter I would say that this is a pretty basic purple shade that a lot of brands have come up with. This does have great pay off (especially for a purple shade), but it is possibly one of the shades where you may need to be careful of fall out.

Subterranean: I thought this would be one of my least used shades, but after using it I LOVE IT! It is a gorgeous blackened teal shimmer that is the perfect balance between green and blue. If you sheer this shade out you could easily wear it as a sheer everyday smokey green, but if you pack it on it makes the nicest bold smokey eye (see photos below). This shade and Soot and Stars are by far my favourites!

Overall I am very impressed with this palette, the quality it top notch, the shades aren't exactly unique, but they way they are formulated make them stand out as being shadows that you must own if you are into smokey eyes. I personally prefer neutrals and bronzes, but this has become my go to going out/special occasion smokey eye palette because it is amazing!

Below is the eye look that I did using Soot and Stars, Diamond Eyes and Subterranean. I did this look without any primer or any other eyeshadow. Love it!

So that's my review, please remember to enter my Christmas Giveaway as it closes at the end of this week!


  1. I have this one as well and love it! The black colour is definitely the best, but I agree with you, I have a hard time trying to wear it in every day situations haha! xx

  2. Wow, the pigmentation is super impressive! What a lovely smokey look you've created with these shades- so pretty! xo


  3. I know doing brights/smokey shades is their thing but I wish they did some fun peachy/browns colors too. I always hear about their awesome formulas but I could never wear the colors.

  4. Wow, these are stunning! Your eye look is gorgeous!! I've been delving into some brighter colours for summer, this is a perfect night-time palette. x

  5. I love subterranean and elemental chaos!

  6. Beautiful palette! These aren't really shades I would gravitate towards normally but they look awesome. The packaging is super cute too!


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