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Lush Christmas Favourites

December 20, 2013

It's Chritsmas time, and what I get most excited about is the Lush limited edition Christmas range! I honestly think Lush have outdone themselves this year, they have a ridiculous amount of gift boxes available and they are all colourful and magical looking. Above is a photo of just a portion of the floor to ceiling gift boxes available at Lush on Swanston Street in Melbourne. 

I always look forward to the Lush Christmas range, and last year I went nuts on all the body washes and soaps, so much so that I am just finishing up the products I bought a year ago!

These are the products that I have so far (I can imagine getting more before they sell out). Some of these are products that I got from the Lush Blogger event, and others are products that I have bought.

Celebrate Body Lotion: This, along with the Rose Jam Shower Gel, is my FAVOURITE Lush Christmas product this year. This isn't cheap, its $28.95 for 225ml of body lotion, but it's a large amount of body lotion, and it is so good that I have seen it sold out at a few Lush stores. This smells very zesty and contains orange oil, lime oil, cocoa butter, almond oil, and cognac oil. This smells to me like some delicious citrus coctail and I love it! It is the perfect Summer scent. The product itself is very thick and is quite tacky, but you only need to apply the smallest amount of product, especially if you apply this while you are still a little damp from the shower. Highly recommend this if you love thick body lotions and citrus scents. I use this only on my legs since this is very thick!

Sikkim Girls Body Lotion: This is a thinner body lotion, and is one that I can use on my arms and the rest of my body without feeling sticky (unlike Celebrate). It smells like the Gorilla perfume, but if you don't know what that smells like, it contains "jasmine flowers infused with vanilla pods and Darjeeling tea... creamy butters and hemp oil... Tuberose, Jasmine and Frangipani essential oils". I find this scent really difficult to describe but it has a very earthy scent. This is a really nice luxurious body lotion that would suit people who prefer a lighter lotion.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar: I clearly haven't used this yet, but it is a bubble bar which you break some off and crumble it into your bath to create bubbles. This smells like Snow Fairy, which is a very sweet fruity sugary scent. I find that this scent smells a little like banana lollies. Retails for $6.50.

Cinders Bath Ballistic: This has cinnamon oil and orange oil and smells very spicy. It also has pop rocks (or popping candy) which is designed to create a crackle while it dissolves, which is supposed to emulate a crackling fire. I can't wait for a nice cold day so I can run a warm bath and use this. Retails for $5.25.

Update: I used this bath ballistic today and it does smell really nice, like a warm cinnamon. It also made my skin really soft. I didn't notice any crackling though. It was a strange colour because it turned the bath a really dark yellow colour... almost like dehydrated wee (yes I went there!), and it made me realise that this would appeal to people who like peeing in the bath without other people knowing. If that's you, then stock up!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel: If you like super sickly sweet scents, then you will probably like this body wash. It has a sweet sugary fruity scent, just like the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, and this is a very famous lush shower gel. I bought a few of these last year and so I am not desperate to buy too many this year (I think I only recently used up my last one), but if you love sweet scents it is worth while getting your hands on. This comes in three sizes. 

Rose Jam Shower Gel: I had to buy this in the largest bottle because I love it so much. Funnily enough I don't generally love rose scents, but this is the same scent as the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (which is one of my favourite body products at the moment - see review here), and because it reminds me of that body conditioner, I love it! I was under the impression that this was just a new product, and I am sad to see that it is a limited edition... I will have to stock up. This just smells like rose desserts... its delicious. You can buy this in a small, medium or large bottle.

Snow Globe Soap: One of my favourite Lush products are their soaps. This is one of my favourite scents because it is a zesty lemon myrtle, grapefruit, and lemongrass scent. If you know me, lemongrass is one of my favourite scents for skincare, so I went mad on this soap and bought a huge chunk. This is also a great refreshing soap for the warm weather here in Australia. Retails for $5.90 per 100g.

Lord of Misrule Bath Ballistic: This bath ballistic sounds amazing, it contains fair trade vanilla, spicy black pepper oil and patchouli... mmmm. This also supposedly contains popping candy and it turns a wine colour in the bath. Retails for $5.50

Santa Baby Lush Tint: I have tried the Lush Tints before and this is by far the most pigmented one (see photo below). This smells like cola and provides the nicest bright classic red colour to the lips. You tap this on lightly to create a stain or you can build it up to create a full on bright matte lip (which is what I love about this product). One warning is that because this does apply quite matte, it does cling to dry patches, so you will need to make sure you exfoliate your lips before you apply it, or apply it over a lip balm. This isn't drying to the lips though. This retails for $9.95.

Santa's Lip Scrub: Speaking of exfoliating your lips, Lush has brought out a new Christmas lip scrub that is designed to be paired with the Santa Baby Lip Tint. This is the Santa's Lip Scrub and like the lip tint, this also smells like cola. It also contains small dissolvable hearts. This retails for $9.95

So that's it! These are my picks of the Lush Christmas range! What have you been looking forward to trying from the Lush Christmas range?


  1. The lip tint is so pigmented!

  2. I love snow fairy! I really want to try that lip scrub!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. Ahhhh I adore LUSH. My favourite thing from the Christmas range is the Let The Good Times Roll cleanser - it smells like caramel. Divine!

  4. oh my gahh I have to check out our local lush store! I've been really curious about the Snow Fairy. Might also pick up a new ballistics to try. Sex Bomb was the first one I used and I might pick something different this time. Happy Holidays to you! x

  5. Great picks! Lush always knocks it out of the park with their Christmas products. Rose Jam and the lip scrub are on my wishlist for sure :)



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