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Favourites November 2013

December 3, 2013

I'll admit that this year has gone pretty quickly, but November has DRAAAAAGGED big time!

I have quite a few favourites this month because I did do a bit of shopping this month. I also have a couple of random favorites as well as fails, but I will talk about them when I finally get around to filming a favourites video... so keep an eye out for that video on my YouTube channel.

So I will start with makeup favourites and I will move onto skincare/haircare later.

Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer in 215 Light Medium: I bought this when Priceline was having 40% off makeup, and sure I don't need a new concealer but I heard good things about it... and well... it was on sale! This concealer has a swirl of moisturiser so it is very hydrating and it has a decent amount of coverage. It's super easy to apply, looks great, doesn't crease and I love this shade. This Light Medium shade is actually a much lighter shade than I expected, so I am glad I didn't buy the light!

Smashbox Eye Shadow Palette in Sparks: I got this Smashbox palette in their Wonder Vision pack (see my review with swatches here). The pack came with this eye shadow palette, an eyeliner, and a mascara. The eye shadow palette is by far the best thing in this pack, and it contains 6 warm shades of eye shadows with various finishes (mattes, metallics, duochrome etc). I have been using this palette almost everyday since buying this from Kit Cosmetics. What I love most about it is that you can easily do a whole eye look just using this palette and you don't have to reach for any other shades. I am also giving one of these packs away (and one in another shade) as part of my Christmas Giveaway so check that out to enter!

Essie Nail Polishes - shades Lapiz of Luxury, Vanity Fairest, Chinchilly: Essie nail polishes were newly introduced to Priceline in the last couple of months, and I decided to buy a few while they were on sale. These are pretty decent nail polishes, but I mainly love them because of the great shade range. I have only reviewed Vanity Fairest so far, but check out my review here.

MAC's Stroke of Midnight Eye Bag in Nude: I don't usually buy limited edition packs from MAC because generally there are one or two products in each pack that I don't like/already have. When I saw this pack, I had to have it because I loved everything in it and I knew I would get a lot of use out of each product. I won't review this whole pack now (because I reviewed it here, which includes swatches), but I have been using the Fluidline in Past Twilight, the Paint Pot in Utterly Becoming and the mascara most days.

Crown Brush C451: Over the last few months I have been using my hands to apply my foundation because I am sick of having to buff out brush marks and having the brush soak up heaps of foundation. I bought this at IMATs and I have only started using this this month. This is a really dense brush that buffs in foundation really well, and because it is so dense, it doesn't soak up too much foundation. Loving it!

Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel: Original Source shower gels were on sale at Coles for $1.99 so I was going to get the lime one (which I have had many times before) but when I saw this vanilla and raspberry one and smelt it, I had to buy two of them! This an ok shower gel, but it smells sooo good! Initially when you apply this I get a whiff of strawberry yoghurt, which is a little gross, but when you start lathering it up it smells more like a strawberry milkshake or ice cream, and because strawberry ice cream is my absolute favourite, I love this!

Michael Todd True Organics Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner: I ordered this toner and the Organic Lemon toner, and I used the lemon one first and was a bet "meh" about it. I thought that these toners were way overhyped. I finally finished the lemon on and decided to move onto the hyped up blue green algae toner, and I love it! It gives a slight tingle when you apply it, it smells earthy, and I just feel like it does a great job at cleaning my skin. If you are going to try out Michael Todd toners, I recommend that you go straight to this blue green algae one and don't bother with the lemon one!

Polished London Dry Shampoo in Bightly Brunette: I wash my hair at night and I love using a bit of dry shampoo in the morning to keep my fringe nice and fresh. My preference is for tinted dry shampoo so I don't have to deal with that white cast that other dry shampoos tend to leave. This is my new favourite because it is $4.95 from Priceline, it does a great job at combatting oil and providing volume, and it's a great brown shade - win win!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E: I am including this because I realised that I haven't used Palmer's Cocoa Butter in at least 5 years! I used to use this all the time, but for some reason I stopped. I randomly bought this recently and am loving it! I love the scent and I reminisce whenever I use it.

Those are my favourites for November! I can't wait for December because I really need a holiday! Let me know what your favourite product of November was.


  1. The Smashbox palette looks lovely! Must have a swatch of it next time I'm at Mecca. The Essie polishes are gorgeous too- I've never heard of Lapiz of Luxury but it's sooo pretty!

  2. Hi there! would you be able to recommend something similar to Utterly Becoming that's a lot more affordable? I'm not really keen to fork out that much money on a kit when all I need is a nude cream eyeshadow that I can use on its own. Thanks!

    1. I think its similar to the Paint Pot in Painterly :)

  3. Ohhh good favourites! I want to try that Covergirl concealer now! The Michael Todd toner also sounds really nice! xx

  4. I love the original source shower gel! It smells amazing!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  5. Nice pics. The blue green algae toner is great x x


  6. The Palmers Cocoa Butter is an absolute must have in my bathroom! Love the colours of your Essies and I'm going to have to check out that Dark Dry Shampoo :)

  7. I have that shower gel in my shower right now!
    I bought it because the smell reminds me of strawberry freddo frogs. Yum!

    1. Oh man! I love strawberry freddos!

  8. Great picks! You've definitely tempted me with that Smashbox palette and I've used both Lapiz of Luxury and Vanity Fairest this month too :)




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