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Christmas Tag

December 12, 2013

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I have decided to embrace Christmas and do the Christmas Tag! When I was looking for this tag I came agross a bunch of different Christmas Tag questions, but I chose this one as it was a pretty easy one to answer and didn't have over 20 questions like some tags had.

What's your favourite holiday movie?
I am not really a Christmas movie kinda gal, but off the top of my head: Silent Night Deadly Night, Silent Night Deadly Night 2... my favourite quote being "gaaarbage day!" *moves eyebrows up and down* (please tell me that someone gets what I am talking about!), Mixed Nuts, The Nightmare Before Christmas, aaaand Gremlins.

What's your favourite Christmas colour?
What kind of question is that? If you are referring to which Christmas colour I would be more inclined to wear, it would be red.

Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or morning?
Traditionally Christmas morning with my family, but since I moved out of home I open presents with my family just before Christmas lunch. My bf and I open presents Christmas morning (or sometimes just after midnight on Christmas Eve depending on how excited we are).

What's your favourite winter fragrance?
It's summer here in Australia, but it doesn't really matter because I use the same perfumes all year round. I love DOT by Marc Jacobs, Be Delicious by DKNY.

Favourite Christmas smell?
I love most Christmas scents. I love spicey warm gingerbread/cinammon scents, I love peppermint etc. The only thing I am not too keen on is pine smelling things, and I have noticed that it's a scent that has been popping up with a lot of limited edition candles etc this year.

What's your favourite holiday drink?
Alcohol lol. If this are referring to Starbucks drinks, which tags often are, then choc-mint frappuccino. Otherwise, Coke Zero, coffee, and fresh orange juice are my favourites all year round... and cider

Candy cane or gingerbread men?

Favourite Christmas song?
Being a closet Hanson fan (well, not really because I tell everyone) Snowed In is one of my favourite Chistmas albums, with Christmas Time or Silent Night Medley being my favourite songs on it. I also love the Christmas With The Vandals album, with Oi To The World being my favourite song.

Have you ever made a snowman?
Yeah, when I was a kid I did... I have only been to the snow two or three times in my life.

What is most important to you about the holidays?
TIME OFF WORK... BOXING DAY SALES... ALCOHOL... and of course seeing family and friends :)

So feel free to do this tag and leave it as a response in the comments below.

I also specifically tag my ladies:
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There are heaps more people that I want to tag, but I am secretly writing this while I am at placement, so I will keep it to a short list for now so I can get back to work :P


  1. I thought I was the only 20-something to still listen to "Snowed In" every christmas.... totally a guilty pleasure!

  2. Replies
    1. Its not very popular in Australia. I guess that could be because Christmas is generally very hot.

  3. Lol alcohol :p It ain't the festive season without it haha! I'm not crazy about pine smelling things either, but I'm sure it's something that will grow on me with repeated exposure, like fig scents and woody scents which I hated before but now really like.

    1. I agree, I don't hate pine but its not my preference. I'm also not a fan of fig ad woody scents in general, but when I have something that smells like them I grow to like it

  4. I'm absolutely in love with anything cinnamon scented (and gingerbread scents are a close second!)

  5. Hello! I'm from Roumania and we have plenty of snow want some?I can share with you:)


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