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Smashbox Wonder Vision Eye Set in Sparks

November 30, 2013

So far I have only bought two Christmas packs, one was from MAC (see review here) and this one is from Smashbox. This set comes in three shades; this one is in Sparks which contains a warm toned palette with golds and coral shades, Flash contains purples and silver shades, and Cosmic cotains blues and taupes. These retail for $48.95 each at Kit Cosmetics.

I actually bought three of these packs, of course I bought this Sparks shade for me, but I also bought one to give away and also a Flash shade to give away - so if you want to enter my giveaway to win one of these two pack check out my post.

This comes with a 6 shade eye shadow palette (this is the only thing that varies in each pack), a Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx, a Full Exposure Mascara in Jet Black and some cards showing various eye looks.

So this isn't the cheapest pack in the world, but for Australian Smashbox prices it's pretty damn good. This mascara alone normally costs $28.95, generally the eyeliners retail for around the same, and I am sure that if this eyeshadow palette was sold separately it would retail for well over $40, as their eyeshadow trios (which contain 3.4g of product compared to this palette that contains 4g and 6 shades) retail for $39.95.

The thing that sold me on this kit was the eye shadow palette. When I swatched it in store, the gold shade was so buttery smooth that I thought it was a cream shadow. So lets start with the eyeshadow palette...

This palette is a very cute hexagon shaped packaging that contains 6 triangles of shadows. I think the packaging of this is super cute and I love the shades because they contain a mix of metallics, mattes, and satin shades. I can easily do a whole eye look using this palette, without having to reach for another palette, which always makes a palette more user friendly in my opinion. If I used cooler toned shades or bright blues often, I would have no hesitation picking up the other palettes.

l-r: Peach, Gold, Coral, Bronze, Cocoa, Bare

This palette contains:

Peach: This is a duochrome peach shade that looks peach but reflects a soft gold shade. This is quite a sheer but pigmented shade

Gold: This is a very buttery metallic gold shade. This is a super intense shade but it has the best formula of the 6 shades.

Coral: This is a more satin finish coral shade, and I have been loving using this shade as a crease colour because it adds more warmth to a neutral eye look.

Bronze: This is one of those shades that have an almost matte/satin base but some flecks of fine gold glitter. This is actually very pretty and doesn't create any fall out.

Cocoa: This is a matte chocolate brown that makes this palette very wearable. This is great for the crease or the outer corner.

Bare: This is a matte warm peach toned nude, and it matches my skin tone really well. I mainly use this as a blending shade.

This also comes with these suggestions on how to use the palette. I guess this is a good idea if you aren't sure how to use more than one eye shadow at a time (I know a lot of people who are worried about applying numerous eye shadows).

My personal go everyday look using these shades is using Nude all over the lid, Peach in the inner corner, Coral in the crease, and some Cocoa or Bronze on the lash line/outer v. Gold I use whenever I want a fun bold look.

The mascara is pretty good, it is one of those ones that have a traditional mascara brush. These days I personally prefer the spikey brushes, but nevertheless there is nothing to complain about this mascara. It separates and lengthens lashes and if you apply one coat you can get a nice natural look, but if you apply more coats then it starts to build up volume and look more dramatic. I wouldn't run out and spend the $28.95 on this mascara alone, but I do enjoy using it.

The eyeliner is a nice pigmented black and once it sets it doesn't budge. It is pigmented but it isn't super soft, which I know some people will like and others won't. This is soft enough to smudge out and use on the waterline, but it isn't as soft as something like the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal eyeliners.

So overall, I love this pack. The mascara is good, the eyeliner is good, and the eye shadow palette is amazing! If you want to check this pack out then you can find it at Kit Cosmetics, otherwise enter my giveaway!


  1. Wow, what a great little kit! The eye shadows are lovely and so versatile and the liner is so perfectly pigmented. Nice find! xo


  2. I love all the colors in this palette. Gorgeous!

  3. oh I love the shadows, they look gorgeous

  4. The packaging is fantastic!! While I love the colours, I don't think they'll suit my skintone... sadly :(

    1. You may prefer the one I am giving away on my youtube channel :)

  5. That palette is gorgeous! What a great gift idea :D
    x Court

  6. This is such a neat gift idea! I've always wanted to try Smashbox and I think this might be the thing I try!

  7. I really like this palette I think the gold is perfect for darker skin like mine

  8. Just ordered one off of evil Bay. Totally your influence haha


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