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NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder - worth the hype!

November 26, 2013

I have only recently started getting into NARS, not because I haven't wanted to previously, but because NARS is pretty damn pricey here in Australia. My first experience with NARS was when I received a mini Laguna bronzer and a mini Orgasm blush from a giveaway that I won (see review here). I still have the mini blush but I used up the Laguna bronzer in a matter of months (which is always a good sign that a product is good!). Since then, I have bought a blush, a highlighter and an eyeshadow when I was overseas, and when I was in need of a bronzer I decided to splurge and buy a full size NARS Laguna.

So after reading my life's story, here is my review of the Laguna Bronzing Powder by NARS. I know that this is a very popular product and the internet really doesn't need another review of it, but here I go!

I bought this at Mecca Cosmetica for $55 which is more expenive than a NARS blush ($45), but you will see later in this post that the bronzers are a lot larger than the blushes. There are 3 shades of bronzers in this range, and Laguna is the middle toned shade.

The packaging of the Laguna bronzer is the same as all of the NARS packaging. They come in a square container that is covered in black rubber, which feels nice but can get quite grubby. Each product also comes with a good sized mirror in the lid.

As you can see from the photo above, these bronzers are much larger than the blushes/highlighters, they contain 8g of product instead of 4.8g of product that the blushes have.

This is a warm brown that seems to have a hint of green in it, almost like how a good fake tan has a green tint, and this makes it a perfect contour and bronzing shade for people who have light to medium skintones. This will probably appear too warm on people with super fair skin.

This does have a hint of a sheen, which you can see in the swatch above. This sheen luckily doesn't look shimmery or sparkly on the skin and doesn't stop this from being the perfect contour shade as well as a bronzer. What I also love about this bronzer is that the formula is quite firm yet nicely pigmented, so you don't pick up too much on your brush and means that this bronzer should last you years of use.

This is definitely one of those "worth the hype" products!


  1. Great review! NARS is so expensive here hey! I think Laguna is just one of those all-rounders that you need in your collection x x

  2. Gorgeous shade, I can totally see how the green tone to it makes the tan very natural if used all over as a bronzer! I think if I ever pick up anything from them it would be this bronzer or a foundation!

  3. Thanks for the awesome swatches and the review. I can't wait to test this bronzer out myself it looks so pretty ♥

  4. Oh my gosh that looks gorgeous! I really want this but I'm not much of a bronzer gal so I feel like it would be such a waste of money. Maybe when I'm travelling!

  5. This is one of my absolute favourite bronzers - I had sky high expectations because of all the hype it gets but I wasn't disappointed :) $55 is a lot but you get a lot of product which, as you point out, would probably last years.

  6. I had this for a while and I loved it so much. I would repurchase it x

  7. I've been um and ahhing over this for so long but now AHHHH i think i definitely want it!!

    à la foliee

  8. Oh yay, glad you're loving this! So nice when cult products live up to the hype. Can't believe I haven't tried this yet! :)



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