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My "you only live once" mini haul

November 11, 2013

I have been very good and I haven't been shopping lately because I have been doing a full time unpaid traineeship, so the only pay I get is from the one day I work on the weekend each week (yes I have been working 6 days a week - blerg!). I was in Myer today looking for a friends birthday present, and I ended up picking two presents for myself. These are definitely splurge products... but hey, I have been lusting after them for a while.

So I wanted to see if Mecca Cosmetica had the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette in stock (slightly hoping that they had sold out so I wouldn't have to fork over the cash), they did have it in stock and the lady informed me that they were selling fast and wouldn't have any left in a few days. I initially walked away from this palette but had to come back and get it! This was not cheap, it cost $95 for the palette and the mini Veil Mineral Primer. I am a bit of a thifty person and I would prefer just to buy one of the large Ambient Lighting powders because it is more cost efficient, but I really wasn't sure which shade I would want so I thought this was a great way to test out a range and if I hit pan on one shade I will buy the full size of that shade down the track. 

I then went to MAC and I saw that the Stroke Of Midnight Eye Bag in Nude was in stock. I generally don't buy limited edition packs because there is always something in it that I won't use. I was interested in this pack because I love Fluidlines, I love Paint Pots, and I need a new mascara! I also loved the shades - the Fluidline is in the shade Past Twilight (limited edition) which is a matte blackened plum and the Paint Pot is in the shade Utterly Becoming (limited edition) which is a matte creamy beige. When I looked at these I knew that they would be shades that I could wear every day. Even though this is not cheap ($89), the value of the mascara, paint pot, and fluidline alone cost $109 and then you get a double sided brush and a really nice makeup bag! Usually I don't like the look of most makeup bags that you get in these types of sets, but I really love this almost Great Gatsby inspired black, white and gold bag.

So that was my makeup splurge, and I will review both of these with more detail and swatches later this week after I have tried these products out!

Are there any holiday sets that you are excited about buying?


  1. That's so exciting! The Hourglass isn't a bad deal at all- the value of the powders and the Mineral Veil would far exceed the $95 you paid. I haven't begun to think about Christmas presents yet! The Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick collection looks very tempting though. :)

  2. It's so nice that you spoilt yourself. Working while not getting paid sucks, so it's nice to occasionally get something for all the hard work you do :)

  3. Fab haul! Love the look of the palette, i agree with cherie, it's a good deal :)

  4. We all need a little YOLO in our lives, amirite. Haha, lovely products though! The Hourglass palette looks so luxe - probably too luxe for me though. I'm very jelly though! I look forward to your thoughts.

    x Tashi

  5. Oh gorgeous purchases Kat! You deserve it with your hard work. I am all for the hastag yolo gurl, enjoy!

    Kate Xx

  6. I really really want the hour glass palette! Just haven't dared cough up all that cash for it, eeeeeekncx

  7. Wow, both of these are the perfect things to splurge on! The MAC set has such practical products and the Hourglass palette looks fantastic :)


  8. I have recently ordered the Hourglass palette from Sephora. It looks amazing. Please do a review soon

  9. YOLO! Ha! That palette makes my heart beat so fast but I just can't do it, so thank you for allowing me to swoon over yours for a minute and make myself feel better. This is way better than a single pan, cuter and you can try out 3 at once yahoo! I need a new paint pot for an eyeshadow base but they are kinda boring to buy, so this MAC kits looks way more fun lol

  10. Great haul! I love the look of the MAC set so much! Haha, I'm going to have to add it to my Christmas wishlist though I wish the fluidline was black but this L.E would be great to wear in the day!


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