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My first nail wrap experience

November 4, 2013

I have avoided using nail wraps because I honestly thought they were a little tacky and I personally like doing my own nail art. I got this in the September Bellabox and I decided to use them the other day, because I have been working 6 days a week and I am getting really slack with doing my nails.

These are the nail wraps by Elegant Touch and the design is Tie Dye. You can get these from Priceline for $8.99 (currently on sale for $5.99)... I am tempted to buy the Deckchair Pastel ones and the Tetris ones while they are on sale.

So the pack comes with 18 nail wraps, an instruction booklet and a nail file. I was wondering why they came with 18 nail wraps when you only have 10 nails... but then I realised that you can use them for accent nails, there are extras in case you make a mistake and need to reapply a nail, or if you are born with more than 10 fingers then you don't need to buy two packs!

So the instructions are above. I didn't actually apply a base coat of nail polish because I heard that if you clean your nails with nail polish remover then they stick better. I also tried to heat up my nails before applying by warming my nails with the hair drier before I applied each nail... I don't know how well it helped them apply, but I gave it a go.

Step 1. After cleaning and attempting to heat my nails, I applied my first sticker. When I was applying my first one, I panicked a little when I didn't know if I should apply the curved edge or the flat end near the cuticle. Short answer... apply the curved edge near the cuticle.

These do stick very well, so make sure you line it up well before you apply it, once it is stuck on it is hard to move. I did have a few issues with bubbles on the side of the nail.

Step 2. The next step is to use the nail file to file off the excess.

Step 3. Then you are done! I did apply a top coat once every nail was applied.

Like I said before, I did have a few issues with bubbling, but you could only really notice if you looked up close. Also because this is quite a busy pattern you couldn't really notice any mistakes. One thing that I didn't like was that the wrap sizes seemed to be too big or too small for the pointer finger. I ended up using one that was too small, because I thought that having a gap was a better option than having too much excess. I really think the designers at Elegant Touch should made the stickers for the pointer finger a little bit wider.

These claim to last 5 days, and I did wear them for 5 days without any issues. I found that on the third day there was a bit of tip wear, and by the fifth day they still looked good but I was getting very tempted to pick them off. These were very simple to peel off and they left minimal glue residue.

So that's it! I was pleasantly surprised with these, I think they have a great overall look and they lasted surprisingly well.

Have you tried nail wraps before? What do you think of them?


  1. I'm glad you posted this as I still have mine from my September box and I wasn't quite sure how to apply them. I just wished they sent out a different colour as I'm not sure about the orange and pink together.

    1. Yeah they are a bit bold, but I liked them

  2. I've never tried them. I'd like to give them a chance but I think I'd still prefer polish x

    1. I prefer polish too, but they are a nice change

  3. I still haven't tried nail wraps :P I have the pastel deckchair ones, think I'll give them a go soon! Could you have trimmed a larger one down to fit the pointer? I can't believe they lasted the 5 days, that's way longer than I get out of any mani I do! :)

    1. Yeah you could trim them, but I'm sure I would stuff them up :P Yeah they lasted really well... I did apply a top coat though

  4. I do like the nail wraps, but sometimes, depending on the brand, it can be a bit difficult finding the sizes to match :)

    Ms Jelena xx |

  5. I'm not a huge fan of them to be honest. I find them quite damaging on my flaky nails! x x

  6. ..hmm a little tacky..but rocked them...
    new follower!

  7. I'm glad they worked for you! I actually love this design (I got the same one!) and plan on wearing it to a party or something this summer! I've used these before so I'll know what I'm doing, but the first time I did them I made so many mistakes haha! You did well for a first go! :D


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