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Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Mask

November 21, 2013

I love skincare, and lately I have been really appreciating good quality French skincare brands. I haven't previously delved into Gatineau... possibly because its not the easiest to find in store and as far as I know you can only get it on the Gatineau website, but I was lucky enough to receive this Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Mask to try out. This retails for $65 or 75ml and according to the Gatineau website, this contains:
  • Sea fennel extract 0.10% & Platymonas 2% for deep down hydration
  • Pure hyaluronic acid 0.02% & NMF complex 1% which instantly moisturises the skin's surface
  • Brown algae extract and trace elements 1% & relipidifying sea fennel extract 0.10% to reinforce surface hydration by limiting and transepidermal water loss.
  • Protective Complex 0.55% & Vitamin E to boost the skin's natural defenses and protect against free radicals

So this is a mask that is designed to hydrate dehydrated skin. I personally have oily combination skin, but because I am pretty bad with drinking water, my skin is often dehydrated. I have been applying this twice a week for 10-15min at a time and I have been really enjoying it.

I like the way this product dispenses, it is a squeeze tube that allows you to dispense the amount of product you want. I am not the biggest fan of the design of the packaging, only because it looks pretty simple and doesn't scream high quality to me... which it should at $65 a tube.

The product itself is a blue gel that has a nice clean scent. I like to use a small amount of product (around a pea size) and it is enough to cover my whole face. This gel is very cooling and leaves my skin feeling nice and plump within minutes. I have noticed that my skin is smoother and is much more hydrated now that have been using this mask. I you want an instant pick me up with within a short period of time and with little fuss, I recommend this mask!

I am definitely interested in trying more Gatineau products now. Have you tried Gatineau products? What would you recommend me trying next?


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