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Essie Vanity Fairest

November 7, 2013

Most people are familiar with the nail polish brand Essie, but it has only recently become very accessible in Australia. Essie is now available in Priceline stores (in case you aren't from Australia, Priceline is arguably the most popular "drug store") and they retail for $16.95 each. I bought three coloured shades and a base coat while they were on sale for 2 for $20.

The first shade I decided to review is Vanity Fairest, and to be completely honest, I thought I grabbed the shade Ballet Slippers and I only realised when I got home that I picked up the wrong shade!

If you were wondering what the difference between Ballet Slippers and Vanity Fairest, as far as I can tell Ballet Slippers is much lighter, and Vanity Fairest contains a hint of shimmer (see photo below) and I believe it is more sheer than Ballet Slippers. You can't see the shimmer on the nails, but I think it does help make this polish look slightly more glossy in the sun.

Two coats
Three coats

So this is quite a sheer shade and you can wear it with two coats, but I think three coats looks a little nicer (possibly because I prefer more opaque nail polish). This initially looks like it applies quite streaky, but once applied it does tend to settle and look even on the nails.

This is a very pretty shade, and I have been loving wearing it this week. This is a great work appropriate/first date type shade that makes your nails look really clean and your skin nice and tanned. This would also be a great shade to use for a french manicure. I have been wearing this for 4 days now (with a top coat) and there is minimal chipping or top ware so I am quite impressed with the formula.

Stay tuned for my reviews on the two other Essie shades I bought this week!


  1. Aw this is pretty! I definitely need more Essie in my life! xx

  2. I love the softness of this shade. I find most of my Essie polishes apply super streaky on the first coat... It's annoying but it evens out as you do more coats like yours has :)

  3. It's so pretty! I couldn't decide which polishes to take home with me so I left emptyhanded. :( It was a pretty good deal.

  4. Can't wait to see which other shades you got :) I picked up Good as Gold and Tart Deco.

  5. Looks pretty on the nails! I'm loving Essie "Fiji" at the moment x x

  6. Oh, I like this one - very chic looking. I'll pick up this one when they go on sale again.

  7. Thanks for this swatch. This shade is so pretty, I hope it's in stock at my local Priceline ❤

  8. Nice! I recently purchased this shade and can't wait to give it a go. Love the subtle shimmer. Glad you're liking it too! xo



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