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Vogue Spring/Summer Makeup Trends

October 21, 2013

View from the Langham hotel

Hey everyone, I am just doing a quick post to share some photos I took from a Vogue event I went to last week. The event had a demonstration from Mecca Cosmetica makeup artists showing 4 Spring/Summer makeup trends.

So according to Sigourney Cantelo who is the beauty editor at Vogue, the top Spring/Summer makeup trends are:
  1. Contoured skin
  2. Statement bright orange lip
  3. Soft contoured eyes
  4. Metallic foiled eyes

I had a great night thanks to Vogue! The Langham is beautiful, the food was delicious, and I met some really nice people!

What do you think of Vogue's Spring/Summer makeup trends prediction?


  1. The orange statement lip is amazing x x


  2. Metallic foiled eyes - that's quite summery! I do think that orange lips may be something for only particular skin tones, though!

  3. We are delighted that you could join us Kat at the hotel on our premium event space, Alto. Thank you for your kind words about our catering and we hope to welcome you back to The Langham soon. Perhaps for the Spring Racing Vogue High Tea?

    1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I will have to come for a High Tea soon, I hear that the Langham puts on an amazing High Tea

  4. macarons!!!! Looks like you had a great time :) Radiant and contoured should be trending every year, great list of trends!


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