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Sun Smart: SPF 50 Sun Protection

October 14, 2013

In the last 6 months or so, I have made sure to include sunscreen into my EVERYday skincare routine. I am now on the cusp of getting "old" so I want to nip wrinkles in the bud by making sure I protect my skin from the sun.

Some people prefer to reply on the small amount SPF in their moisturisers or their makeup to protect their skin, but I make sure that I either use a heavy duty UVA and UVB sunscreen under my makeup, or I make sure that my makeup contains a high protection SPF.

I have recently been dabbling in La Roche Posay skincare (mainly because I adore the Effaclar Duo) and I have discovered their SPF 50 range. I first tried the Anthelios XL Exteme Fluid which is a light weight non-greasy sunscreen that contains SPF 50+ and UVA and UVB protection. I bought this from Priceline, and what I love about it is that I don't notice that I am wearing it - it doesn't make me break out or feel greasy at all! This is a great product for people who are worried about trying sunscreen because it will make you too greasy. I also got my hands on the Anthelios XL Stick which is great for if you are going to be in the sun and need a touch up during the day. You can also get this from Priceline.

Onto the newest release from La Roche Posay, the Uvidea XL Melt In BB Creams. I managed to get these two BB Creams from the launch that La Roche Posay did for bloggers in Melbourne. On that night they described the benefits of the BB Cream, and they also had a dermatologist talking about how sun damaged ages the skin... scary stuff!

So the two BB Creams contain SPF 50 and have UVA and UVB protection and they would be perfect for people who would prefer to get their sun protection in one step. These come in two shades - 01 or 02 and oddly enough the band of colour on the tube makes it look like shade 01 is darker than shade 02 (it's not). I haven't yet seen these in Priceline, but they are available from Terry White Chemists.

Bottom: 01, Top: 02
Bottom: 01, Top: 02

So you can see from the swatches above that shade 01 is more of a neutral pink tone and shade 02 is more of a yellow tone. Both of these are pretty light shades, but they can act as a colour correcting base if they don't exactly match your skin tone (or of course you can add a bit of bronzer). Shade 02 is a really good match for my skin colour. 

This is a pretty typical feeling BB Cream, it is creamy and easy to apply, it gives a quite dewy finish, and you can apply it lightly or build it up for a light to medium coverage. I can easily get away with wearing a layer or two of this with some concealer on a daily basis, but being an oily skinned gal I do find that I need to powder this quite well and I also need to re-powder later in the day. This isn't designed specifically for oily skin so it won't keep you looking matte, but this isn't as greasy as other BB Creams that I have tried.

What I love the most about this is that it is the only BB Cream that I have come across in Australia that contains not only SPF of 50, but also UVA and UVB protection. This will be a go to product in Summer when I like a lighter foundation and when I need high SPF protection.

If you are interested in introducing a high protection sunscreen into your daily skincare routine, then definitely try these products from La Roche Posay as I find that they are really effortless to work into my daily routine.

Do you wear SPF daily?


  1. These sound great. I was invited to that event too, but with my little baby boy it was too tricky for me too come, unfortunately, as I would so have loved to be there!

  2. Great post :) I want to get the BB cream, but my two local Priceline's don't have it yet :(


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