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October 2013 Favourites

October 31, 2013

Another month, another favourites post. I have been loving quite a few things this month so I was looking forward to writing this post.

Urban Decay Naked Basics: This is a surprising addition to my favourites this month. I bought this months ago and even though I did like it (see my review here), I didn't use it much because most of the shades are very light, and I don't tend to wear a lot of light shades on my eyes. I have started using Naked 2 all over the lid, Faint in the crease, and then one of the three light shades as a highlight... this creates a really nice easy work look and I have been using it most days this month.

Photo taken from my original review

Mecca Cosmetica Nail Polish in Vogue Sorbet: I got this nail polish in the October Vogue magazine and I love it! This is the perfect Spring/Summer shade as it is a bright pastel pink. The formula is really nice too. I think this was limited edition for the magazine and I wish I bought a back up!

Napoleon Cream Blush: I also got this in a magazine this month! This is from the October In Style magazine (see my magazine freebies post) and it came with a mascara, lip gloss and this cream blush. I don't like the mascara, I'm not a big fan of lip gloss, but I loved this cream blush. It is a great nude pink shade, and unlike some cream blushes, this doesn't disrupt your makeup when you are applying it. See swatch later in this post.

DKNY Be Delicious (Red Delicious): I have always loved this perfume, its fresh, sweet, fruity, but not sickly sweet. I have had this bottle for about a year and a half and I finished it last week. When I went to replace it I bought the DKNY Red Delicious and it is similar to the one I had, but it is less fresh and slightly more musky. I am pretty sad to say bye to this perfume as clearly it has been reformulated and it isn't as good as the one that I originally had.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask: I have oily combination skin, but I have realised that the more hydrated I keep my skin, the less oily it is. I find that I don't have too much time to sit around with a mask on, which is why this is a perfect product. I use this 2-3 times a week and all I do is apply it instead of a night moisturiser and then I wash it off it the morning. This applies like a moisturiser but it leaves your skin a tiny bit tacky, so if you touch your face you can tell that something is sitting on your skin. I find that you can also feel it on your skin the next morning, so you can tell that it has lasted on your skin all night. It also smells amazing, like tropical passion fruit and mango juice.

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Shine Mattifying Primer: I bought this for $5 from a bargain bin from Priceline, and I am hoping that they are just repackaging this and not getting rid of it altogether because I love this primer. This works really well with the Covergirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation, and I find that I don't need to repowder during the day, and I don't need to worry about makeup wearing off or slipping around my t-zone. This is one of the most effective mattifying primers I have ever used.

Crown Brush C250-0: This is such a tiny brush, and I have been loving using this to apply my MAC Blacktracks gel liner. I am used to using a bigger brush when I apply liner, and when I first apply the liner, it looks fine, but if I need to thicken the liner to even out the eyes (which I often have to do), my liner can end up looking too thick. This tiny brush does take longer to apply liner, but it allows you to draw a really small line, so if you need to thicken it, it doesn't look to thick... I hope that makes sense! Anyway I have been using this when I have been going out to an event and I want perfect liner.

Happy Skincare Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm: I have been wanting to try a cleansing balm for ages and I received this mini size in this months Bellabox (see post here). It took me a while to figure out how to add it into my skincare routine. I don't like using this at night because I don't think it removes all of my makeup, but I love using this in the morning. I warm this in my hands, rub it into my dry face and then I wipe it off with a cotton pad with toner on it. This makes my skin really nice and smooth, and I even bought the full size... so keep an eye out for a full review. Oh and this smells like watermelon juice mmm.

Model Rock Lashes #241 and Duo Dark Toned Lash Glue: I am a moron when it comes to false lashes, I hate applying them, they are uncomfortable, and they look a bit OTT on me. I bought a few of these Model Rock Lashes at IMATS for under $4 each and I love them! They have a clear band that is very thin and flexible and I like to cut them in half to make two sets of half lashes. I have found these really easy to use and using half lashes makes them look less fake and they are also really comfortable to wear. I also love using these with the Duo Dark Toned Lash Glue because I don't have to worry about hiding the glue line. So the moral to this story is, if you hate wearing lashes, just cut them in half and use them as half lashes on the outer corner of your eye.

Duo Dark Toned Lash Glue, Napoleon Cream Blush

So that's it! What is your beauty favourite for October?


  1. Would you recommend the Covergirl 3 in 1 on it's own for oily skin types?

    1. Absolutely! I have two bottles and I use them most days... before this primer I just used to use it on its own :)

  2. Lovely favourites! I've been really liking the NP cream blush too - but my favourite blush this month, hands down, has to be the Balm Instain blush! That cleansing balm looks awesome too, I really want to try a cleansing balm!

    x Tashi

    1. The Balm Instain blushes are on my wish list :)

  3. I love reading everyone's picks for monthly favorites. I've been loving my naked basics palette lately too, and sporting the same effortless look c:
    I also received that mecca nail polish with my vogue, haven't had a chance to try it yet though, i'll try it with my next mani
    That cleansing balm sounds so yummy!

    à la foliee

    1. let me know what you think of the polish! :)

  4. Im currently wearing that nail polish right now! I love it :) Ahh I cant wait to try out that DKNY perfume, sounds devine!


  5. The look you described with the colours you use in the Naked Basics palette sounds very work-appropriate and pretty :) The free Mecca polish definitely looks perfect for spring. The free Napoleon blush reminds me a bit of Illamasqua Zygomatic, maybe just a touch pinker.

  6. I'm also loving the cleansing balm! Smells so good!

    Definitey going to look into the Origins Overnight Mask :) Thanks



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