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My Inglot eyeshadow palettes

October 28, 2013

Finally I am getting around to swatching my Inglot palettes! I bought these from IMATS (see my haul here) and they were 30% off the retail price. I was meaning to do this post ages ago, and I had taken photos of the palettes looking all new and untouched, but I accidentally deleted the photos :(

So anyway, this is a quick review and swatches of the shades that I got... there are so many shades of eyeshadow to choose from, but I tried to make a coppery palette and a gold/bronze palette. I also aimed to mainly get midtoned shades as I tend to wear mostly midtoned shades, and I find that I have a lot of palettes that contain really light or really dark shades.

Each of the 5 square Freedom Palettes cost $14, and each eyeshadow costs $10 in Australia.

I love the magnetic clasp! The magnets are really strong so you won't find the lids just falling off in your bag (if you were ever to bring this in your bag). You can also take the lid and clip it behind the palette while using it, and I even clip my two palettes together for easy storage!

All of these shadows (both shimmery and matte shades) are great quality. They are pigmented and buttery smooth. I can't fault their shadows at all, so this is more of a colour swatch blog post.

l-r: 606, 605, 421, 357, 337

Look how pretty the colours are! Both of my palettes contain shimmery shades and then one or two matte crease/eyebrow shades. The only mistake that I made with this palette is that the last matte shade is far too light for the coppery shades that I chose to go with it. If I ever make another palette, I might take the last shade our and replace it with a darker matte brown or a more red toned brown.

The shades in my copper palette are:

606 Pearl: Metallic gold copper
605 Pearl: Metallic copper
421 Pearl: Metallic warm brown
357 Matte: Warm toned mid brown
337 Matte: Warm toned light brown

l-r: 11, 404, 406, 21, 342

I love this palette! I don't like super frosty light shades, so I am glad that the lightest shade is light, but not frosty. All of the shades work really well together.

The shades in my gold/bronze shade are:

11 Shine: Light gold slight duo chrome pink, very similar to Benefit Sippin N Dippin or MAC Rubenesque paint pot
404 Pearl: Metallic old gold
406 Pearl: Metallic gold bronze
21 Shine: Dark bronze with some glitter
342 Matte: Cool toned matte brown

So that's it! Those are my Inglot shadows so far. I am sure that this will spark a collection of Inglot eyeshadows!


  1. You picked up some amazing shades there! I wish I had more patience with crowds and had gotten more stuff from Inglot!

    1. I went there as soon as it opened, so it wasnt too busy :)

  2. The colours you picked up are perfect! Love the second palette especially, and I really like how inglot has those magnetic clasps; can you "swivel" the lid and use it half attached instead of putting it underneath?

  3. They look soo amazing! We don't have Inglot here in Singapore but I'm definitely going to build my own palette when I get the chance. I love your picks, they are so wearable and so vibrant!

  4. Ooh, these are some perfect Fall shades! I love shimmery neutrals, so I could see myself falling for these too. Wish Inglot were more easily accessible in Canada!


  5. I love my Inglot palette! You have some lovely neutrals in your collection x x

  6. Such pretty neutral shades! I recently got my first 2 Inglot eye shadows and they are so soft and pigmented, definitely really impressed. Great that they arent too expensive either!


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