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August 2013 Empties

September 5, 2013

It's empties time of the month and I am running a little late this month! I have been super busy lately, and am struggling to find day light hours to take photos and to film an empties video! I thought I may as well get the blog post up, even if I can't accompany it with a video.

So forgive the horrible photos in this post, usually I like them to be much clearer, but it's the best I could do with the overcast dying light that I had today.

Suigo Vital Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner - 260ml: I did like these products, they were nice and thick and felt like salon quality products. I bought these from Oz Sale or some sale website, and I got a really good deal. I would consider repurchasing these again, but I get sick of using the same shampoo and conditioner products so I wouldn't buy these for a while. Repurchase - Probably

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil in Fresh - 450ml: I love love love this cleansing oil! I use this for removing my makeup before I cleanse my face, and it really does melt away your makeup. Since I wear a full face of makeup 5-6 days a week, then I really need this pre-cleansing step in my makeup removal process. I was so sad to see this go, since these large bottles of cleaning oil aren't cheap (I think they have recently been reduced to $96). I did buy a backup while I was in Japan (for around $73), but instead of buying this Fresh pink bottle version, I decided to try the original yellow bottle version. The pink version is designed for oily skin and is a lighter oil, and the original is a slightly thicker oil. I like both of them, but I do prefer the scent to the pink one. Repurchase - Already have (sort of)

Kosmea Skin Clinic Rose Hip Oil - 20ml: I seem to have finished up quite a few of my "holy grail" products this month, the cleansing oil, this rosehip oil, the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, and the green tea scrub are all products that I adore. I have been using this rosehip oil for nearly a year now, and I think it has made such a huge difference to my skin. I used to have a lot of issues with spots and oiliness, but this has helped even the oiliness and prevent spots. It is also great with healing scaring and keeping my skin plump and hydrated. I have three back ups of this oil under my sink. Repurchase - Already have

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 005 Silky Beige: This a staple powder in my makeup collection. I have quite oily skin so powdering my makeup is a must have step to keep me matte throughout the day. This powder does the job and is cheap, so I find myself always buying these when I see them on sale. I think I have two back ups of this. Repurchase - Already have

Maybelline Dream LUMItouch Highlighting Concealer x2: I am not sure what the shade names of these are because the packaging doesn't say the shade (I think since buying these they have updated the packaging). I have had these for nearly a year now and I bought one light shade and one a shade darker. Strangely, even though these are one shade apart, they are very different in colour! The lighter one was too light, and the darker one didn't have any highlighting effect on me. Because of this, I had to mix them. These did work well, but I think I have tried better concealers since trying these so I won't worry about repurchasing them any time soon. Repurchase - Maybe in the future

Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara sample: I know it's hard to see the mascaras in the photo above, but the first one is one by Urban Decay. I got this when I bought my naked basics palette and I was super excited to use it. It wasn't the worst mascara, but it wasn't the best. It has a curved brush, which I found was hard to use on the bottom lashes, and when I first started using it, it was quite clumpy and messy. The more I used it, the better it became but I am still not sold on it. This was a good mascara if you like a lot of volume. Repurchase: Only if I see it on sale somewhere

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes sample: This mascara had a typical mascara wand that wasn't anything special. It did separate lashes quite well but I found it took a few coats to really build up any volume. I found this also to be quite dry, but since I have heard great reviews on his mascara I wonder whether this one was drier than the full size, or whether the small size contained so little product that it didn't apply well. Who knows! Oh and this also smells bad, it's quite chemically. Repurchase: No

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - 29ml: Man, I love this stuff! This is my go to spot treatment, and it works amazingly! It gets rid of most spots after one application and it also helps reduce the redness from existing spots. In addition to this, it is so gentle and has never dried out my skin. Definitely one of my holy grail products. See my review here. Repurchase: Already have

Baby Foot: I have used Baby Foot twice, and both times I got them in beauty subscription boxes. This is a foot treatment that you wear for 2 hours (I suggest you lie back and watch a movie). This is designed to make your feet peel over a week or so, which gets rid of dead skin and leaves you feet feeling like "baby feet". It definitely makes your feet peel, but not enough for me to want to spend the $30 to buy these. My feet are slightly smoother, but eh. I reviewed this here the first time I used this about a year ago. Repurchase: No, but clearly I will use it if I am given a pack

Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Triple Buttermilk Body Balm for Very Dry Skin: I bought this when my local Priceline were clearing out some of the Lanolips stock. This was $5 down from $24. This is a thick body butter that smells like soap and takes a lot of rubbing in to stop it from looking white. If you like clean almost a goatsmilk soap scent, then you will like this, but personally I was expecting it to smell like cake or something since it's a buttermilk balm. It was ok, but not really for me. Repurchase - No

St Ives Green Tea Scrub - 150ml: I love this scrub, this is probably my fourth or fifth tube, and of course I have repurchased it. I love that is is dense but the particles are fine, and it smells really nice. See my full review here. Repurchase: Already have

California Mango Natural Hand and Body Lotion - 62.5ml: I got this in a beauty subscription box, and I really loved the formula of this body lotion, it was thick but it was creamy and applied really nicely, and it didn't have that white cast that takes ages to rub in. It was the perfect consistency for a body butter, but what I didn't like about this was the scent. At first I didn't mind the strong mango scent, but over time I found it to smell too much like overly ripe fruit. I would buy this for the formula, but the scent would make me reconsider. Repurchase: No

Mitchum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 24 Hr Active: I bought this because my mum swears by this stuff, and lately I have found that I consistently start to smell a little by the end of the day (damn getting older!). I think this did have good sweat control but it was super annoying because it is so liquidly that when you apply it you need to air dry your underarms for a good 5 min before you put your clothes on, and if you put your clothes on when its wet then you get deodorant marks on your top... not cool! I don't have time for this in the morning, but it did work well and I may reconsider buying it for Summer. Repurchase: Maybe

Norsca Anti-White Clear Sport: I have purchased this over and over again, and I will purchase it again soon. I have since bought two Rexona spray deodorants and they leave crazy hideous white marks, whereas this one doesn't. I may have to pop to the shops soon to buy this one for when I wear anything but white tops. Repurchase: Yes

Priceline Round Cotton Pads 100 pack: I always have these in my empties since I buy two packs of these all the time. The two pack (2 x 100 pack) costs $6.50, and I recently found a similar two pack in Kmart for $2... well I though I beat the system and found an even cheaper alternative, but as it so happens I don't really like the Kmart ones because they are far too thin (verging on tissue thin) and I often have to use 2 at a time. Anyway moral to the story is that I will be repurchasing these as soon as the Kmart ones are finished, and it serves me right for straying from these ones. Repurchase: Yes

Colgate Max White One and Max White One Ice: I think we finished one of these tubes at the very start of the month, and one at the end. Clearly they didn't last very long! I didn't mind them! Repurchase: Probably

Face Of Australia Strengthening Nail Polish Remover: To be blunt and straight to the point, I didn't like this nail polish remover, it was one of the worst ones I have used in quite some time. Repurchase: No

Onto the samples...

Marc Jacobs Honey perfume sample: I loved the smell of this, but I love sweet perfumes and I think that Marc Jacobs perfumes really compliment my natural scent. This was possibly too floral for me, but I could wear it happily. Purchase: Would like to in the future!

Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel sample: I instantly fell in love with this mask when I tried it, and I ended up buying two tubs of it! I included this in my favourites post of August so check out more info about it there (see post here). Purchase: Already have

Catwalk By Tigi Session Series Finishing Hairspray travel size: I don't usually love a hair spray, but I loved this one. I mainly loved it because it had a really nice smell to it and it also sort of acted like hair perfume. The only problem was that the nozzle did clog quite a bit. I would purchase this for the scent, but I am not sure because of the packaging. Purchase: Maybe

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Mask trial size: I didn't mind this mask, but it was nothing super great. Purchase: Probably not.

Benefit The Porefessional - 7.5ml sample: I love this primer! It is one of the only primers that I have used that has made a difference the longevity of my makeup. This little tube also lasted me AAAGES, so even though the full size is pricey, I know it will last me a very long time. Repurchase: Definitely!

Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Facets Treatment: I got these samples from the first Her Fashion Box and I only got around to using them this month. I wasn't super impressed with them, they definitely weren't of the Redken standard that I would expect. Purchase: No

Armani Code Luna sample: I used this perfume sample, but its not really my thing. It is quite a strong traditional perfume, and normally these types of perfumes give me a headache. This one was tolerable, but I didn't feel like me when I wore it. Purchase: No

So that's it! Another empties post done for the month! These always are the longest blog posts to write :P Hopefully I will have some time over the weekend to film an empties video, but if not then a blog post will be it for this month. Have a great weekend guys and remember to vote Labor!


  1. Holy crap lady, you use up so many products! I wasn't a fan of the Redken shampoo and conditioner either.. it was wayyy too oily for my liking!

    1. I have no idea how I use so many products each month! Yeah they were just meh!

  2. So many great empties! Love that Shu oil for summer and I really need to give the MB Drying Lotion a go! xo


    1. I highly recommend the drying lotion :)

  3. great work getting through all those products! I keep putting off using my Baby Foot as I'm now in thongs most days and don't want ugly peeling feet!! Plus the packaging says avoid exercising for a week after using! I'm off to check out your review...

    1. I didn't worry about exercising, but yeah it won't go well with thongs :P

  4. I was at my priceline in ringwood when I saw the invisible zinc sunscreen on sale for a ridiculous $3.80!! I found it near the counter, you might want to check your local one as well!

    1. WOW I will need to try to find that!

  5. Wow! you have so much empties nyc choice :)


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