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Youngblood Sundance Mineral Radiance review and swatches

August 27, 2013

I have only recently been introduced to Youngblood makeup in the last couple of months, and I am really enjoying the products I have tired so far. Youngblood is a mineral cosmetic company, and normally I am not overly fussed about whether my makeup in mineral or not, but if I can find good products that are supposedly good for my skin, then why not embrace them! The only problem with mineral products is that they are often quite expensive, and Youngblood is no exception. This Mineral Radiance product costs $75.95, and I was given it by Michelle from Lipstick Republic. If you are interested in checking out Youngblood products, then check out Lipstick Republic, and use the discount code "RepublicVIBs" for a further 10% off your order.

Like I said, this range isn't cheap, but if you wanted to take care of your skin, or you have skin sensitives to other makeup, then it may be worth while investing in some Youngblood products.

So this is the Mineral Radiance in Sundance. According to the Youngblood website this is:

"A multi-dimensional bronzer containing four shades. Use together for a soft, peachy all over glow or use each shade separately for bronzing, contouring, highlighting or even eyeshadow."

I like to use a blush brush and use this as a shimmery bronze brush, or I like to take a smaller brush and use the lighter shades as a highlight. I have also started using these as eye shadows. This actually makes a really nice nude eyeshadow palette as it has two mid toned shades, a light highlight shade, and a darker matte shade that is great for a crease shade.

The swatches above are the four individual shades. The first is the lightest of the outside ring, the second is the mid shade from the outside ring, the third shade is the middle circle, and the last is the bronze dark shade from the outer ring. Below is the shades all mixed together.

Overall, I think this is a really nice versatile product. If you were away for a weekend and didn't want to pack many products, you could easily use this as a eye shadow palette, a highlighter, a shimmery bronzer, or all over your face to create a nice glow.

Here is a photo of me using this Mineral Radiance for eye shadows and for a blush.


  1. This is stunning! I'm really wanting to try out some Youngblood too :o
    You enabler!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Haha that's what beauty blogs are for!

  2. This looks really beautiful. I've always wanted to try out Youngblood, but sadly it's a bit on the expensive side and I've never seemed to buy it when I want to spend my money.

  3. Wow that's a hell of an expensive bronzer, it does look good though.

  4. I haven't heard of this brand before but just look at that amazing pigmentation of the bronzer! It definitely looks really versatile and great for eyeshadows :) At $76 though it is on the more high end side of cosmetics :P

  5. Love Youngblood! I can't live without my foundation! Sundance is one of my favourites, actually, and it looks amazing on you.


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